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Accessories Plus Lite
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Accessories Plus Lite

Mod ID: 1434801694
This mod is Clean and Stackable
Description: Adds new items that improve the quality of life in game. Only backpack and quiver incluided.
State: Released and stable.

Description: Adds backpack that gives weight bonus and some buffs. They come as skin. There are currently 3 backpacks tier. Can change colors with dyes.

  • Backpack Basic: 25% more weight stat. Required level 3.
  • Backpack Intermediate: 50% weight stat; 50% more crafting speed. Required level 15.
  • Backpack Advanced: 100% weight stat, 100% more crafting speed, 25% multiplier melee damage (increases the amount of resources obtained). For TEK Armor there is a remote control to activate/deactivate. Required level 28.
  • Glider with Advanced Backpack: Required level 62.

These values are stats multiplier. Start from 1 to be valid. Make no change to stat (stat * 1 = stat).
Value = 1.25: Adds 25%. Value = 1.50: Adds 50%.

[AccesoriesPlusLite] AdvancedBackpackWeight=2.0 AdvancedBackpackCrafting=2.0 AdvancedBackpackMeleeMultiplier=1.25 IntermediateBackpackWeight=1.5 IntermediateBackpackCrafting=1.5 BasicBackpackWeight=1.25

Portable resources recipes
Description: Intermediate and advanced backpack grants selcrafted resources recipes from mortar and pestle. You have to learn new engrams and has to have a backpack equipped to do crafts. There are no modification on recipes.

Resources: Narcotic, Sparkpowder, Gunpowder, Stimulant, Cementing Paste, Bug Repellant, Lesser Antidote, Clay, Preserving Salt, Propellant.

Remote Control - TEK Armor Backpack
Description: Enable or deactivate advanced backpack buff on tek shirt armor.

Description: Adds quiver that gives archer buff, like increased stamina, movement speed and reduced enemy dino vision. They come as skin. There are currently 2 quiver tier.

  • Basic Quiver: 25% more movement speed, 50% more stamina and 25% reduced enemy dino vision. Required level 10.
  • Advanced Quiver: 50% more movement speed, 100% more stamina and 50% reduced enemy dino vision. Required level 79.

These values are stats multiplier. Reduced enemy vision has to be negative to be valid.

[AccesoriesPlusLite] AdvancedQuiverEnemyDinoVision=-0.50 AdvancedQuiverMovement=1.5 AdvancedQuiverStamina=2.0 BasicQuiverEnemyDinoVision=-0.25 BasicQuiverMovement=1.25 BasicQuiverStamina=1.5

Engram List

Basic backpack: EngramEntry_Mochila_Basica Intermediate backpack: EngramEntry_Mochila_Intermedio Advanced backpack: EngramEntry_Mochila_Avanzado Tek Armor backpack: EngramEntry_Control_TEK_Backpack Basic quiver: EngramEntry_Basic_Quiver Advanced quiver: EngramEntry_Advanced_Quiver Bug Repellant: EngramEntry_Portable_BugRepellant Chitin Paste: EngramEntry_Portable_ChitinPaste Clay: EngramEntry_Portable_Clay Gunpowder: EngramEntry_Portable_Gunpowder Lesser Antidote: EngramEntry_Portable_LAntidote Narcotic: EngramEntry_Portable_Narcotic Preserving Salt: EngramEntry_Portable_PreservingSalt Propellant: EngramEntry_Portable_Propellant Sparkpowder: EngramEntry_Portable_Sparkpowder Stimulant: EngramEntry_Portable_Stimulant


Check spawn codes and engrams here: link.

Main mod: Accessories Plus
Backpack and quiver only: Accessories Plus Lite
Ocular Implant and goggles night vision: Accessories Plus Vision
Jetpack: Accessories Plus Jetpack

Models were obtained royalty free from various model websites.

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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Rauk Nov 9 @ 7:57am 
Alright @Nemesis.. And i can also confirm it's working in Extinction :)
Nemesis  [author] Nov 8 @ 12:32pm 
@Rauk: That is a feature that has been requested a lot. I tried to put it in the shield slot, but I did not like it. Maybe I can do a remote control like tek one, but it can be enabled in any armor, so you can use the armor you want. I have not yet decided what the elaboration of components should be.
@Ceo: it should work. I have not tried it yet.
Ceo Nov 8 @ 9:11am 
Seems to work fine with Extinction.
Rauk Nov 4 @ 7:47am 
Is it posible to use the accessory slot instead of the skin slot? Or just be able to put it on the helmet/glove just so you can use other skins on the chest skin slot. Awesome mod anyway, great work! :)
RedDwarf Oct 31 @ 11:56am 
Not yet, soon! =D
Nemesis  [author] Oct 31 @ 9:46am 
@RedDwarf: ty bro! I just realized it was you. Did you test the backpack glider? XD
RedDwarf Oct 19 @ 5:02pm 
Really enjoying this mod, nicely done man!
Ceo Oct 10 @ 7:23am 
@Nemesis: You are easily in my Top 3 list. Voted!
Nemesis  [author] Oct 10 @ 3:24am 
@Everyone: I am proud to announce that we participated in the ARK modding contest. I would like to invite everyone to vote for their favorite mod. It's free for you and a great support for the authors to keep growing. I also want to thank all the support and encouragement that you give me. Maintaining a mod is a wonderful trip and I met great people. Thank you very much and see you in the game!
Triskel Sep 29 @ 11:43am 
@Adapting™: If I'm correct, every creature in Ark has "only" 300 slots in its inventory, including humans

And sorry, where did you get that information about "splitting infinite"? I don't see it anywhere in the description. From what I understand, all the backpacks do is increase your carry weight without touching the originally available slots in the inventory.