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Maldor's Playermodels set
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Amanda Young (The Pig) - Dead by Daylight - [Playermodel/NPC]
Created by Enzo
This is Amanda Young (Dead by Daylight version), as a playermodel.

This addon includes:

- Playermodel
- Bodygroups: Mask, hidden blade and coat/apron/whatever that is.
- Prestige skin
- Finger posing

I used the ma...
Pingu - Player Model
Created by MystFro
"Noot Noot"

― Pingu

28 May 1986 – 3 March 2006

Pingu is a clay penguin who is very mischievous and playful. He lives in the Antarctic where he plays with his family and his friend the seal.

Enjoy :)...
Star Wars: Jango Fett and Boba Fett Player Models
Created by Olesyacher
The Mandalorian warriors and bounty hunters of the Star Wars universe are now in Garry's Mod!

Some info about the characters:

"Jango Fett was a renowned Mandalorian bounty hunter, assassin, mercenary, and the "father" of Boba Fett, a genetic clone of...
Satele Shan : SWTOR
Created by A-Crow

"Satele Shan was a Human female who served as the Jedi Order's Grand Master during the Cold War and the Galactic War between the Galactic Republ...
Titanfall 2 - Jack Cooper [PM, Ragdoll]
Created by Auditor
Guy who trusts his robot. Made this after playing the game, really liked it a lot. No profit were made from this addon, done purely in my spare time, EA don't sue plez, we only want this for artworks and stuff

- Full set of posing features:...
Kirito Playermodel & NPC
Created by SilverBelle
Kirito aka Kazuto Kirigaya from Sword Art Online!

This Model Features:
• Playermodel
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel hands
• Swords

• The Elucidat...
Sora Playermodel
Created by FZone96
(Seperated from my Playermodel Pack)

I bring you Sora as a Playermodel in Garry's Mod.
Add him to your servers, use him for GMod Videos, do whatever you want. ^^

JUST DON'T STEAL (Maeking an Addon with the model)!!! ASK FOR PERMISSION!!!

Well, en...
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