Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta)

Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta)

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Serious Duke 3D
This collection contains all the level packages for the Serious Duke 3D total conversion.

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Troubleshooting and Installation

What is Serious Duke 3D?
A remake (and reimagining) of the first episode of Duke Nukem 3D. While the main idea is to recreate the classic Duke 3D experience, some modern elements are added to the mix, such as redesigned and expanded level areas, occasional enemy waves/arena fights and new weapons.
Also features redesigned enemy and weapon models from DNF with custom animations, as well as a selection of sounds and voice taken from several official Duke games and beyond that lots of custom assetts and music tracks made exclusively for this mod.

Which games are required?
Serious Sam 3
for playing in VR, Serious Sam 3 VR edition is needed.

Current state and future plans
-The main campaign is fully playable from start to finish.
I'm however keep working on refining the levels and maybe even adding new content to them.
-Classic versions of all 5 maps is also on my todo list.

What about the other episodes?
Due to limited time and resources I can't do the other episodes. At least not in the same way the current episode was done.
There's however a chance I do each episode 2 and 3 as single maps which would contain all the highlights of the respective episode in one level.

VR support?
The mod should be fully playable in VR. There are, however, a couple of bugs and general clunkyness with the VR support atm (cutscenes in particular).
Also note that smooth locomotion is required for the most part.

Besides SS Fusion being unstable with custom maps(gametitles, the maps in this mod are designed mainly for singleplayer gameplay, and have some complex scripts running in the background. Chances are, that you run into issues when playing online. I'll try to improve the online functionality as much as I can.
Items (6)
Network script resources
Created by NSKuber
This is a pack that adds "Content/Shared/Scripts/Network.lua" from TLH into Fusion and changes "WorldScripts.lua" to execute it.

This enables the use of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) - new feature that gives script makers the ability to create functions t...
Hollywood Holocaust
Created by Syndroid
Serious Duke 3D level 1.
For more information on Serious Duke 3D and links to the other levels; check out the mod's collection page.

Features | Notes:

- Total Conversion with its ...
Red Light District
Created by Syndroid
Second map from Serious Duke 3D..
Requires Serious Sam 3 and the Hollywood Holocaust map in order to work.

additional credits:
prop models & textures: Duke 3D HRP community project:
+prop models: Hollwood Holocaust Rethinked (Tea Monster, Mark, ...
Death Row
Created by Syndroid
Serious Duke 3D level 3 (of 5)

Duke has been captured and the aliens are about to fry him on the chair.
Fight your way out of the prison and meet Bombshell (singleplayer mode only). If you choose to free her, she will fight along with Duke against t...
Toxic Dump
Created by Syndroid
After boarding the submarine at the end of Death Row, Duke has finally escaped from the Prison.
Duke didn't realize the aliens had booby trapped the submarine and by the time he did it was already too late. Duke will have to escape the su
The Abyss
Created by Syndroid
The final level of the Serious Duke 3D campaign.

- comes with new enemy types and weapons.
- major changes over the original E1L5 with a variety of different locations and enemy encounters.
- takes around 50 minutes to complete.

Coop not...
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