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Consistent Faction Names
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Jul 2, 2018 @ 8:09pm
Nov 17, 2018 @ 12:16pm
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Consistent Faction Names

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Warhammer 2
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This mod renames many of the Old World factions to match the naming schemes of the Warhammer 2 factions.

Changes to faction names:

The Empire -> Reikland
Bretonnia -> Couronne
Vampire Counts -> Drakenhof (Vampire count naming scheme seems to favor their capital city)
von Carstein (are they even trying?) -> Sylvania (Vlad was the first Vampire Count of Sylvannia, he would probably try to reinstate his realm)
Dwarfs -> Karaz-a-Karak
Clan Angrund -> Karak Eight Peaks (use this mod when not playing as them, since the AI does not go for Karak Eight Peaks )
Wood Elves -> Talsyn
Greenskins -> Broken Tooth (Tribe that controls Death Pass. Was subjugated by Gorfang Rotgut along with the Red Fangs, but accepted Grimgor Ironhide as warboss while the Red Fangs fled with Rotgut)
Crooked Moon Mutinous Gits -> Moon Howlerz (Rival goblin tribe from the nearby Plain of Bone)
Norsca -> Sarl

Faction group names (should match table-top army boook names):

Empire Provinces -> The Empire
Bretonnian Kingdoms -> Bretonnia
Undead -> Vampire Counts
Wood Elf Realms -> Wood Elves
Dwarf Realms -> Dwarfs
Greenskin Tribes -> Orcs and Goblins
High Elves (no change)
Dark Elves (no change)
Skaven (no change)
Lizardmen (no change)
Warriors of Chaos (no change)
Beastmen -> Beasts of Chaos

This mod also alters some affinity relationships between faction groups to come closer to what I have read in the army books and to increase interesting outcomes. The three most drastic effects are to allow Bretonnian civil wars, decrease vampire/dwarf alliances, and increase vampire/human alliances.

High Elf affinity towards the Empire: (+10) -> (0) (High Elf history with the empire is not one of affinity, only rare occurances of cooperation under great threat)
Dwarf affinity towards the Empire (0) -> (+10) (Dwarfs have much more cooperation with and respect for the empire of sigmar in their history)
The Empire affinity towards Dwarfs (0) -> (+10) (Same as above)
Empire, Brettonia, TEB, Kislev affinity towards Lizardmen (0) -> (-10) (The cold-blooded jungle creatures are feared and misunderstood by mankind)
Vampire Counts and Dwarfs dislike for each other increased (Dwarfs and undead would usually not cooperate)
Vampire Counts and Mankind dislike owards each other decreased (the Vampire Counts have often misled or coerced alliances with the living nobiity of mankind).
Bretonian to Bretonnian affinity reduced from +20 to +10
Bretonnian Chivalry penalty for civil war reduced from 200 to 40 (Civil war between the dukes is greatly frowned upon, but not impossible. Claims and casus belli can always be fabricated and traitorous actions justified or denied)

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Iron  [author] Aug 6, 2018 @ 7:08pm 
@Tomius Hey, thanks for pointing out the Chivalry issue. I have fixed it and tested it, and I tested that the death sentences seem to be working. Please let me know if any problems persist.
[9thNY(E)] Pvt. Guillory Aug 5, 2018 @ 12:40pm 
This mod mess up with some functionalities of the game… I haven't tested all factions, but with Bretonnia King (Louen) it prevents the chivalry to grow up (stay at 0), and with Nagarythe (Anith Anar) it blocks the Death sentence system. It is likely that it could disturb other faction-specific stuff. Also I think it could block the random events (at the begining of a turn, in which you have to make a two propositions choice). Still a very nice idea (tired to see the re-united Empire be called Reikland…)