Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Kushan Empire
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Jul 2, 2018 @ 10:20am
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Kushan Empire


Unique Ability: Silk Road
International Trade Routes provide +2 Gold and +1 Culture for every Luxury Resource and +1 Science for every Strategic Resource in the destination city. Traders are immune from being plundered on land tiles.

Unique Unit: Yuezhi Horse Archer
Classical era ranged unit unique to the Kushan. Ignores movement penalties on hills.

Unique Building: Bazaar
A building unique to the Kushan that replaces the Market. +3 Gold, +1 Great Merchant Point, +1 Trade Route capacity. Grants a random Inspiration when built. +2 Tourism with Mercantilism and +4 Tourism with Cultural Heritage.

Unique Building: Kanishka Stupa
A unique building the Kushan can build in one of their Holy Sites. +2 Culture, +2 Faith, and +2 Gold. Grants one free Relic when built, and increases Faith and Tourism from any Relic slotted there by 50%. May only be built once.


Leader Ability: Temples of the Divine Family
All Holy Site buildings provide +2 Loyalty per turn, and can be purchased with Gold or Faith at a 50% discount. Temples trigger a culture bomb which claims surrounding tiles.

Leader Agenda: Middle Path
Prioritizes earning Faith and Gold. Likes civilizations that are also high in Faith and Gold, and dislikes civilizations who are not.

The Kushans profit immensely from international trade, and Kanishka can use these profits to help him with any victory condition. He can use the incredible speed of his Yuezhi Horse Archers to quickly eliminate barbarian threats early in the game. Kanishka can then use his excees Gold or Faith to fill out Holy Sites in his far-flung frontier cities, strengthening their loyalty to him and even stealing valuable territory and resources from his rivals. Building the Kanishka Stupa ensures Kanishka of having at least one Relic with increased yields, and choosing the Reliquaries Follower Belief will amplify this bonus even more and help Kanishka secure either a religious or cultural victory.

The Kushans built an improbable empire at the crossroads of Asia in the First Century CE. They were unlikely imperialists, being the descendants of nomadic tribes from the steppes, but they managed to build an empire atop the fragmented kingdoms left behind by Alexander the Great. They created enough political stability over the several centuries of their rule to transmit a great world religion (Buddhism) across the Himalayas, and to help create a vast network of international trade that would roll on even after their empire had fallen.


- The leader is not animated.
- Some of the icons are custom, but most are repurposed from appropriate regular game content (such as the Kanishka Stupa, which uses the standard Stupa artwork).
- All buildings are visible.
- The Yuezhi Horse Archer is a reconfigured Saka Horse Archer (with a red tinted horse and slightly modified appearance), but otherwise there is no custom 3D art.

Bazaar: Trade Route Capacity
Like the Market, this adds +1 Trade Route capacity only if the city does not already have a Lighthouse, as well as providing one Citizen Slot.
Kanishka Stupa: Building Exclusivity
This is, in effect, a National Wonder that you can only build once, and occupies the Tier 3 spot in one of your Holy Sites (replacing the site of a Mosque, Cathedral, etc.). If you have more than one Holy Site, and are building a Kanishka Stupa in one, you often cannot build any other Tier 3 Holy Site building in another Holy Site until you've finished the Kanishka Stupa in the first one.
Kanishka Stupa: Relic Bonus
There is a inconsistency in how the Faith and Tourism bonus is handled when you apply the Reliquaries Follower Belief. Even though the theming bonus is set to 50% (meant to incentivize the player to actually place their new Relic in the reliquary stupa), the Tourism bonus is smaller than it should be (+28 when you have Reliquaries instead of +36). Unfortunately I can't change this without messing with the bonus when you don't choose Reliquaries. This appears to be because the Faith yield is multiplied by a factor of three with Reliquaries, but the game simply adds a flat +16 Tourism to the base Tourism yield (+8) to achieve the tripled yield bonus.
Kanishka Stupa: Relic Location
The game will automatically place your free Relic in the Palace (or your first Temple, if you've already acquired another Relic through other means). To get the 50% Faith and Tourism bonus, you must go into your Great Works screen and move the Relic to the Kanishka Stupa.
Temples of the Divine Family: Gold Purchasing
The Tier 3 Holy Site buildings (e.g., Mosque or Cathedral) can still only be purchased with Faith and not Gold, although the 50% discount does still apply.
Temples of the Divine Family: Culture Bomb
The Temple culture bomb works just like the other culture bombs in the game. It claims tiles in a one-tile radius around the Holy Site, as long as the tiles are within the workable 3-tile radius of its city. Any tiles outside the city's radius are not claimed. Also, while you can steal resource tiles from an opponent, you cannot steal a completed district; that tile is left unclaimed. In testing, this has once resulted in an opponent's district being completely cut off and surrounded within my own territory.

This is my first mod attempt. Many thanks to everyone on the CivFanatics Creation & Customization forum who have answered my questions, or answered other people's questions (and thus indirectly led me down the correct path).
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jemalomlcs Aug 5, 2018 @ 3:10am 
why didnt you use a diffrent architecture for the cities ?
Myself Jul 5, 2018 @ 4:03am 
Is that custom art for the unit and the building? It would be awesome if this could get a high quality leader art as well
circeus Jul 3, 2018 @ 4:24pm 
I hadn't even noticed the free relic, which would seem indeed to be overpowered (since each stupa you build makes the next easier to faith-build).
Foulweather  [author] Jul 3, 2018 @ 2:12pm 
No problem. Yeah, I had to be a little brief in the descriptions of the uniques because I had two unique buildings, and there was so much text it began to run to more than one page on the Create Game screen. I can make it a bit clearer, though.

At one point I allowed the player to build more than one reliquary stupa, but you got so many free relics it was crazy easy to win culturally. But more annoyingly, the other leaders kept bugging me every few turns wanting to trade 30 turns of incense for a relic, and I honestly had to quit the game early because they were so bothersome with their trade requests.
circeus Jul 3, 2018 @ 11:54am 
Thanks for clarifying the Kanishka Stupa. I wouldn't have been able to figure out exactly how it worked from the short description (for starters, I didn't even assume it was a one-time only building!).