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Homeworld Remastered Collection

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Homeworld: Too! - comic collection
By Troff
Hello everyone. My name is Troff. In the early days of Relic, Barking Dog and Homeworld I was a regular on the Relic Forums and known as "troff" as my forum and game handles. I am the creator/writer of the Homeworld:Too! comics. I recently found an old archive DVD from the early 2000s and managed to retrieve some strips for your enjoyment which I'll place in a guide called HOMEWORLD: TOO Comic Strip.
Hello everyone. My name is Troff. In the early days of Relic, Barking Dog and Homeworld, I was a regular on the Relic Forums and known as "troff" as my forum and game handles. I am the creator/writer of the Homeworld:Too! comics but lost all source files and strips in a hard disk crash (and the Relic Forums were subsequently taken offline). However, I recently found an old archive DVD from the early 2000s and managed to retrieve some strips for your enjoyment which I'll place in this guide.

I hope you'll find it as entertaining as it was back then for many people, and the strips also contain some 'weapons guides', story highlights and 'bug reports' plots too. There will be SPOILERS, as the strips make fun of all three games in the franchise (HW, HW:Cataclysm and HW2) plus they delve into some of the issues facing the community at that time. Lastly, I'll try to give some background on each of the issues for your info as text below each strip.

Shortly after Homeworld: Cataclysm came out by Barking Dog Studios, there were comic strips known as "Catatoons" floating around. Some people asked about them, and a group of us started to discuss topics and jokes about HW1 and 2. Here are 3 Catatoons I found:

It was then I decided to fire up my LUA model viewer + Photoshop, and I put out 2 strips (issues #1 and #2). They became so popular that I made more. The community helped with exporting models for me and gave tips on storylines and jokes, and thus the HW: Too! comic was born.

They were mainly hosted on my HW community archives website. The thread became so large and bandwidth cost high I was at one time forced to move the strips to various sites. Through the process I made friends with fellow fans like Onslaught, Graveyard and various modding people.

I did delve a bit into other strips but they weren't as popular as HW:Too!. These include Yawn of War (Dawn of War parody), and the Return of the God (a HW take on the 3rd Lord of the Rings movie). I'll reproduce some samples at the end of the guide.

NOTE: THERE ARE MISSING COMICS - if you happen to have any do send them in a link in the comments and I'll download and upload them accordingly. (Thanks for saving)

I'll update the issues with a short intro on each. If you happen to have any strips yourself do let me know. I'll just post the strips themselves but I'll be back to edit each strip to give them their proper intro. Enjoy!
Issues #01-05
Issue #1
The strip that started it all...

Issue #2
Look at the harbour visuals in the concept art, now look at your screen... now look at the harbour ship visuals in the comps, now look at your screen... now turn NLIPs off and look at the harbour ship in the movie cut-scenes, back to your screen...

Issue #3
To be honest back then 3 layers of coincidence was a lot. Now?
"Okay so... Finn happened to be on the ship which invaded a village just as Poe was getting a map during a meeting then put it in BB8 - who bumped into Rey who saved it - while Poe & Finn escaped and crashed near Rey's village, and Finn happened to meet Rey, who both escaped in the Falcon, which got picked up by HAN F#*$&ING SOLO, who were just about to be boarded by 2 gangs of money-collectors, who just happened to be eaten by a huge monster (we're just through 40 minutes of real time here)..."

Issue #3b
This strip was just a quick jibe at one poster who wrote that the attempted cartoony visuals weren't needed (hey it was my first comic).

Issue #4
"...ship" "MAMA... ship"

Issue #4-1
One thing fans immediately noticed in the HW2 game box, was that compared to HW1 and HW:C (whose pdf manual lore was expanded wonderfully), the manual was woefully thin, and that meant the entire history up to the start of the HW2 game was contained in only a few pages...

Issue #4-2
... and wasn't it wonderful when just 10 minutes after installing the 3 cores and getting to the control room, your fleet with Sajuuk was ready to leave. Only one way this could happen. Also... getting noobs to press S twice was a cool way to have fun (scuttles your ships).
"If you type HOT MESS your ships will have double HIP"
"Really? In chat?"
"No need open chat, just type HOT MESS without opening chat..."

Issue #4-3

Issue #5
It was funny to chat with foreign community people and amongst the many mispronounced names were the Vaygrs. So were they Vagys, Vags (vajes), Vaygrians or what? The most commonly used name was similar in sound to a little blue pill old people use...

Issue #5-1
This came out shortly after HW2 launched, and people were starting to gripe about the various modules that you could target (and all conveniently placed outside the ship for your weapons). Need to slow someone down? Engine module. Stop shooting? Weapons module etc.
Issues #06-10
Issue #6
"Nothing but rocks out here..." - Many PvP battles would be punctuated by brief skirmishes and fronts between the two motherships. But how about the miner workers? No offensive or defensive weapons, these lonely cute workers were often left to fend for themselves while the battle(s) were elsewhere...

Issue #6-1
HW2 introduced mobile refineries following on from HW:C, and this time gave them weapons. However most of the time the 4 hull guns were not often enough to either scare or sufficiently damage workers, and fared even worse against other refineries.

Issue #6-2

Issue #7
MEGALITHS were first announced in the HW: Dust Wars videos and screenshots. Like the huge Dyson-like structures in many backgrounds, we often thought where they came from, what they were for, and how did they get made in the first place.

Issue #8
The Bentusi are at it again, driving the plot forward in a fairly lazy (ahem) efficient manner wherever needed. In HW:C, the Somtaaw acquired an old siege cannon and asked the Bentusi to repair it for them against the Beast, and this sounded very familar...

Issue #8-1
Of the plotholes newcomers rarely noticed was that the Vaygrs themselves had a dreadnought... and no one bothered to ask either how they repaired it or where they got it from.

Issue #9

Issue #10
The short-lived HW: Dust Wars had everyone on the edge of their seats when it was first announced. Huge battles amidst megalith-like structures and environments. Frigate-turret ships that swooped down to the surface and transformed into fixed gun turrets on walls and surfaces, even larger carrier-like ships, yards and battle cruisers... but it all was cancelled.
Issues #11-15
Issue #11
Based on a forum thread where the question was why Makaan had to attack the homeworld. One reply was the crux of this strip.

Issue #12
Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

Issue #12.1
One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

Issue #12.2
I attempted to do an off-shoot for Return of the God in another strip but it wasn't as popular. Some sample strips can be found in the Misc section of this guide.

Issue #13
Yes yes Finding Nemo ok I got it yes ok.

Issue #14

Issue #14.1
Many mamaship jokes were made in one of the threads in the Relic forums and appeared here.

Issue #14.2
One little known fact about the pre-patched Vaygr battlecruiser was that its special weapon, the Trinity cannon, could only fire in one plane. That meant if your BC was engaging it, just move up or down and the cannon could not hit or target you.

Issue #15

Issue #15.1

Issue #15.2
Gun platforms were a cool idea, the only downside being once they were deployed they couldn't move. This made for a lot of stranded platforms during the mid to late game.

Issue #15.3
One of the over-powered tactics was to immediately construct gun platforms then deploy them right on top of where the enemy mothership was. This was known as "platform rushing". One way to avoid this (before they nerfed it) was to constantly keep your MS moving from the start of the game. However it still made for good laughs, especially if you could deploy your rushed platforms along the projected path of the moving enemy MS.

Issues #16-20
Issue #16
I sometimes did community announcements to highlight readers to certain issues. One big nagging issue was the awaiting of a HW2 patch to address all the concerns from the launch version.

Issue #17
The mods at Relic Forums docked my comic thread post to the top (just below FAQs and Bug reporting). Hence the pressure was on to churn out a strip every few days...

Issue #17.1
Due to work and RL I had to make strips making it as if the toons were not willing to work.

Issue #17.2

Issue #17.3
(see the ship shadow shapes...)

Issue #18
Another community announcement, asking readers to support Homeworld in the Gamespy polls.

Issue #19
X Files - Scully & Mulder, Scuttle & Muldership - Get it? Neither did anyone else...

Issue #20
Read this while listening to the Xmas song and the effect will be better...

Issue #20.1
It was at this point the HW2 patch still wasn't out, and we had all been waiting a looonng time - even longer than some other people...
Issues #21-30
Issue #21

Issue #22
Sierra was slightly evil back then, but not as evil as EA is now of course...

Issue #23
Another jibe at the new module feature in HW2. Idea given to me in a HW modding forum where someone figured how to code their own modules, and of course each module had to be attached OUTSIDE the ship.

Issue #23-1
Last jibe at the module concept, comparing it to HW1 and HW:C.

Issue #24

Issue #25 (missing)
If anyone has this strip let me know - I can't recall exactly what it was but it had something to do with noobs playing HW.

Issue #26
This strip series came from a forum thread about ships that didn't make it.

Issue #26-1

Issue #26-2
I think the sonic ship was based on a poster's comment on why HW should have sonic-based weapons like those in the Dune RTS. However my favorite is still the Sajuuk Pizza delivery ship.

Issue #27
This strip created to draw attention to the wonderful Star Wars HW mod. Of course it eventually
had to happen someone put both HW and SW ships on the same map...

Issue #27-1

Issue #27-2

Issue #28
I made this strip to celebrate our fellow Mac members finally having HW to play with. And of course we needed to make fun of them too...

Issue #29
Before HW2 was patched, hardened players (like me) needed to engage in "Ender-game"-like military tactics to defeat the near-impossible campaign (especially the mission at the Balcora gate).
This was because pre-patch, the game ramped up the difficulty proportionate to the number of ships you had, so if you hoarded resources and ships (like many did on their first play-through) you accordingly faced hoards of enemy ships.
To this day I still say the pre-patched version was better, because everything was a cake-walk after everyone found out about the auto-balancing.

Issue #30
Issue #31-??
Note: This is where I start to lose data and/or have corrupted JPGs. If you have any do remember to let me know. Thanks!

Issue #31
One of my favourites. One of the most popular threads was how the Progenitors got wiped out or went extinct. Once I posted this strip as my reply (backed fully by canon ingame speech - I didn't adjust or make up their sentences) many forum-goers supported my theory.

Issue #32

Issue #32-1
Bonus points to those who get the "Goat throwing viking ship" reference...

Issue #33
"Badger... Badger... Badger..."

Issue #34
Immediately in HW2 after the Bentusi sacrificed themselves, everyone started to notice a trend...
"Erm next time, just hand over the core... then warp on out of here."

Issue #35

Issue #35-1

Issue #35-2

Issue #36 onwards (missing around 2-3 more)

Misc - Return of the God/YOW/10PM
This was a short-lived (around 3-4 issues) of fun poking at Dawn of War. There are far more superior strips out there...
THE LORD OF THE CORES - Return of the God
Here are some found strips from my Homeworld: Lord of the Rings spoof. It would have been a semi-serious parody with parallels drawn against the LOTR story.

Here we see the HW versions of Araagon (as Sajuuk, the returned King/God), Legolas (a missile cruiser of course), and Gimli (as a ramming frigate) on their way to the White Mountains (Gardens of Kadesh) to ask the Oathbreakers (Kadeshi) for their help against Makaan's forces.

HW:TOO's 10 Page Manual strip
Another short-lived (around 3-4 issues) strip based in the real world (with real people).
Misc - Homeworld: Blood Rites
I totally miss this awesome short fan-fic story that I wrote (but lost the illustrations and text) with a Da-Vinci Code like ending in which we learn the TRUE reason why Kharak was destroyed. I'll try to summarise it from memory. Please read up on the Cataclysm backstory in the HW:C manual beforehand if you can - nearly everything about the Somtaaw and temples is not made up but taken from the manual (including the Star Scrolls part).

The story picks up in Homeworld: Cataclysm where the Kiith Somtaaw mining vessel Kuun Lan has just finished helping the home fleet with a skirmish (i.e. the 1st mission of the HW:C game).

We're introduced to the 3 main characters.
The Kuun Lan's SOMTAAW CAPTAIN, a mining-hardened veteran, despondent with the stagnant nature of Kiith Somtaaw, chief amongst them that they only have 3 ships for the entire Kiith, and is always thinking about the olden days before the cryo-awakening.

The SENATOR, a very ambitious post-thaw man who happened to be a guest on board the Kuun Laan when the call to arms for the Imperial skirmish came in. None too happy and keen to return to the homeworld.

The SCIENTIST, a sometimes suspicious figure who keeps to himself. None is known too much about him and only the captain knows his dark secret.

ACT ONE of 4
After a skirmish with the rebel Imperial fleet, the Kuun Lan docks beside a strange object (the Beast beacon pod) and starts to reel it in. The probe is placed in the lower hold of the ship.

The senator's spirits are raised when he hears of the beacon's discovery, and he forces the captain to begin research on it. He plans to use it as leverage against the other Kiith's in exchange for ship production or political favours. The captain cautions against any research and explains that other Kiiths have far more advanced labs and resources. The senator mentions that their Kiith's third (research) ship the Clee San can be used for such a purpose, as he wants political clout at any cost.

The captain checks in on the scientist. We learn the captain had specifically requested and allowed the scientist to come on board and work on the Kuun Laan for a reason. The scientist proceeds to work on the Beast beacon with the science team.

ACT TWO of 4
The beacon starts to thaw and sensors around the ship begin to register abnormal readings. The beast infection slowly starts to infect lone crew members and ship systems.

The captain and senator are in the state room, while reports from the hangar floor come in from the science team. We learn more about the captain's background, his plans to retire due to their Kiith's inability to be more than just miners. The senator boasts about his rich history before the thaw, and we see more of his raw ambition.

We learn more about Somtaaw religion, and the "Shimmering Path" journey through 33 temples along a mountain range, in which each Somtaaw is expected to do at least once in their lifetime. The captain had only done 32, while the politician doesn't believe in such superstitions.

Suddenly the beast infection from the probe breaks loose and causes chaos, whilst slaughtering and infecting the crew and lower ship area. In an act of self sacrifice, the scientist forces the captain to do an emergency jettison of the Kuun Lan's lower cargo bay.

The Kuun Lan awaits for the arrival of the Clee-San to scan the jettisoned portion of the ship containing the Beast beacon.

The captain and senator continue talking, with the senator wanting to take their current data and flee back to the homeworld. The captain will wait for the Clee-San, if there's even a slight possibility some of their crew are still alive in the jettisoned area.

We learn the old scientist was not just a scientist, but the last living priest from the Shimmering Path. When the captain learnt of this, he acceded to the old man's request to work incognito on the Kuun Lan "to atone for his sins". The captain is angry that the senator feels nothing at all for the potential lives lost in the lower cargo hold, even though their kiith are so few in number.

The Clee-san arrives, and gets infected by the jettisoned part. Raiders arrive and are also infected, forcing the Kuun Lan to retreat.

WIth an armed escort in tow, the senator is about to force the captain to take the Kuun Lan and return to the homeworld "to inform the council of the situation and to gather more support". The captain insists there is no time, and that they need to address this immediately themselves - they could seek help from the nearby Bentusi trading lines, and as the homeworld is far away precious time would be lost. They will transmit what they have and proceed deeper into the next sector.

The senator is close to forcing the captain to turn the ship around. Suddenly the captain, under the pretext of 'revealing leverage', gets the senator into the state room alone. It is then the true secret of the priest and their kiith is revealed.

The scientist as a priest, use to work at the 7th temple along the shimmering path called the "Temple of the Mysteries". Though not the highest along the path, it was certainly one of, if not the most powerful amongst all the altar temples. One of his duties was to clean their most sacred relics, including the "Star Metal Scrolls" - as the religious fogy guarded all their relics with zeal, and refused to allow them to be analysed or researched - even after the spaceship with the guide stone was found in the desert.

The secret that haunted the scientist, was that he was chosen at random to be part of the 600,000 to be placed in cold sleep for Karan S'Jet's mothership's journey to Hiigara. When he awoke, he, like all awakeners, was aghast to learn that their homeworld Kharak had been burnt to a crisp while they slept - but only he knew the reason why.

The reason given for the burning of their world was the "violation of a 4,000 year old non-hyperspace treaty between the interstellar Taiidan Empire and the Kushan, as part of their exile to Kharak." The Star Metal Scrolls WERE that treaty. The scientist had tinkered with them, attempted to understand the words etched from sound, into sound, along their golden ridged surfaces - heard moans and foreign words that made no sense until now. Their religious order had kept the very reason their world was burned all this time in their archives and altars, to be worshipped but not touched, to be seen and not heard, and to be cared for but not cared about.

The captain threatens the senator that if word of this got out, that the original Kushan's world was burned because of, and even not, that the Somtaaw had anything to do with it - they would lose any and all of their remaining political clout with the Hiigaran council, and be relegated to become even worse than Mimic crews. Furthermore it is a blood rite that they must continue, as did their ancestors did, to do what is right for their clan and kiith.

After the destruction of the Beast, Kiith Somtaaw gain great prestige in the council, are called "Beastslayers" and given free access to shipyards and refineries for their use.

The senator needs to build and rebuild the Empire's infrastructure after the Beast and Imperials' attacks. The captain has heard word of ancient relics along the eastern fringe of the spiral arm and is awaiting the construction of his own ship to head out. The senator and captain say their goodbyes. FIN.
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Troff  [author] Sep 4 @ 9:01am 
@CNiper sorry for the late reply (and I didn't see your request but I sent you one myself). Yes please share it wherever and in however way you want. It's weird that my strips are floating around in the Chinese, Korean and Japanese space forums (albeit badly translated) and I also get messages asking me for permission.

To anyone else feel free to use them any way you wish. Cheers.
CNiper Jun 16 @ 4:36pm 
Hi Troff! These are pretty special pieces of Homeworld history! :conanthink:

I'm working with Gearbox and I was wondering if we'd be able to share this across Homeworld channels. We'd fully credit you with any call-out details you'd like.

I've sent you a friend request over Steam if you want to talk more about it :) Thank you!
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OH THE NOSTALGIA! Thanks for the LOL
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HOLY SHIT!!!! I remember you! when i was 13 i read these thing and giggled up a storm... now i have 5 kids and... i still giggle like a little school girl....

Damn how time passes.
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I remember these! Wow, blast from the past!
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I remember this and was apart reading this. Wow I have forgotten how much I liked all of the story.
It was so well done for sure !
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Really cool
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This is amazing! For how long did this run for?