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Bulk Carrier
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Jul 1, 2018 @ 8:13pm
Jan 25 @ 3:56am
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Bulk Carrier

This mod adjusted the mass capacity of vanilla.
The adjusted mass capacity is depend on pawn's carrying capacity.
If a pawn in caravan, it will carry (35*bodySize)kg in vanilla game.
When you active this mod, the pawn will carry (carrying capacity * 0.5)kg in caravan.(e.g. a human will carry 37.5kg in caravan.)
Other way, if some negative health reduce the carrying capacity under the base carrying capacity, the adjusted mass capacity will be (base carrying capacity * 0.5)kg.

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Ancalagon Jul 6 @ 5:42pm 
I am not having issues with this, it continues to work perfectly along with my ~200 other mods.

And just to clarify how this works, everyone starts out able to haul the same as vanilla (about 35kg). Increasing certain health stats such as manipulation and consciousness will modify the amount you can carry. A fully bionic pawn will top out at carrying ~200kg or so, and a fully decked-out advanced bionic pawn from Rah's with an Archotech Extended Brain Melder can carry ~400kg on the upper end. This affects both in-game hauling and world map caravans equally.

In practice, you typically end up getting slow increases in carry capacity as you upgrade a limb or two at a time. It's gradual, within the realm of realism, and much more logical than it is OP. One more note: someone below said "This does up your pawns mass, based on its carry capacity." which isn't true. Pawn mass doesn't change—it is what it is from their racial mass (plus or minus body parts missing, etc.) just like normal.
Scwanobi Jun 10 @ 4:47am 
Anybody having issues with this after the latest update to rimworld? I also installed some new mods so there could be a conflict. Just wanted to verify its still working on 1..0.2282 before I try to hunt it down.
Nanao-kun Jun 4 @ 5:52pm 
Is this compatible with Combat Extended?
Ancalagon May 31 @ 12:43am 
This mod works perfectly. It doesn't change body size, and it allows you to increase stockpile/item hauling capacity greater than the default 35kg.
BlackFranky Apr 8 @ 12:29pm 
I love this mod. A must-have for Pick Up and Haul!
Public Nut Mar 31 @ 8:13am 
is it safe to use with old saves?
larry.rathbun Mar 26 @ 2:46pm 
Doesn't increased mass also affect how often enemies hit a pawn?
Torne Mar 19 @ 8:39pm 
Came here to say thanks, and for those who don't understand by the description. This does up your pawns mass based on its carry capacity.
chencc208 Feb 19 @ 6:18pm 
Minecraft Bee is Trans Jan 11 @ 2:46am 
This is a fantastic mod. Such a simple change yet it's so amazing for people who like putting heavy armor on their pawns