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[2018-19] xECK29x's Premier Pivot Rosters (v3.4)
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[2018-19] xECK29x's Premier Pivot Rosters (v3.4)

First off I just want to thank everyone for the tremendous amount of support last season. Obtaining over 1,500 downloads for my first release I am truly humbled. Thanks for all the support, feedback and offerings of assistance!

This is considered a WORK IN PROGRESS release, meaning not everything is updated to the level I would like, however I will push updates through Steam on a regular basis and continue to offer an offline update on TBL.

Thanks and credits to:
- Manimal and the TBL research team
- BKArchitect for allowing me to include some of your fantastic work!
- ESHMfan01, Shanster925 and 30Tanner for your assistance!

It is recommended that you play with a Full sized DB, and select Retain All Teams!


Here is what you get: Updated 7/27/18:

Items noted '-' are complete, items noted '*' are still work in progress

Major Updates:
- Start year for DB changed to 2018
- Increased NHL salary cap to $82m (makes sim better over the long run) and floor to $58m - Also set all NHL clubs Player Budget to $82m, want to see teams spend by letting limits be based on ownership traits, will set some hard caps for internal cap teams once we get an idea of team cap hits at start of season
- Updated NHL salary cap penalties
- Updated NHL schedule
- Updated NHL Trade Deadline date (2/26) and updated Offer Sheet compensation limits
- Updated NHL/AHL Club histories
- Updated NHL Club histories
- Updated AHL Trade Deadline date (March 8th)
- Updated AHL alignment and affiliations (using 82 game NHL schedule template for now)
- Updated AHL club histories
- Updated AHL schedule
- Updated ECHL Trade Deadline date (March 8th)
- Updated ECHL schedule
- Added ECHL club history
- Updated Nation Reputations for proper World Championship seeding (thanks BKArchitect)
- Retired a LOT of free agents
* Updated World Championship histories including proper histories both Groups A & B
- Released known UFAs to Free Agent pool for NHL/AHL
- Added BKArchitects many staff/players additions, updates and future transfers from NHL 36 4.0.
- Made updates to KHL/VHL (conference/club changes) *Still using 2017-18 game count
- Added Maine Mariners to ECHL (NYR/Hartford Wolf Pack Affiliate)
- Moved Colorado Eagles to AHL (Colorado Affiliate) and released all players/staff, reassigned Colorado Avalanche players
- Added San Antonio as AHL affiliate for STL
- Added Utah Grizzles as ECHL affiliate of Colorado
- Added Newfounland Growlers to ECHL (Toronto Marlies/Maple Leafs affiliate), reassigned Toronto Maple Leafs/Marlies players
- Renamed ECHL West Division to Mountain
- Moved Wheeling Nailers to ECHL Central Division
- Moved Kansas City Mavericks to ECHL Mountain Division
- Retired Quad City Mallards and released all players/staff
- Updated NHL awards and historical winners
- Moved Olympic draw date back 4 years
- Updated most team club/competition names to Elite Prospects standards for easier player career history importing
- Updated NHL/AHL Officials (retired those not in this list: http://www.nhlofficials.com/nhl-officials/current)
- Added from TBL 10.2
-- Re-rating of SPHL, DEL, Swedish SHL, Allsvenskan, EIHL and NIHL
-- Updated affiliations for UK teams
-- Updated club data (e.g. player budgets) for EIHL teams

United States Changes:
- Updated SPHL/USHL/NAHL schedules
- Added first two rounds from USHL draft (will add more in time)
- Added USHL rights to 2014-2018 draft classes and created players
- Updated USHL schedule (game still crashes if you try to start as a GM of a USHL team)
- Added several Minor/Major Bantam/Midget teams across various existing leagues
- Updated National Junior Prospects Hockey League U18 (NJPHL18) and added National Junior Prospects Hockey League U16 (NJPHL16) and added teams
- Added several US High School divisions and teams
- Added United Collegiate Hockey Conference
- Added New Jersey 87's new EHL Premier team (New Jersey Titans - NAHL affiliate)
- Updated NA3HL clubs and added conferences/new teams
- Updated NAHL clubs/structure and added new teams
- Added Great Lakes Conference to USPHL Premier and added promoted NA3HL teams
- Fixed up club names and affiliates throughout USPHL
- Added Michigan Development Hockey League (MDHL)
- Updated SPHL, added Quad City Storm and retired Mississipi (removed/retired staff/players)
- Updated FHL - Not playable - game crashes
- Added several American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) clubs
- Added National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)
- Updated various levels of Tier 1 Elite League and added U15 division
- Added U15 division for HPHL
- Updated club histories for SPHL and FHL teams

Canadian Changes:
* Updated all CHL (QMJHL/WHL/OHL) team staff and rosters (only minor touchups, will be huge focus this summer)
* Added 1st round of WHL/OHL/QMJHL draft classes (will add more)
- Re-enabled goalies to be drafted in the CHL Import Draft
- Added players/rights from CHL Import Draft
* Updated schedules for OHL & QMJHL (WHL schedule requires further testing)
* Updated all historical CHL (QMJHL/WHL/OHL) award winners and league histories
- Added BCHL awards
- Updated Alberta Midget Hockey League (AMHL)
- Updated Maritime Hockey League (MJAHL)
- Added Canadian Sport School Varsity Hockey League (CSSVHL)
- Added several Canadian Sport School League teams
- Renamed Canadian Interuniversity Sport to Canadian U Sports
- Added British Columbia High School Hockey League (BCHSHL)
- Added several Minor/Major Bantam and Midget teams to various existing leagues
- Added Newfoundland Bantam AAA Hockey League (NLBAAAHL)
- Added PEI Bantam AAA League (PEIBAAA)
- Updated LHAH and added club histories
- Cleaned up a few U Sports teams and retired a lot of players/staff
- Updated Quebec Junior Hockey League (QJAAAHL)
- Updated Nova Scotia Major Midget Hockey League (NSMMHL)
- Added/Updated several Canadian High School Hockey League teams
- Added Greater Toronto Bantam Hockey League (GTBHL)
- Added Eastern AAA Bantam Hockey League (ETABHL)
- Added HEOMAAA (Midget AAA)
- Added Northern Ontario Minor Bantam Hockey League (NOMBHL) and Bantam Hockey League (NOBHL)
- Added Conference of Independent Schools Athletics Association (CISAA) and associated existing teams
- Updated Pacific Junior Hockey League (PJHL) and added White Rock Whalers
- Updated Pacific Coast Bantam Hockey League (PCBHL)
- Updated Hockey Quebec Midget Espoir(QMEAA)
- Added Ligue Elite Richelieu Bantam AA (RICBAA)
- Added Canadian Sport School Bantam Varsity Hockey League (CSSBVHL)
- Added Winnipeg Bantam Div 2 (WBAAA2)
- Added Winnipeg City Midget League (WCML)
- Added Okanagan Mainline Amateur Hockey Association (OMAHA)
* Updated Greater Metro Hockey League (GMHL)
- Added New Brunswick Bantam AAA Hockey League (NBBAAAHL)
- Added Alliance Hockey Bantam Hockey League (AMBHL)

Swiss Changes:
- Promoted Rappersil-Jona to NLA and Kloten demoted to NLB
- Updated Top Mini league and Top Novizen Elite and added proper affiliations

Czech Changes:
- Promoted Karlovy Vary to Tipsport and demoted Dukla Jihlava to WSM
- Added several U16 teams

Swedish Changes:
- Promoted Timra to SHL, demoted Karlskrona to Allsvenskan
- Promoted VIK Vasteras to Allsvenskan, demoted Troja-Ljunby to Ettan
- Added several U16 teams

Russian Changes:
- Sputnik Nizhny Tagil demoted to Russian Pervaya Liga
- Added several U16 teams
- Updated reputations for U17 clubs

Slovakian Changes:
- Updated 1. Liga, Slovakian Tipsport Liga, Slovakian Second Division (2. liga) along with U18 division, teams added made proper affiliates.
- Added several U18 teams

Other European Changes:
- Updated Hungarian Erste Liga
- Small changes to Polish First League (clubs only)
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xECK29x  [author] Aug 11 @ 12:55pm 
@bongson - It appears this league is set up with manual schedule dates, so it would be harder to alter and honestly I don't have a lot of experience altering these, which could cause major issues. It appears its set to play 54 regular season games, then playoffs (3 dates. 3 rounds) then a 12 game relegation group. Not sure how I can troubleshoot this without massively breaking something. I will ask the TBL guys for help but I don't see myself fixing this anytime soon.
xECK29x  [author] Aug 11 @ 12:41pm 
@RustEden - Unfortunately setting a heat scout is not something that is set by the DB. I try to force the game into setting the proper head scout by making that scout the best one ability wise. I will make this adjustment but can't guarantee it will be that way each time you start a new sim.
RustEden Aug 11 @ 11:44am 
Christer Rockstrom is the headscout of the Montreal Canadiens but its Trevor Timmins .... sadly :steammocking:
xECK29x  [author] Aug 11 @ 11:10am 
@ahorn99 - Honestly, probably not. I will likely include whatever changes are made in the new TBL when that is released. However if I come across any changes there I will update accordingly but likely won't spend much time overhauling the roster or staff as I have other priorities at the moment.

@MiniMoose - Because he is currently an RFA, Toronto should hold his rights.

MiniMoose Aug 10 @ 11:55pm 
Why is William Nylander a free agent?
ahorn99 Aug 10 @ 1:06pm 
can you work ove the del2?
bongson Aug 10 @ 10:10am 
@xECK29x thanks :steamhappy:
xECK29x  [author] Aug 10 @ 9:40am 
@bongson - Makes sense, will investigate this weekend, I think I know the issue.
bongson Aug 10 @ 9:30am 
@xECK29x their DB is fine but they didnt add new teams to league like you did. MAC and DVTK. that's why is schedule broken i think.
xECK29x  [author] Aug 10 @ 8:36am 
@tomppa169 - they will be next, I already have some of my helpers starting there.