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Primal Armors
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Jun 30, 2018 @ 12:40pm
Mar 3 @ 4:44am
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Primal Armors

Primal Armor's add's over 100 + different armors and variation pierces. Primal Armor's also add's epic versions of these armor's, so you can fight in style !

This is the first version of Primal Armor's, though it is direct copy of an already working mod, so if you do come across any bugs report them in here.
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A list of items from this mod (i believe) that currently do not work/have no texture.
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Duskflame Nov 19 @ 3:36pm 
So is there any where to find documentation for this mod? Like how to get the light skirt knowledge?
Pinko Oct 11 @ 3:47pm 
I can't build most of it, as it requires the item to build the item... for example to build an Amazon Breastplate I need an Amazon Breastplate ...
Demon Sep 30 @ 2:03pm 
the file size is a lie, it is only like 500mb download
Christopher Sep 30 @ 2:04am 
Big ask but are there any plans for a 'light' version of this mod containing just one set of each unique armors rather than all the tiers just for apperance use
Demon Sep 22 @ 11:59am 
It says that this mod is 1,528.956 MB on steam, but when I download it, I only get 500.4MB? Is it just not updated? Also, still some of the smaller loincloths, the real skimpy ones, have no physics. Did not see any seams as some reported.
satrapa Aug 25 @ 7:07am 
I have emberlight, Sane Consumable weights, HMV - Pretty Men Mod, Sexy Silent Legion and Top Freedom. This mod added to the above crashes my Single Player (crashes the PC client). Also would it be possible to have this mod split, so people can take only parts that they want and minimalize the chances of conflicts with other mods?
Vivironator Aug 11 @ 11:04am 
Mod creator, if still continuing the mod, can you create entire sets for each armor that you create? Like the Amazon armor, the Stygan Dance armor etc. If the creator isn't continuing, however, is it possible for someone to take over and complete all the modded armors in game so that we gamers have got tons of options of armor.
Achroi Jul 30 @ 7:21am 
Hi, I want to make the Amazon breastplate but it says that I need an Amazon breastplate in order to make Amazon breastplate, now how do I make the Amazon breastplate, or do I need to change load order of the mod in order for it to work properly?
B.B. Jul 29 @ 3:17pm 
I have Marki bestweaver armourer, the light skirt says I need to have knowledge of it before I can make it, I have checked feats and I see nothing can someone explain how to unlock that?
DarkDiamond Jul 13 @ 9:50am 
lets play in a new fresh server guys

EU 13/7 ALL X4 Fresh Start +18 No wipes Good Mods