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Tips guide for flashbangs,peeking and retaking bombsites (Curse NA CSGO)
By anger and 5 collaborators
Flashbangs play a crucial role in both your success and defeat in counter-strike. A well timed and placed flash can be key in turning the tide of a round in your team’s favor. However, a poorly timed and placed flash can also put your team at a severe disadvantage.

Some key things to remember before you reach in your pocket for a flashbang:

Everyone who is looking in the direction of flash will be blinded by it. This means both the enemy and your teammates. Avoid throwing flashes that will blind you and your team more than the enemy

A flash that explodes behind an enemy player is far less effective than one exploding in front of them. Always try to throw the flash in front of, rather than behind the enemy. Even if they spot it quickly, they have two decisions that both put them at a disadvantage: either turn their backs, or become blind.

A flash that explodes in the air, called a pop-flash, can be thrown to give the enemy player less time to react before the explosion. A perfectly timed pop-flash will explode before an enemy player has time to react.

As you master the basics of the flashbang, you will notice they come in handy when you are executing a strategy on a particular bombsite or to create a diversion. If you and your team throw flashes that blind many key positions, you can quickly clear an area with less initial resistance from the enemy team.

Counter-flashes are nearly as important as the initial flashbang. If the enemy appears to be executing their strategy on your location, they will often telegraph their plan with flashbangs. While being blind is an obvious disadvantage, this can be neutralized by throwing a counter-flash thus making the enemy blind as well. Once both teams recover from the flashes, they will once again be on a level playing ground.

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Nice tips! Thanks!!
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sapphiRe May 1, 2013 @ 5:52pm 
Great work Todd. This was very helpful!