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Bessemer & Lake Erie Series
Welcome the Bessemer & Lake Erie series and my first working with steam locomotives. After reading up about this route and all the details the work on this route seems to be endless and fun. I'm going to throw out a 5 block of scenarios at a time with the first season starting in the southern part of the route covering North Bessemer up to Butler which will then set up season #2, season #3...etc. I'm going to work on these and take my time making them so its hard to say when each batch of scenarios will be finished. I hope you enjoy this new series which takes place back in the 1920's.
- - Season 1 - -
Episode 1 - "Yard Work (N. Bessemer)"
Episode 2 - "Supply Run to North Bessemer"
Episode 3 - "Coal Duty at Ford Mine"
Episode 4 - "Northbound 512"
Episode 5 - "Work Crew to North Bessemer"
- - Season 2 - -
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All scenarios from season 2 can now be download from the Railworks America Website.
Click on the scenario title below to get there.

Episode 1 - "Yard Work (Butler)"[]
Episode 2 - "Northbound 512 - Part 2"[]
Episode 3 - "BLE 231 to Butler"[]
Episode 4 - "Work Crew - North Bessemer: Inspection Team"[]
Episode 5 - "Supplies for Standard Steel"[]

Thanks to everyone at Railworks America [] for all the help.
- - Season 3 - -
--Coming soon--
Items (5)
(Sn 01 Ep 01) Yard Work (N. Bessemer)
Created by RBJets
(Sn 1 Ep 1) Welcome to Season 1 of working on the Bessemer & Lake Erie route. In this first episode you'll be working the yard in North Bessemer. Duties will be to put together a few manifests heading north later in the day. Finish unloading the last few c...
(Sn 01 Ep 02) Supply Run to North Bessemer
Created by RBJets
(Sn 1 Ep 2) In episode 2 you'll start at the sidings in River Valley taking some bridge repair parts to the yard in North Bessemer before continuing to Pittsburgh.

Loco: B&LE Six-Coupled - Difficulty: Easy - Length: 35 Mins

Click on above "Bessemer ...
(Sn 01 Ep 03) Coal Duty at Ford Mine
Created by RBJets
(Sn 1 Ep 3) The third episode of season 1 will have you on duty at the Ford Mine. You'll take some empty Hoppers to the mine, drop some, load some then take an already loaded cut out to the mainline for pick-up.

Loco: B&LE Six-Coupled - Difficulty: Eas...
(Sn 01 Ep 04) Northbound 512
Created by RBJets
(Sn 1 Ep 4) The B&LE 512 that came through North Bessemer in episode 1 is now yours to take all the way up to the yard in Butler.

Loco: B&LE Santa Fe - Difficulty: Easy - Length: 35 Mins

Click on above "Bessemer & Lake Erie Series" collection link f...
(Sn 01 Ep 05) Work Crew to North Bessemer
Created by RBJets
(Sn 1 Ep 5) The last episode of season 1 will be to take a work crew along with a few inspectors from Butler down to the yard in North Bessemer where they will prep and plan for the bridge and track repairs needed along the line.

Loco: B&LE Six-Coupled ...