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'Big-a-Boom' Howitzer Sentry Gun
Created by DaNetNavern0
Erectin' a howitzer!
Long distance. Low firerate. Big freakin' boom.



Page in Sentry Catalog:
Created by NeoDement
Primary weapon for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!

Now available for download as a mod here:
Created by Dogpuke
Tired of being an Engineer chained to your sentry gun? Would you like to open a can of whoop-ass on your opponents? Then the Bull Bomb is just what you're looking for. The Bull Bomb is a remote control flying bomb the Engineer can pilot into enemy strongh...
(Unusual Effect) Green Orbiting Fire
Created by Raty_
Actually, the burning effect is available on the unusuals hats. It can be red/orange or green. The green is call scorching flames.

But the effect Orbiting Fire is just red/orange, so here i submit a green orbiting fire effect.

Advice : zoom the pictu...
Dam Destroyer
Created by cobra chicken
That's not how you use a torpedo

this is the longest workshop item backstory I've made yet, I even made a quick backstory of its name *facepalm
as for the textures, the original doesn't really have the team logos, I just ad...
Dr. Grordbort's Man of Science Items
Created by Weta Workshop
Stage 2 - how about a closer look at the proposed Dr.G Medic items?

Let us know what you think.

See the full pack here:
Geneva Protokill
Created by Mother Gem
Say 'NO' to conventional weapons.

Say 'YES' to chemical warfare!...
Soviet Sidekick[OLD]
Created by Astute
[This item has been remade.]

New Version:

"You've collected many trinkets in your travels, but what good are those if you can't kill something with them? So many memories... ...
Puskiин Proto-Hammer
Created by The Ronin
Part of the
Red Planet Rider Set

Extravision feature!
Portable AA cannon
Created by Svdl
Years ago, around before the Heavy update, a concept for the "Portable Bofors Cannon" was spreading around

Original, by Fishbus:

Here's a weapon based on that concept.

Larger pictures:
Performance Proliferater
Created by mexican coybow
Gives that boost you need to get gold....
LeVar's LaMent (OLD)
Created by Norman3D
Thanks reddit user "brooklynbrett" for the great name! :D

Now paintable!!

You can find the gold starred version here:
Iron Death
Created by youngdrozd
New big minigun with four cylinder engine for heavy :)
Melee weapon from a set:
Has updated texture.
Hat in work......
The Cerebrospinal Reserve
Created by Sparkwire
"If we had a little bit of this ourselves, maybe we'd have thought of a description by now."

Make sure to vote on the companion misc, The Cortex Command!
The Defensive Engie Pack
Created by Jal
The concept is to have a building that generates shield similar to the one around the sentries when you are using Wrangler. There should be a special effect applied to the generator ring similar to the rotating light ring above the center control point in ...
The Devil's Tumble Dryer
Created by Lobster

Model & Texture by Lobster.
Includes 4 LOD files.

I know what you're going to ask: "Why would a man attach a jet turbine to a machine gun?" to which I can only respond "I honestly have no idea but would you argue with a man ...
The Energy Sentry
Created by juiceböx
The original energy sentry! This sentry only replaces the level 3 rocket launcher and it's not a full sentry replacement.

Level 3 sentry rocket box replacement for the Engineer's Energy Pack....
The Hacksaw
Created by ZoraKirby
This is a Halloween 2011 Item

This is the melee for "The Zombie Fortress of Dr. Nedic" pack, which was only a pseudo-pack last year.

Now with 100% less legal Issues!

Item set links:
The Harsh Mistress
Created by Ducksink
Way hey and up she rises
Early in the morning!

A treasure chest minigun...
The Heavy Driller
Created by youngdrozd
Other objects from a set in development...
Please vote, think out names and stats...

VIEW 3D MODEL: (there are problems which aren't available in model for TF2)

Download model (replace Iron Curtain)
The HellHound
Created by Trump Tank
"Double gun, double fun!"

Nothing more deadly than a dual-cannon flamethrower. Born in the belly of hell, this weapon is dangerous, too bad consumes a lot :D

That is a part of the pyro's hell pack which includes the lil_baphy hat.

The Matador
Created by The Cornballer
Putting down the bull!

-Normal map
-spec map
-glows in the dark!
-team colored

Link to the diamondback skin:
Link to the Ambassador skin:
The Precision Cut
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Laser gun! pew pew pew

Join my steam group if you like my items!

Get big posters of the items here:[/url...
The Professional's Headhunter
Created by Nivi
Keep your head down, or you might just lose it with this brand-new sniper rifle from Mann Co. With specially modified bullets that can only hurt your head, it is a popular choice among the pros.

I made this sniper rifle because i find getting bodyshots ...
The Scotch Guardian
Created by _Kilburn
With four times more barrels, you can shove four times more deadly explosives up your enemies' respective bottoms!

This is my first real model ever. It is a grenade launcher designed with the special ability to shoot all four barrels at once in mind....
The Spinal Extension
Created by BLADE
YouTube Channel:

Check out the other item for this collection, The Colossal Chomper:

Always open for a new name. Comes with a LOD1. Feedback an...
The Van de Graaff Wrath
Created by boomsta
A return of one of my older items is here! This thing has 3 LOds and is team colored. Vote it up and tell me what ya think!

Here is a mod for ya:
The Wavesaber
Created by Mnemo
Part of the "Stirling Danger: Laser Ranger" item set.

Aetherizer 9000:
Orion's Optics:
Two Hand Cannon V2
Created by XylemTube
or here:

"I can tell you with no ego that this is my finest scattergun. If on your journey you should encounter Saxton Hale, he will be cut"


Credit go...