Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

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Functional Luxury Water Craft
This is the only collection of motor yachts and various watercraft designed too ride in the water.
With a uniform hover height in water of 0.80 to prevent ship dropping on exit when on servers.
The bottom layer of blocks is submerged like a real boat without sinking.
This is due to placing the hover thrusters on the third row.

Check the official forum for my guide on how to: https://empyriononline.com/threads/hv-boat-building-guide.43704/#post-270089

These vessels can also self right after sinking in just a few seconds, using the arrow keys, the bigger the ship the longer the key press.
The vessels are posted in order of length with the exception of the bottom ones.
Now we have lots of great water it is time to start using it !
These vessels are gorgeous designs aimed to give you a pleasing sensation of being aboard a luxury yacht.
Some of these make very worthy start vessels or bases in survival games being able to park in the water on a lake away from drones.

Some of these vessels are single speed, some dual speed and some multispeed.
A multispeed vessel you should never use the Thruster switch in control panel as we rely only on the SPEED 1 SPEED 2 SPEED 3 switches for manipulation of thrusters and RCS.

Sunspot 26 single speed
Treleste 26 multi speed
Waverunner single speed (made by siege)
Aerie 300 single speed
Rio 330 dual speed
Sun Soaker 33 dual speed
Sailboat 36 single speed
Sting 360 Single speed
Mantra 420 dual speed
Rio Grande 500 dual speed
Rio Grande 500 (C) dual speed
Electra 560 dual speed
Electra 560 (C) dual speed
Bandit 570
Searcher 600 multi speed
Getaway 640 dual speed
Deluxe 640 dual speed
Bandit 680
Attessa 750 single speed
Sun Seeker 750 single speed
Lackton 850 dual speed
Lancia 980 dual speed
Galaxy 110 dual speed
Cruise Liner single speed

My first boat projects :
Yacht v1 dual speed
Yacht v2 dual speed
Yacht v3 multispeed (but not updated that way on workshop yet)
Speeboat v3 dual speed
Speeboat v4 dual speed

If you have a vessel to add to the collection, please ensure it has the same 0.80 hover height guidelines with hover thrusters on third row, and will add it to this collection.
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