Legend of Hand

Legend of Hand

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Legend of Hand - 100% Completion
By TheDeluxeTux
This is to help with some of the tricky ones
Story - Related (Unmissable)
Morning Routine - You've completed your morning exercises

This is earned before leaving for the first island.

Chicken Chaser - You've caught yourself a chicken!

This is earned on Green Island while completing the main story.

Congee King - You've cooked a delicious dish!

This is earned on Green Island while completing the main story.

The Puppet Master - A passable puppet.

This is earned on Blue Island while completing the main story.

Dextrous Fingers - You've successfully tickled a fish!

This is earned on Blue Island while completing the main story. The minigame is a bit tricky. Slowly lower your hand by waiting 15 seconds before clicking the next lowest depth of water. When your hand is just under the fish, wait. The fish's eyes will dart around and then will briefly look ahead with dialated pupils. When the pupils are dialated, click on the fish, and your character's hand should slide near the mouth. Repeat, and you should catch the fish.

Lord of the Dyes - A certain shade of rouge.

This is earned on Blue Island while completing the main story.

Disco Diva - Apparently your dancing is so bad she had to leave!

I believe this is not missable. Earned on Yellow island, during the dancing minigame. Just keep clicking on folks and it should eventually pop.

Traveller of the Five Islands

Earned for reaching the fifth island.

Lair of the Bear - You've found Howgrundi's lair.

This is either unmissable or very hard to miss. Earned for talking to a bear in a cave shortly after reaching the fifth island.


Earned for completing the game.

Missable - Whole Game
Specialist - You've collected all the Specials!

There are 8 special moves in the game: Healing through Breathing, Marathon Mauler, Iron Snake Jacket, Drunken Master, Swordfish Power, Tornado Feet, Deity Delight, and Healing Hands.

To unlock all specials, it is a good practice to spar with everyone you meet.

On Blue Island, when you reach the fair, there is a gambler character. Save-scum this gambling minigame to earn yourself a bank of 30 bronze or so, and from that point forward, buy out every merchant you encounter.

On Blue Island, when you encounter the traning statue and can select Level 1, 2 or 3, select level 1 followed by level 2. Do not select level 3, which results in a game over.

On Yellow island, examine the large statue outside of the dojo for a technique.

On Yellow island, a technique is found in a scroll floating in a bottle at sea during the fishing minigame. You may also spot it under the fisherman's boat.

Fruit Fan - You've eaten two fruits!

This is earned for eating two fruits. There are several fruits I found in the game, but two were edible. I had the first, a water apple, prior to leaving Blue Island. The second, a Jackfruit, I found in the Yellow island treetops (beyond the guard). Be sure to eat both fruit before completing Yellow Island because you will lose your inventory when you leave for Red island.
Missable - Green Island
Man's Best Friend - Green Island, green dog!

On Green Island, there is a green dog. Simply examine the dog to earn Man's Best Friend.
Missable - Blue Island
The Gambler - Don't get addicted!

On Blue Island, you will reach a miniature "fair" with some minigames and some merchants. One of these is a gambling minigame. Before buying out the merchants, it is a good idea to save scum and gamble until you hit 25-30 bronze so you can continue to buy out future merchants. This will arrive after gambling here several times.

True Brawler - You've defeated Bo in a sparring match.

Late in Blue Island, you have the oppertunity to spar against Bo. Defeat him, and this will pop.
Missable - Yellow Island
Red Hot Reaction! - You hit every single apple!

Very Tricky. At some point during the story, you will enter into a 2-part training with a new style of fighting. In the first bit, apples will be tossed at you at variable speeds, and you will have to click at just the right moment to deflect them. It is a good idea to use the front leg of the horse behind you as a measuring stick to determine when to click. It took me about 8-10 tries to get this one right. If you screw up, no big deal, you get the option to retry (without penalty, you will still get the achievement if you hit all apples on a retry). If you can't do it, you can skip the minigame but will not get an achievement and will get a reduced HP boost.

Nosey Parker - You've discovered some island intrigue, but it's none of your business!

After the above minigame, return to the dojo and examine the window.

Big Fish - You've caught a 400lb+ tuna!

Later on during your travels on Yellow Island, you will meet a fisherman who asks for help with his fishing. Save before accepting his request. This will begin a fishing minigame where you can pilot his boat and catch some fish to earn some extra coin. This minigame appears to be random and is repeatable about 8 times before the well runs dry. I've repeated all available runs of this game several times, and each time I caught one Tuna and one Mythical Fish (see below) plus a bunch of other small fry. Sometimes the tuna is not 400+ pounds, so if you catch a <400 pound tuna, please reload and try again.

Fish Face - You've caught the mythical fish which bears the face of a man!

See above: Big Fish

Eagle Eye - You've spotted all the birds in the brochure!

Earned for spotting all birds on Yellow Island once you pass the guard and reach the treetops. Talk to the old man in the cabin on the left and he will give you a brochue to fill out. There are several birds:

  • Red Gami - to the left of the ladder, in the branches
  • Brown Frown - to the left of the ladder, near the bottom of the screen
  • Bardimus - Just above the ladder
  • Great Watcher - Right of the ladder, at the bottom of the screen
  • Shrieking Galah - Periodiclally pops up and down just above the Great Watcher
  • Peekabird - pops in and out of the foliage to the left of the Jackfruit

Poster Boy - You secured a new career for Jona!

After solving the puzzle in the Yellow Island branches, finding the Yellow Island master, and returning to the ground, examine the fliers scattered around.
Missable - Red Island
Penny for the Poor - Your generosity to the poor folk of Red Island has been noted.

Early in Red Island, upon reaching the lower level, you will encounter two beggars. Give at least one of them a Bronze when they ask for it.

Pervert - You probably shouldn't have touched those!

After reaching the upper level and breaking into a house, you will open a drawer containing some story-related stuff as well as some undergarments. Click the undergarments for this.

Freedom Fighter - You freed Grawol from jail.

After escaping from jail, talk to some of the guards in the area. One of them will give you a key to the second cell door, right next to yours. Simply use the key on the locked door.

Grow a pair! - You've taken on the Eunuch on his own patch!

After escaping from jail and reaching the leader of Red Island, lose the fight. You will be able to free-roam the upper level again. Return to the palace and walk in the front door. Win the very easy sparring match you will be confronted with.
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MakoSipper Aug 5, 2021 @ 7:24am 
Ok, it seems there's a limit of catches as well, but the money limitation is also real.
MakoSipper Aug 5, 2021 @ 7:04am 
I think it's less a timeframe, and more like the dice minigame... While you have an amount of coins (20+, in case of the fish), the minigame will be unavailable. It's a good idea not to hoard tons of coins from the dice minigame (in one go) like I did on my first playthrough, or else the fishing minigame will be unavailable.
MakoSipper Aug 2, 2021 @ 4:38pm 
Maybe you have to do it before getting rid of Jona... =(
MakoSipper Aug 2, 2021 @ 4:34pm 
How do you trigger the fishing minigame? The one for Big Fish and Fish Face achievements.
Edwin Jan 18, 2021 @ 1:34am 
Such a helpful guide! Thank you.