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Medical IVs
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Jun 27, 2018 @ 11:25am
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Medical IVs

Medical IV's aims to further improve your healthcare quality by adding IV drips (Intraveneous Therapy). So far the mod adds 6 different IVs; a blood transfusion that reduces a colonist's bleed rate, a nutritional drip which pauses an immobile colonist's food need, a painkiller drip which numbs all of a colonist's pain, an antibiotic drip which improves a colonist's blood filtration and thus their immunity gain speed, an anesthetic drip which keeps a pawn in a medically induced coma and finally a glitterworld drip that combines the functionality of the painkiller, antibiotic and blood drip. Additionally, each drip will provide boosts to both medical tend quality and surgery success chance when placed adjacent to a hospital bed.

How to Use
All of the IVs will function when placed adjacent to any bed or sleeping spot. They will provide the health benefits to all pawns that are in a bed and directly above, below, left or right of the IV but not if they're diagonal from it. The 6 drips are based on the Vitals Monitor and as such each machine should be placed adjacent to any hospital bed for the medical offsets to work - this means that tend quality and other bed quality benefits will only work for hospital beds.

- Should work with everything!
- Check out Zynmex's mod Hospital Extended here. It ties in nicely with this mod!

Supported Versions
Currently supports:
  • 1.0
  • 1.1
  • 1.2
  • 1.3

Common FAQ
Can I make suggestions? Sure. As a matter of fact, I encourage it! I'd like to push my abilities whilst making the game as fun as possible.

Is there an impact on performance? Nope! It only updates every 80 ticks -- you should be absolutely fine as long as you don't have thousands of the IV drips on the map :)

Is it safe to add to existing saves? Yes, it should be absolutely fine to add to existing saves. Nothing has been edited, removed or changed that's related to Rimworld or any other mod.

How about removing it? I imagine it wouldn't cause significant issues but obviously be cautious of the fact that placing down objects and then removing the mod associated with those objects could be problematic. It's always best to remove the objects first before uninstalling.

Permissions? Don't reupload it anywhere and don't blatantly copy the code - feel free to make patches and compatibility edits (if needed).

How do I get blood bags? You can get blood bags by either drawing blood from colonists/prisoners or by growing bloodleaf, crushing it into a powder and then synthesising it into blood bags at a drug lab.

Known Issues
- Colonist's who are in extreme pain that causes them to become downed will sometimes get out of bed if they are under the influence of the painkiller drip. Once the effect wears off they will become downed again FIXED!

For RimWorld 1.3, I've rewritten the mod. The resulting improvements and changes are:

- Added an 'Idle Power Mode' for electrical IVs -- a 50% reduction in powerdraw whilst not in use
- Stopped 'Draw Blood' from requiring anesthetic and herbal medicine
- Fixed the bug where colonists with painshock would stop being treated with the painkiller IV and instantly get downed again
- Fixed the exploit whereby the nutrition IV could delay malnutrition
- Fixed healer serum 'healing' the IVs effects
- The nutrition IV now sets 'hunger rate' to x0% instead of altering the pawn's hunger need
- Rebalanced power consumption, 'work amount', research time and more
- Made some improvements to the blood bag graphic
- Removed the dead-code from when HugsLib was a dependency
- Removed 0Harmony.dll
- Optimised code + improved performance
- Used OOP paradigms for easier maintainability / usage by other modders
- Fixed a bunch of typos

Please report bugs, this was an enormous change!

Special Thanks
-Kotobuki Mugi on Steam for the amazing artwork and suggestions.
-ilikegoodfood on Steam and the Ludeon forums for his BleedRate hediff code.

- Powered by Harmony and HugsLib

If you like or use my mods, consider buying me a coffee on ko-fi. It'll speed up the delivery of updates, any future mods I've got planned and generally motivate me to make more!

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Rutra Nickers Nov 15 @ 1:36pm 
hey, could you make a patch for BloodTypes + BloodBag (Continued)? Something like when you craft the artificial blood it gives you O- blood bags and making the blood IVs only work if the type of blood that was last installed as fuel was the same type as the pawns' blood hediff (or just making it use any type of blood for simplicity)
Alundra Oct 28 @ 10:46pm 
Agree with Dallasbeek, it would be really good to have these instead of those ones.
dallasbeek Oct 28 @ 11:04am 
Second question:
Does this mod add its own Antibiotics items for use in constructing the Antibiotic IV? If so, are other mods that add antibiotics recognized? Which ones?
dallasbeek Oct 28 @ 11:02am 
Do these IVs replace the one from VFE – Medical Module? If not, could you kindly integrate them?
Alundra Oct 27 @ 8:40pm 
Thanks heaps Knight!
Knight  [author] Oct 27 @ 10:14am 
Fixed the illegal character error
Alundra Oct 27 @ 5:14am 
I think this is getting errors?

Config error in Painkillers: label contains illegal character(s): "[]{}". This can cause issues during grammar resolution. If this was intended, you can use the "ignoreIllegalLabelCharacterConfigError" flag.
InFeaRn0 Sep 30 @ 10:02am 
You need to refuel regular IV with blood
Angrysquirrel Sep 22 @ 2:00pm 
What's the difference between regular blood IV and the electric IV? According to the description the stats are the same. Gliterworld also. Talks it combines everything but doesn't list what in the description.
Farbott Sep 19 @ 11:35am 
The electrical drips dont seem to work, my pawns arent getting any 'therapy' from it and bleed out just as fast, hasnt been a problem yet but I can see this being a problem with the stuff it takes to make them for all my beds.