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>> How to open a Squad and be a good SL <<
By [=SG]P4R4S
This guide should show you how you open a squad and how to be a good squadleader or at least an acceptable one or to be on a good way to become one.

Be adviced you should not take this guide to serious and I've no idea if you get my lame/ cheap or rough jokes and literal treatment so I'd inform you explicit about this:
I tried to create a loose atmosphere but in a military-funny-style way!

Be also adviced that english isn't my native language and I've no idea how bad it's here and how conspicuous it gets here but you can expect alot of grammatical errors and maybe also misspelling.
If your god (if you believe in one - I don't) wanted to make me talk/ write perfect english he made a very bad job and you maybe should become an infidel as well or I would have been born in a country like America, Irland, Scotland or ♥♥♥♥ing Britain and thanks god I wasn't ^^
But as long you get what I've meant it's good enough and did his job :3
But I apologize anyways...
>> How to open a Squad and also being a good SL <<

First of all the most important five points to become a squadleader:
  1. Only people who'd like to lead a squad should open one!
    -> to open a squad and give the lead to someone else can end in you kicked out of the squad or a long discussion with mad people etc.

  2. Only people with a working microphone should lead a squad!
    -> acctualy everybody needs a working microphone in this game - it's a ♥♥♥♥ing teamgame - alot more like this BF, CoD, CS:GO or what else♥♥♥♥♥♥you usualy play so go ♥♥♥♥ing buy a microphone and bring it to work and use it so I can hear a ♥♥♥♥ing "SIR YES SIR" from you before I strangle you with my virtual hands!

  3. Only people who know the game and gamemechanics should lead!
    -> know how to do stuff like placing FOBs, RPs, unlocking cars, marking stuff on the map etc.

  4. Only people who're able or at least dare to lead should... you know the rest!
    -> if you can't lead your people or don't know how to decide etc. you wouldn't be a good SL don't be angry I can't as well but usually I don't (unless a fckn moron ignored point 1 before his♥♥♥♥♥get kicked from the squad:)
That were the most important five points to become a SL now let's go to the not less important points but what makes you acctualy become not only a SL but a good or at least acceptable one!
Have you realised it were only four points? Very good private you're listening (reading) and what's even more pleasant you payed attention - that speaks for you and make me believe you're acctualy making progress and that there is hope for you!
If you didn't notice than you're a hopeless case as I've allready supposed when I'd realized you're to alive for a bodybag yet but better you put yourself inside it now so nobody has to waste his time when your time has finaly come!

So let's continue to: "More or less important - but still more important than you - points to make you maybe become an usefull Squadleader:
  • Choose a name for your squad BEFORE opening it
    -> do this by editing the field "Alpha" next to "create squad"!
    -> choose a name like something what describes the task you want to do (for example: Trans(port), APC, Mortar, alt+F4 - last one was a joke if you not got it :) or if you don't have one you also could write your native language so the people know what language you'd like to speak and for the people what are to ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ or stupid to see that they need a microphone in this game you also can add +mic - for example: ENG+Mic
    -> this makes you look less unknowing and maybe also competent for the people and also you can expect people what may be usefull to join... more or less... maybe not...

  • be kind and helpfull to your squadmates
    -> answer questions and help them understand the game to become a great leader like you or somebody else who acctual is one
    -> take advices and suggestion (this not means that you have to follow them - you're still the leader)
    -> don't be an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • speak with your teammates
    -> this not only means your squad it also means the other squadleaders!
    -> Comunication and cooperation are the most important things in this game because you all are siting in the same boat "together you're strong" - unless you'd like to make some titanic-vs-iceberg♥♥♥♥♥♥than I revoke this alt+F4 part was a joke and Insted I'd like you to take it as an order and I guess you're to dishonorable and gutless to sink with your ship anyways!

  • use the map and be flexible
    -> sometimes things and situations are changing and so you need to change your plan as well - it not makes sense for example to attack a point after your last point is lost (sometimes it makes sense if you're allready capturing - so it may become a standoff insted of a loss and maybe will bring time for your people back at the last point) or to help another squad if your help isn't required anymore
    -> use the map as often as possible if the people not allready told you (what's acctualy a bad sign because they realized before you did) to see if there is maybe another task more important than the one you'd wanted to follow or something else to change plan but sometimes sticking to plan makes sense - another task for you to decide
    The map gives you a good overview for the current situation and is a mighty tool - sometimes even more than this firestick in your virtual hands or inside your♥♥♥♥♥if you don't listen to this points.

  • marking stuff on the map
    -> yeah... very funny I know you thought about the♥♥♥♥♥♥you drawn at the ArmA 3 Map once but that's not what I meant and you're not able to do this in this game anyways!
    -> mark enemy positions - if they're making trouble or to show the direction they're attacking from - it not makes sense to mark any single soldier you've seen two min ago taking a crap in the woods - freaking peeping tom...
    -> mark enemy FOBs if you know where they are or at least that it is around a place
    -> mark enemy vehicles especialy if they're armed so AT knows where to search and where to expect them.
    -> set attackmarker, observationmarker, movingmarker, defendingmarker etc. if you need to/ if it makes sense. Sometimes a sign tells more than thousand words for example this ..!., (some would say it's art others would say it's a sign for "screw you" and they're both god damn right!)

  • if you build a FOB make sure it's secured and stays safe
    -> first of all you have to know what a FOB is and how to set and build one - if not you ignored point 3 and should leave this guide to have an eye to a guide what explains you the basics of the basics!
    -> but because you know about the what and how I now tell you about the why: a FOB is as you know a very important part to supply your team! To make sure this will go on you need to make sure this FOB is safe and stays safe as long as it is in action! Defend it and don't let it alone or it gets lost sooner or later - rather sooner and you will loose not only supplys and everything you build up but also the option to spawn in and even loose tickets and as you know tickets are lifes!
    -> if you not need the FOB anymore or you're not able to hold it than tell your people to dig the radio away to destroy the FOB - I've no idea why they not gave shovels to leaders but maybe because you would stick it into your♥♥♥♥♥and dig for my boots! Anyways as long this FOB is up you will make sure there is somebody in it who protects it and if not you will do by yourself till you die or a friendly with a shovel appears!
    -> so make sure you'll "destroy" the FOB and not leave it behind so the enemy will not have his satisfaction or easy tickets as gift by your stupid and definitely not a good leader belonging♥♥♥♥♥ You heard right you will NOT loose the tickets if it were your teams shovels what made the job!
    To clean behind our feets is also a part of our beloved "Hearts and Minds" concept! How would you like to come back to your appartment to find a Hub-bunker in your backyard a radio-station in your toilet and a 50.cal machinegun in your living-room sticking out of your window?

Guess that's at least the most important stuff and more than enough for today.
But if I've forgotten something you can write it into the comments to risk to become the next one who cleanes the Squad-latrines and god damn you can't imagine what♥♥♥♥♥♥people like you do everyday in this game so prepare to serve and die on a map you definitely not visited yet armed with a toothbrush a waterbucket and some detergent what probably will kill you!
You're also allowed to give me a feedback if you like to risk my right boot parked in your♥♥♥♥♥

And now dismiss soldier!
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