Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Created by clogg
A small Trouble in Terrorist Town map, set on an oilrig.

~ 6-8 players recommended. Whilst there are enough player spawns for up to 16 players, weapons and ammunition would be too scarce for this number of players. More weapon spawns can be added manual...
Created by Soleedus
A medium-sized ship designed for Trouble in Terrorist Town.
Created by Lord Trilobite
TTT Stardestroyer version 1
map file name: ttt_stardestroyer_v1

A Trouble in Terrorist Town version of my Star Destroyer map.

  • 2 traitor traps
  • Traitor room

Created by cygiel
This map was not made by me!

I found this map laying around on my PC, it used to be on Steam Workshop, but I do not see it anymore.
That's why I decided to upload it onto the Steam Workshop, for anyone to download and use.

The name of the map is ttt...
Created by derIMMIGRANT
A cool map with many hints for a big server version 8
I only uploaded the map in order that everyone can play the map without much work to do, BUT I am not the owner of them

Englisch: When missing textures: Write me a PM

Deutsch: Wenn fehlende Textu...
Remote Sticky Bomb [TTT]
The Remote Sticky Bomb
General information
The Remote Sticky Bomb is a traitor weapon for TTT that allows you to plant a C4 on a target player, doing so requires a lot of stealth as the traitor can be seen holding a C4 in his or her hand....
TTT - Prop Disguiser
Created by Exho
-Insert witty Prop Hunt joke here -

*** Info:
My rendition of the old Disguise SWEP of the same basic function, this time converted for TTT. The SWEP was old and lacked the ability for props to have health so I took it upon myself to fix it u...
TTT Malfunction Pistol
Created by Jack5500

The weapon has three shots and can be bought from the traitor menu and looks like a normal pistol anyone could find, but shoots with the sound of a silenced pistol. Who ever gets shot is forced to fire his ma...
TTT Weapon Turret
Created by Cleaned
This is a Weapon Turret for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

This is accessible via the Traitor menu....
TTT/PH_Moonbase_Redux (Moon Gravity)
Created by JudgeJamesC
This is a combination TTT and Prop Hunt map.

IMPORTANT!: This version uses a trigger_gravity entity brush. If your server has any sort of jump pack or something that is messed up when gravity is changed, use the [url=
TTT Weapon Collection (without Silenced AWP & Jihad Bomb)
Created by Dacaen

Same as Original just deleted the "Silenced AWP" and the "Jihad Bomb".

Included Weapons:
AK47 (Traitor)
FN P90 (Detective)
Frag Grenade (Traitor)
Created by KaitSnipars™
This is the P90 from SMOD Redux. Sorry if it's lefthanded, I tried to solution it but it's only lefthanded.
Special thanks:

lenoax - Teaching to me how to do SWEPs.
ElPony - Beta tester
SMOD - The creator of the mod.


If you want to see m...
Created by render.
This is a weapon for the traitors to buy from the traitor menu in TTT. It's just a simple RPG. I know RPG's have been made before on the workshop, but I wanted to have a go myself.

!!! If you're looking for the SANDBOX version, you can find it on my wor...
TTT Controllable Manhack
Created by Dem
I did not make the original SWEP, I just edited it to be compatible with TTT

Can be bought by Detectives, Traitors and Survivalists (assuming Town of Terror is installed)

TTT - Eye of Agamotto
Created by xenoshin.
Eye of Agamotto for TTT
- 1 Charge
- Slow everyone down except yourself
- Time slow for 7 seconds
- Your t-m8 will be slowed too...
Created by Zion Fox
Almost identical to ttt_clue, however this map adds various sound effects. From eery music being played from a jukebox in the attic, rain and thunder happening outside, to various radios and gramophones playing music in different rooms, and even a recordin...
TTT Jihad Bomb
Created by Gaz
This is a Jihad bomb made to be used in the TTT gamemode.

How to Use

Left click detonates the bomb and right click taunts other players.

Alternative downloads:
GMA Download: Dow[]...
Created by girrrrrrr2
Just the gun from the TTT weapon pack, but by itself so that some servers can use it that way.

Thats the pack...
[TTT] Plasma Grenade
Original GMod Weapon: 169350919
I have re-made and ported the plasma grenade by "Slade Xanthas" for proper use in TTT.

The Plasma Grenade. Throw it with left click. Watch it stick to things and make them explode! Viewmodel's the standard CS frag grenad...
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