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TMD - Excavation
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Jun 27, 2018 @ 3:48am
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TMD - Excavation

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This is a collection of Temperate Medieval Designs. This collection includes some mines to hide these nasty holes in mountains. IMPORTANT: These templates can't always be placed the way you want them to. Most of them need to directly face a mountain range. It may be required to move the buildings around after placing them. To do this simply select all floor tiles using SHIFT + LMB. Then use the blue cross to move the buildings around.

The templates included are:

Clay Mine: A building with a stair to the lower level. Can only be placed on dirt (since its meant for clay mining). Has to be placed on the lower level (most of the building will be in the air). You can select all floors afterwards and move the clay mine on solid ground. Can be tricky, but with some practice it's easy to place it.

Small Mine: A tiny building to cover up the entrance to your mine. Has a ladder structure to acces ore above ground level. Needs to face a straight wall. Has a few supply racks

Mine: A decent building to cover up the entrance to your mine. Has three accespoints to mine veins on different heights. Needs to face a straight wall. Has a lot of supply racks to store large amounts of ore. To move this structure you have to seletct the outer ladder (double click it, not all blocks have to be yellow), all floors and parts of the roof(the upper front end of both sides).

Large Mine: TBD - need to figure out if it's even needed - let me know in the comments below :)

Quarry: A building to melt away your mountain to get huge amounts of stone. Offers a ladder structure to completely remove a mountain. Has supply racks

If you have any trouble with these templates let me know in the comments :)
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Malakithe Jul 10, 2018 @ 12:59am 
Im having trouble with building/finishing the mines. I manually butted the small mine up against a flat mountain but because of that they couldnt reach all the areas to finish building so i was forced to use the console command. Problem with that is all the scafolding and ladders remained
FearMe  [author] Jul 9, 2018 @ 8:08am 
Oh don't worry I appreaciate your effort to help me testing these templates ;) Building them takes quite a lot of time and I rly can't test them all after each new patch. I gonna take a look into the Weaver
harbingerv1 Jul 9, 2018 @ 5:23am 
"Found" In Weaver Template... Picket Fence rather than Picket Fence Combo/long/short or whatever other variation.

I aint tryin to be all "BLARG!!" lol.. I just noticed it.

To your credit.. I haven't seen any of the old picket fences on any other of your templates.

if I do though... please understand.. It's just a friendly reminder.. I promise I'm not tryin to cause a fuss.
harbingerv1 Jul 8, 2018 @ 8:16am 
alrighty.. it was just somethin I noticed and thought might give ya a heads up.
FearMe  [author] Jul 8, 2018 @ 8:00am 
As far as I know I removed all the fences, due to varius bugs and their huge cost. So there should be nothing to change.
harbingerv1 Jul 8, 2018 @ 7:27am 
Hey, FearMe. Since the latest update. It seems the building mechanic split up Picket Fences into... Picket Fence Combo / Long / Short

And I been havin trouble building some of the templates ya got.

It seems like it would be a tumultuous task to fix the templates but I'm just wondering if you noticed that too.

This is on all of your templates that use the previous "Picket Fence" in their construction/blueprint
1stReaper. Jul 5, 2018 @ 10:21am 
ohhh you can say that again :).
just from looking at them and placing them near a mountain side i can tell they look freakin awesome...

but ya right XD ... moving the blueprint as a whole is a bit of a pain in the ass
(more so when the blueprint stops moving at some point and jumps to another location after,)

its a MASSIVELY shame..... theres no option currently in place that allows you to rise / lower the whole blueprint where you want, and then the heathlings can dig out or burrow into where the blueprint goes

(so for example,,,, you want to use the mod profile pics blueprint, but on ground level and build the querry under it,,, pressing <insert key> would pull it downwards, then a pop up says blueprint is block, would you like your heathlings to dig/mine/chop into the block-age to make room)
1stReaper. Jul 5, 2018 @ 10:21am 

i can see it now ;D...
if that option was there, we'd have some lord of the rings dwarf fortress style buildings getting made :D

(something like this)
FearMe  [author] Jul 5, 2018 @ 9:05am 
Currently the above mentioned method (mod discription) is the only way i know of. Can be a bit tricky, but the outcome is worth the effort ;)
1stReaper. Jul 5, 2018 @ 5:28am 
is there a way to move the whole blueprint at once ?
(instead of picking one item at a time, as im trying to place the mine shack from the first picture,
againest a cliff as a sort of platform to get up to the next level,,, but its a pain trying to get the house to sit on the higher ground, or the stairs to stick on the ground floor )

(trying to do it similair to how you've got it in the mods display picture)