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Sergal Race Mod (Updated 23/10/2019) + Langy's Pimp my ship mod.
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Jun 24, 2018 @ 2:30am
Oct 23 @ 5:34am
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Sergal Race Mod (Updated 23/10/2019) + Langy's Pimp my ship mod.

Omegadrace Made a Sergal mod back in 2016, it has been re-hosted a dozzen or so times (in fact there are a few on steam since I fixed this originally) but most are not maintained or working, all I know is this one I’m hosting will continue to work for 2019.
Thank you Omegadrace for creating your mod.
I understand that sometimes we get busy in life @Omegadrace and cant allways keep these things up to date, it is my hope that by repairing your mod and keeping it alive more people can enjoy the good work you have done here, I look forward to the day you come back to the starbound community and release an official update my friend. until then the community has this.
I recomend you download an EXTRA SLOTS mod Like this,
You will need one to be able to use this race.

NOTE: Do not install the other copys of Omegadrace’s sergal mods along side this, this replaces them you will not need to be subscribed to them for this to work.

You get the Ceramic Bars from the Shigu Fabricator
This is under the Decorations tab in the workbench
You make the 'ore' for it from pixels and you use that to make the Ceramic Bars
Some of the armor requires ores that you mine from the planets themselves you will have to leave the initial planet

Change log:
S.A.I.L Is now a working sergal AI
Captains chair works now
Missing cinematic for mech now exists
Sergal space ships are completely replaced with my pimp your ship mod (basically you can build your own ship)

Removed Iroaseta Solar Cruiser v1.02, I have recently found they do not want CF to use their work and I respect this, they are a fantastic artist who i wish all the best to, if you happen past this Iroaseta i would love to say hi, add me on steam and comment in here so i know its you. Thank you for the use of your art whilst you had them.

I have added in my old pimp my ship mod to this, look its not perfect and better versions exist but it should be compatible with most of what you guys want, though if its not I guess we will start a new bug log...

Known bugs.
I will put bugs here as we find them.

You can get a copy of the un-changed mod from here, I do not know the person who hosts this (Mr.T)
and i can not tell you if it is just a compilation of the hotfixes that i and others implemented years ago on nexus mods
I cant see any changes to that mod from the 2016 version besides the hotfixes, i also notice the AI is not implemented properly, but i suspect that's just a matter of understanding directory structure.
Any way to keep people happy, here is a link to get it.

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Boo-Beetle! Dec 3 @ 3:20pm 
second life is a place were ppl can afford ridiculously expensive shit
LangyX  [author] Dec 2 @ 12:17am 
The boobies argument on sergals has raged for years across the internet, i'm of the opinion they look good but they are not cannon.
Second life is a great place to see this in 3d.
however that's not an endorsement as secondlife is also full of the scum of the earth that make fortnight players look like respectable people.
MozarteanChaos Dec 1 @ 6:55pm 
sergals canonically don't have breasts. if you really need sergal tiddy, i'd suggest looking into modding so you can make something that patches the sprite for this race.
SithLordBMan Dec 1 @ 6:52pm 
will there be boobs pls make the females curvier it would be nice instead of males and females looking pretty much the same
MozarteanChaos Dec 1 @ 8:52am 
You get the Ceramic Bars from the Shigu Fabricator
This is under the Decorations tab in the workbench"
the fabricator is just placed a bit weirdly, don't worry
SpaghettiCat3899 Dec 1 @ 12:18am 
I'm having an issue involving the Shigu Fabricator. For some reason it's not appearing for me, and at the moment I can only get sergal items (decor, not weapons/armor) from the pixel printer. Am I looking in the wrong places (C menu and Inventor's table) or am I having a weirdly exclusive problem?
MillerTheDragon1995 Nov 21 @ 5:28pm 
star wars needs to have sergals in it rain would server the empire even in death she make darth vader proud

death to the rebel scum
MillerTheDragon1995 Nov 21 @ 5:24pm 
sergals are the alien version of the empire from star wars
MillerTheDragon1995 Nov 21 @ 5:24pm 
solar cruser was awesome badass ship
Boo-Beetle! Nov 20 @ 7:00am 
but like i said once u have time to fix that cinematic fix ill prolly stick with the temp solution, no rush