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Apr 28, 2013 @ 6:05pm
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*NOTE: SKSE Required!*
Easy to install: Get the installer version, install, and launch skyrim with the skse_loader.exe
SkyUI: Workshop or Nexus[] -Needed for MCM menu!

Adds the TARDIS to Skyrim.
Dragonborn Addon
Dawnguard Addon

Also available on the Nexus:

Where to Find it:
Inside the Shrine of the Blue Box (Near Winterhold)

What it does:
The TARDIS is currently capable of traveling to aproximately 70 different locations.
The Sonic Screwdriver does what you'd expect it to: unlock and lock doors. (although it has trouble targeting some doors/chests)

Known bugs:
-The TARDIS fails to dematerialize upon using the Space-Time Throttle (bypass: "Stopquest stl_tardisflight" and try again)
-Main Doors only allow the first followers you bring through with you, and force them in/out even when they're no-longer following you! (fixed in next version)
-Dawnguard Hypercube doesn't get delivered? (unknown cause)
-(old) If you have used an older version, make a 'clean save' (unsubscribe, save resubscibe) if you are being placed behind the interior doors.

Future plans are to add more locations, possibly have a quest, perhaps add clothing if I get around to figuring out modeling clothing, make it have similar control systems to the "Fallout Who" mods

Credits to murfy27 for the original TARDIS model, Spyduck for the Sonic Screwdriver model, Arod ( for letting me reverse engineer his mod for the Sonic's Script

Doctor Who (word marks, logos and
devices) and TARDIS, are trade marks
of the British Broadcasting Corporation
and are not used under licence.
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it all good for me
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