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Football Manager 2018

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@FMtotality FM18 UK league (now with cards sorted)
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@FMtotality FM18 UK league (now with cards sorted)

Welcome to my UK League, a really interesting edited database for Football Manager 2018 with the following features:

• A wide selection of UK teams in 5 graded divisions, to give as level a starting point as possible within that division (though not always due to team rep and finances).
• A ‘Minnows’ (non)league with teams posing either a difficult or historical challenge, either because they are amateur/low finances, fan-owned or with another interesting history.
• A wide variety of money-earning comps, each with a different challenge (from domestic to continental, even at the Minnows level, and with varied subs etc)
• Something that is ultimately fun and always interesting to play (because we forget it’s a game sometimes )


A fictional, 5 division league structure using UK-only teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, made up of 4 x 16 main leagues and 1 x 24 ‘Minnows Tri-league’ in the 5th tier. In addition, the Minnows league is split into 3 mini leagues that play parallel to each other.

Teams only play each once in the league to allow room for 6 varied competitions spaced (mostly) equally throughout the year. These include the usual FA and League Cups (renamed the Milk cup for a retro flavour); a Christmas trophy (ending on Xmas day) and even a continental competition tailored to each division.


Promotion/relegation through the divisions is 3 up, 3 down, apart from the Minnows league, which is 4 up/down (into Lge 3 above). For the upper 4 divisions all promotions are via 2 auto slots as usual and a 3rd slot from a playoff between teams 3-6. For the Minnows Tri-league, there are 3 auto promotions from the parallel groups and one additional slot from a one-off playoff league, taking in the 2nd and 3rd teams from all 3 groups.

#tube channel at FMtotalityIf you like the league, please share it and tag me on twitter and you can also view videos of me playing it on my youtube channel FMtotality.