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Community Mods
By Quitch and 1 collaborators
How to use the in-game replacement for PA Mod Manager (PAMM).
Planetary Annihilation doesn't use Steamworks, which means mods aren't found in the Steam Workshop, instead there is an in-game feature found on the main menu called Community Mods. This guide outlines how to use it.

This is offered as a replacement for PA Mod Manager (PAMM).
Enabling Community Mods
Community Mods is automatically enabled for Steam users.

PA Launcher users will need to do the following:
Removing PA Mod Manager (PAMM)
If you were using PAMM -- a standalone mod manager used when Community Mods was unavailable -- then you will need to first disable all mods within it and then uninstall it.

First open PAMM and ensure you have disabled all installed mods, both UI and Server. Then close PAMM.

Next you should remove all PAMM mods by deleting the contents of the following directories in your Planetary Annihilation Data Directory[], where they exist:
  • client_mods
  • mods
  • server_mods
On Windows, versions of PAMM prior to 1.5 can be uninstalled using Programs and Features. Versions 1.5 and later do not appear in Programs and Features. To remove PAMM manually delete the following directories in your Planetary Annihilation Data Directory[]:
  • pamm
  • pamm_cache
On Linux, delete pamm_cache from your Planetary Annihilation Data Directory[], then delete pamm from ~/.local/share and the pamm.desktop file from ~/.local/share/applications

On macOS, delete pamm_cache from your Planetary Annihilation Data Directory[], then delete the pamm folder from your desktop.
Enabling/Disabling Units
When entering Community Mods from the main menu this is the default tab.

From here you can disable units, both from the base game and mods such as Legion Expansion[].

Unit restrictions will apply to any lobby you host. When players join a lobby with unit restrictions these are displayed in the lobby chat window.

Managing Mods
You will see the following tabs listed after Units:
  • Active Server
  • Active Client
  • Installed
  • Recommended
  • Available
Mods are divided between server and client. Server mods are used when hosting a lobby and applied to all players joining a lobby. Client mods affect only the player running them, regardless of whose lobby it is.

The active tabs will show you which mods you have enabled, while the installed tab shows you all mods you have installed.

Recommended is a good starting point, displaying a number of the community's best mods. I have also written a guide on PA mods I recommend[].

The available mods tab will show you every mod that exists for PA. Next to each mod you will see a green, amber or blank indicator. A green indicator by the mod means enabled, while amber means disabled and a blank means the mod is not installed.

You use the filter in the top left to search for mods. Note that this box uses an OR search, so each additional word will return more results not less.

Upon selecting a mod you will see a short description in the right-hand panel. There will also be a link to its forum post, which will contain much greater detail on what the mod does as well as the means to seek support from the author. You should be sure to review each mod's forum post before using them.

Some mods will display an icon in the top-right of the description panel to indicate whether they are meant for PA classic, PA Titans, or both. If you select a mod and it does not have an install button then you are running PA classic and it is a PA Titans only mod. Mods such as the Legion Expansion[] and Queller AI do not work with PA classic.
Mod Conflicts
PA only supports one mod adding new units to the game. If you attempt to activate multiple server mods which add new units then Community Mods will display an error on the left-hand side.

Check the "Merge (experimental)" box to allow the conflicting mods to work alongside one another. Note that this functionality is experimental and could lead to unexpected behaviour or even crashes. If you prefer note to merge then mousing over the error will list the offending mods and you should disable all but one of them.
Disabling All Mods
Before reporting issues with PA[] you should first see if you can recreate your issue without any mods running. To do this you need to add --nomods to the launch command for PA.

In your Steam library right-click Planetary Annihilation and select Properties. From there click Set Launch Options and enter --nomods. Note the double dash.

Click OK and then Close.

On launching PA you should see on the splash screen that --nomods is enabled.

Modded Lobbies
When joining a modded lobby (a lobby running server mods) your client will automatically download the mods from the server. This will usually be quick as most mods are very small, but for some mods such as the Legion Expansion[] you will be downloading anywhere from 8-68MB (depending on whether you've played the mod before) and will need to be patient while this occurs.

Players without Community Mods enabled will not successfully download all functionality required for mods with companion mod requirements. This will primarily be mods which add new units. These players may encounter unexpected behaviour or crashes after the lobby launches.

Downloading happens regardless of whether you have the mods installed, this is to ensure all players are running the same version of the server mod as the host and prevents cheating. Mods which require companion mods will download more data the first time you encounter them than on future occasions if you do not have them installed locally.

When hosting a modded lobby you will need to upload any server mods you have enabled to the server, this is both to modify the server and to allow distribution to other players. Again, most mods are very small and this will take no time at all, but a mod like the Legion Expansion[] requires you to upload 8MB to the server and the time this takes will depend on your upstream bandwidth.

When a player joins your modded lobby they will show as greyed out with a loading icon. This indicates that they are still downloading mods. You should avoid kicking players who are loading in this fashion as it will only delay filling your lobby.
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Quitch  [author] Nov 2, 2021 @ 2:27pm 
Added a section on activating Community Mods,
MDR Nov 2, 2021 @ 7:25am 
No community mods in the main page of the game. How to activate it?
I had legion mod but after update it disappears.
mike ehrmantraut Oct 7, 2021 @ 7:44am 
After legion expansion, my game started crashing oftenly with no visible reasons. Just casually playing and then BOOM I FUCKING CRASH. What the reason behind this bs?
Quitch  [author] Nov 11, 2018 @ 8:08am 
At that point you'll need to file a support ticket with
lzy_hh Nov 11, 2018 @ 4:54am 
Now ,it let me restart the PA , and after the restarting ,nothing changed , it still show the message?
Quitch  [author] Nov 11, 2018 @ 2:18am 
Have you enabled it, or do you mean the option to enable it is not there? Make sure you’re not in offline mode, check that the social bar at the bottom of the screen is showing. Generally a restart will fix it, otherwise it indicates some local software, either firewall or antivirus, is blocking the connection.
lzy_hh Nov 10, 2018 @ 10:13pm 
When the game reinstall the community mod doesn't appear ,how to fix that .thanks !
Quitch  [author] Sep 13, 2018 @ 2:44am 
The prompt will reappear on the main menu screen to enable Community Mods in that instance.
Caerbannog7z Jun 21, 2018 @ 6:55am 
Thanks all the community for the explendid efforts! Y'all Rock!!