Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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Jun 20, 2018 @ 12:54pm
Jun 4, 2019 @ 7:46am
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Now, if you turn off the historical AI focus, all AI will perform alternative tricks. Civil war in Germany and Japan, independent India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Minors at the first opportunity political focuses for communism / fascism.

The mod is activated when the historical focus is off

I will gladly accept donations.

Yandex.Money - https://money.yandex.ru/to/410011587243240

PayPal - https://paypal.me/greatemperor

  • Australia will primarily choose the focuses "Never Another Gallipoli", "Abandon the Westminster System" and "Support the Centre Party" / "Empower the Workers"

  • Canada will primarily choose the focuses "Patriation", "Swastika Clubs" / "Burn the Royal Portraits"

  • Czechoslovakia will primarily choose the focuses "Political Direction", "Go Left" / "Go Right", "Communist Support" / "Czech Fascism"

  • France will primarily choose the focuses "Government Reform", "Revise Versailles", "Support The Left" / "Support The Right", "Leftist Rhetoric" / "Right Wing Rhetoric"

  • Germany will primarily choose the focuses "Oppose Hitler", "Secure the New State", "Revive the Kaiserreich" / "Re-establish Free Elections". Does not take focuses "Plan Z" and "U-Boat Effort"

  • Hungary will first of all choose the focuses "Balanced Budget", "Strengthen of Monarchists", "Elect a King", "Invite the Habsburg Prince" (95%) / "Elect a Democratic King" (5%), "Demand a Referendum", "Restoration of Austria-Hungary", "Protect Czechoslovakia"
    The chance of a successful referendum changed by 100%
    The chance of annexation of Czechoslovakia was changed to 100%

  • India will primarily choose the focuses "Provincial Elections", "Swaraj", "Quit India Movement", "All India Forward Bloc", "Seek help from Soviet" / "Seek help from Germany"

  • Italy in development

  • Japan will primarily choose the focuses "The Unthinkable Option" / "Support the Kodoha Faction" / "Strengthen Civilian Government"

  • Manchukuo will primarily choose the focuses "Pacify the Countryside", "Trade Delegation", "Assertiveness"

  • New Zealand will primarily choose the focuses "The First Labour Government", "Statute of Westminster", "In the Darkness" / "The Lee Affair", "Empower the Working Class"

  • Poland will primarily choose the focuses "Strengthen of Polish State", "Defensive Focus", "Polish Militarism", "Internationalism", "Authoritarianism", "Go left" / "Go right"

  • Romania will primarily choose the focuses "Balkans Dominance", "Puppet Bulgaria", "Secure Greece", "Secure the Bosporus", "Divide Yugoslavia", "Institute Royal Dictatorship", "Revise the Constitution", "Flexible Foreign Policy", "Appoint Pro-Soviet Government" / "Appoint Pro-Axis Government", "Securitate" / "Iron Guard", "Force Abdication"

  • South Africa will primarily choose the focuses "Abandon Westminster", "Support the Afrikaner Brotherhood" / "Empower the Workers", (Fascism) "Support Ossewabrandwag", "Celebrate the Great Track", "Support the Nazification of South-West Africa" / "South Africa First", "Support the German coup", (Communism) "Repeal the Native Representation Act"," Burn the King's Portraits"

  • The Soviet Union will primarily takes the minister either on fascism or on democracy, does not take the focus "Great Purge"

  • United Kingdom will primarily choose the focuses "A Change in Course", "The King's Party" / "Oranize the Blackshirts" / "Concessions to the Trade Unions"

  • United States in development

  • Yugoslavia will primarily choose the focuses "Recognize the Soviet Union", "Form Peasant Councils", "Mutual Economic Aid", "Abolish the Monarchy", "Join Comintern" (10%) / "Yugoslavian Path to Communism" (90%), "Form the Federal Republic"

  • Netherlands will primarily chose the focuses "Form New Goverment", "Gateway to Europe", "Cave to the Germans"

  • Mexico will primarily chose the focuses "Plan of Agua Prieta", "Legacy of Revolution", "The Gold Shirts" / "The Red Shirts"

  • All minors will primarily choose the focuses "Political Effort", "Collectivist Ethos", "Nationalism Focus" / "Internationalism Focus". If the original ruling party is democratic, then instead of the focus "Liberty Ethos", "Spirit of Freedom" and "Interventionism Focus" will be chosen

  • The chance of Hilter appearing in Argentina is 100%

  • The "Hindenburg" will not explode, the chance is 100%

  • Chance "Zogu abides" is 100%
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roky Jun 22 @ 6:03am 
There is an updated version for 1.9.*:
It may work a little differently, but it still will the same gameplay.
Its_Salty May 12 @ 11:15am 
its suposed to be base game focus it just makes the ai change what focus the do also like halve of the trees are dlc so ha may be your problem
jarle10 May 11 @ 1:33pm 
i played this mod and it was the base game focus trees
Ryfi May 1 @ 9:44pm 
on 1.9
Ryfi May 1 @ 9:41pm 
kaiser463 Apr 7 @ 7:55am 
I haven´t played this mod yet but I already know it´s gonna be complete anarchy.
Çanak yalayıcı☺ Apr 2 @ 6:43am 
aika neekerim hommaa
TANK78 |Boycott Tencent| Apr 1 @ 5:10pm 
Ceddin deden, neslin baban
Hep kahraman :OttomanEmpire: milleti
Orduların pek çok zaman
Vermiştiler Dünya'ya şan

:OttomanEmpire: milleti, :OttomanEmpire: milleti
Aşk ile sev milliyeti
Kahret vatan, düşmanını
Çeksin o mel'un zilleti
Saft Karotte Mar 26 @ 1:45pm 
I tested it and it worked fine with 1.9.1 but the problem is that the french Focus Tree is switched to the old one.
who plays dbd anymore Mar 14 @ 2:51pm 
fix this mod it's a great mod but so outdated now. Please update