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Aquilonian Females
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Jun 20, 2018 @ 12:05pm
Dec 7, 2019 @ 8:28pm
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Aquilonian Females

A customized female body mod that adds a detailed 3d private area , with physics .
This mod changes the shape of the legs , hips , butt , nipples , breasts and adds in specific details that were missing from the private area. Some edits to the skin textures for better blending in certain areas
The thighs, hips and breasts have more polygons now to give them a smoother look. The thighs and hips are wider and the booty is a little bigger.

Possible future plans:
Edit more of the revealing armors to match up with the new body

Armors and Clothes reashaped so far :
Loincloth Released 6/26/2018
Hyperborean Slaver 7/1/2018
Zamorian Thief Armor 7/1/2018
Derketo Acolyte Robe 8/28/2018
Derketo Acolyte Skirt 8/28/2018

New items added:
New Feat added that is attainable at start of game: 8/28/2018
*Basic Survival* adds:
Chest Wrap
Loincloth No Undies
Bra * can be dyed *
Panties * can be dyed *

New Feat added that is attainable at level 10: 8/18/2018
*Kinky Armorer* adds:
Light Chestpiece Skimpy
Light Wrap Skimpy
Light Wrap Panties
Light Wrap Pantyless
Medium Tasset Skimpy
Medium Harness Skimpy
Medium Tasset Pantyless
Heavy Pauldron Skimpy

New Feat added that is attainable at level 20: 8/18/2018
*Kinky Savage Armors* adds:
Hyperborean Slaver Pantyless Loincloth
Hyperborean Slaver Exposed Waistguard

New Feat added that is attainable at level 50: 8/18/2018
*Kinky Great Civilization Armors* adds:
Zamorian Thief Pantyless Breeches

NOTE: all of the custom feats and items were added via a mod controller. No original data tables were edited. This mod should be compatible with all other mods that don't directly edit the upper and lower female body mesh.

Screenshots of the private area will not be posted since it would be of an explicit nature.

If you do not like this sort of mod please just move on and avoid posting rude or immature comments. Conan is rated mature and has nudity in it by default. If that offends you then move on or just turn the nudity off.

My server: IP Address :
Name : Ω Aquilonia Ω

My other mod link :
Aquilonia Server Mod :
Conspirator Armor :
Aquilonian Passion Body :

If you like what I do and wish to suppot my mods or my server, here is a link :
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GadozenBR Aug 4 @ 8:32am 
How do i use this mod? Where do i find the females? am i supposed to edit them? is there a command? really lost in here
Jarle Jul 11 @ 2:48am 
Do your part!
-rep my profile!!
Zalizzar Jul 3 @ 12:11pm 
Does this mod have it's own currency?
Nicolai Maximov Jun 12 @ 9:48am 
Dude, there is a seperate thread for servers ads, stop that useless spam!
Vlad the Impaler Jun 8 @ 6:49pm 
Didn't there use to be a mod that only had the armor feats? I personally prefer wonderbody but I like the armors from this one. Is there any way to get the armors without the body mesh?
Zenarah May 27 @ 12:26am 
Hey hey alice! Great mod an i have been using it for a couple years now for our server an just in general. Myself an a few were curious of something though an maybe just an idea. While i do love everything about this body mod i was wondering if there could maybe be a light version of this mod that only edits the breast, nipples, and 3d privates. Mainly so that its compatible with a majority of the armors that conan has to offer now and accessory mods that lay over the vanilla body such as stockings an things.
jonnyafrica May 21 @ 8:32pm 
Hi Alice - thank you for your time and effort in developing this mod. I have noticed that the loincloth and 'light' armour varients that you make early in the game, both are set as 'Medium' on the character screen above your character, where as they should say 'light' to be equvilent to the original. Not sure if that is intentional or if you able to change it. Thanks again. :)
Nicolai Maximov May 14 @ 10:01am 
Won't work, both replace the same thing.
JEEB51 May 13 @ 5:48pm 
this may have already been asked but can you run BOTH the Aquilonian Females & the PASSION BODY or will it not work/crash the game??
D3ST May 9 @ 4:01am 
Thx, very good work, can we please get a version where the girls are shaved?
or am i missing a setting somewhere?