Trainz: A New Era

Trainz: A New Era

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Backing up / restoring Trainz content
By N_Trainz
If you are tired of backing up using the .cdp method, then read this guide to bulk backup
Backing up content
First thing is to find out where TANE currently has your content installed. This can be done from the Trainz settings > install tab. Copy and paste that in the address bar or manually navigate to the location.

Once you are there, you'll see the following folders:

Backups - this contains the backups that TANE creates
Cache - internet related things such as DLS previews, DLC downloads, etc.
Editing - assets that are currently open for editing via content manager
Libraries - game scripts
Local - modified content; non-DLS content. They can contain your created content, content installed from 3rd party sites (such as JR, K&L, etc)
Original - DLS content; content that has been downloaded in its original form from the DLS
Packages - DLC items; content that has been purchased from the Trainz Store or from Steam
Screenshots - screenshots taken from in-game

I would backupup the local folder as this contains all of the modified content that you currently have installed.
If you want to save yourself time, I would also recommend backing up the original folder as this contains all of the DLS content that you've downloaded.

To reduce the number of files, and the size, I would recommend compressing the selected folder(s) using 7zip or your current compressor.

That's all to it to backup your Trainz content
Restoring your content
This follows the same exact way of backing up your content, so I'm not going to go into much details on this.

Extract all of the files from the backup you had created, and then matching the folder name (local = local, original = original), place the files into that folder.
Once the files are restored to their proper place, run a database update (developer > rebuild database) so TANE can pickup the restored files. Once the database update is finished, you can now use the restored files.
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