The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Power Force First Collection
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"Dovahkiin" By Lindsey Stirling for the main menu
Created by Wolfy
Warning: If you download this mod,get rid of mods that change the main menu music,otherwise you will experience CTD's.

Do you want another song for your game?
Send me a message and I'll be happy to make one for you.

Also at [url=http://www.nexusmods...
24 Hour Respawn Timer
Created by Talucien
A simple mod I made that changes the cell respawn times, and the merchant respawn times, to 24 hours. Basically, I felt as though I was running out of things to kill. and by reducing the respawn timer, there'd be more things that need stabbed. And there ar...
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Created by rezzzman
Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves or vampires lords. Followers ride horses, make camp, avoid traps, ignore friendly fire, toggle city/standard outfits & helmets, pose, dance, and more......
Created by Genebris
Adds animations for looting containers and corpses, harvesting plants, lockpicking doors and chests, opening doors, activating levers, praying, drinking and eating potions and food, equipping armor and opening map.

Auto Unequip Ammo
Created by Alek
IMPORTANT: This mod requires Dawnguard. If you don't have Dawnguard get this version instead:
If you already use the other version: "Auto Unequip Arrows" mod then follow these steps to make clean...
Banditry: Forsworn Gear
Created by Brandybuck
"This was our land. We were here first. Then the Nords came and put chains on us." -- The King in Rags

Eschewing the craftsmanship of other factions, the Madmen of the Reach resort to primitve yet effective gear in their insurgency against Nord rule. No...
Banditry: Fur Armor
Created by Brandybuck
"You picked a bad time to get lost, friend" - Bandit tour guide

The height of fashion for bandits and ruffians throughout the holds, fur armor is now available for crafting. Recipes are available for both standard fur armor, and four tiers of higher gra...
Bells of Skyrim
Created by Vermunds
Ever wondered why the game's official trailer shows us a ringing alarm bell during the dragon attack, but there is no such thing in the game? This mod fixes that and adds those bells. When a dragon attack happens, the guards will ring the bell, alerting ci...
Better Embers
Created by Vampaerr
This is a mod to make embers look better, it's something I made along with the textures fix for the chopping blocks/wood fires but never released.

DONATION COUNT: 1!! (very happy to have received my first donation! thank you, very much appreciated!)...
Better Potions
Created by Syncing
A mod that aims to replace the ugly vanilla Skyrim potion and poison models with brand new, high res models that fit the genre.

Long description nobody reads:

In vanilla Skyrim, the potion and poison mo...
Better Hunting and Prices (Updated 18 July 2014)
Created by Curie

I created this mod to give more love to Hunters. In a place like Skyrim, hunting is for sure one of the best ways of gathering food as well as all the pelts the Nords require to make their amours and clothes. I felt that hunti...
BIG: Earlier Decapitations! (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Why wait to decapitate? Even if you're level 1, you can start chopping off heads now!
If you're like me, you hate to wait. Waiting in line. Waiting for summer vacation. Waiting to get the skill perks to have the thrill of decapitating foes...
BIG: More Blood and Gore! (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Simple...Adds loads more blood to the game. Blood splatter, blood spills. Blood EVERYWHERE. Even though its tough to get a screenshot you can tell from the pictures what the mods all about. Have fun, love it, enjoy it!


1. Adds bigger blood...
BIG: Soul Gem Mining (a Better Improvements for Gameplay mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Gives you a chance to get leveled soul gems every time you mine--even grand and black soul gems!
This mod gives you a 10% chance to get a soul gem anytime you and at any ore vein. It doesn't change the number of ore y...
Bones and Skeletons Retexture by Andre7890
Created by Andre7890
A complete retexture of the game's bones and skeletons, made to make them more realistic....
Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger
Created by The Northern Ranger
This is an amazing little portable camping mod that gives control over setting up your campsite exactly how you want.
It comes with two types of tents, many extra features, and includes custom models for setting up the camp.

Clanking Armor v1.2
Created by Artoch
This mod changes footsteps sound when you or NPC wearing plate armor or armor with metal elements.
Just watch the video.

Sound changes when you or any NPC wearing:
Ancient Nord Armor - (Cuirass or Boots)
Iron Armor - (Cuirass or Boots)
Daedric Armor...
Craftable Tools
Created by Jokiros
Allows you to craft Pickaxes and Woodcutter's Axes at a forge.

Pickaxes cost 2 iron ingots and a firewood.
Woodcutter's Axes cost 1 iron ingot and a firewood....
Craftable Lockpicks
Created by Captain Danny
All it does is to make lockpicks craftable
No perk is requiered to make these

1 Iron Ingot = 5 Lockpicks...
Craftable Vampire Armors

Don't forget to rate!

This mod makes the gray, light gray, red, and royal vampire armors ALL craftable / improvable at a workbench (the Vampire Royal Armor is NOT enchanted). Vampire boots, guantlets, and now hoods are also cra...
Darkwater Crossing - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Darkwater Crossing has emerged from its humble beginnings as a small mining colony in the south of Eastmarch to take its place in the Bigger and Bolder series among Skyrim's more lively villages. As the site of the ambush that landed our wayward hero in ca...
Dawnstar - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Dawnstar, capital of the Pale, blustery harbor town of the northern shores, has now been expanded and improved as part of my Bigger and Bolder project! I've added a generous handful of new features to distinguish the town from your average backwater Skyrim...
Decapitation-gore texture replacer
Created by R4zerw4rs
Mod Description:
This Mod replaces the Decapitation-gore texture with a new texture of the size 2048x2048.

I made a new texture, because the vanilla texture was seriously too small. It only had a resolution of 128x128, which is way too small f...
DefaultGamer's Better Werewolfs
Created by DefaultGamer1101
ATTENTION: This is the normal version of the mod. If you want the version with No Health Regen please go to my workshop and subscribe to it!

After looking around on the workshop I always found every werewolf mod was way too ove...
Detailed Mine Map Markers
Created by Boom
Adds and labels all Mine Map Markers to display the main material it yields.

This will not automatically reveal Mine locations to you. You must still find them yourself.

Goes well with:
- Lighter Tools Mod (
Deeper Snow (More Snow)
Created by Zappoo
This Mods adds more Snow to Skyrim especially Snow Storms are very Snowy :) Update - Now this Mod comes with WindFX when it Snow´s heavy!

For even more Snow and Wind in this mod you can also check
Destructible bottles v1.4
Created by Vita
What it does:
This mod will make all alcohol bottles smash in pieces when hit,leaving a debris of broken glass that will stay until you pick it up or be removed automatically after some time that you can configure as you like(Note: autocleaning procedure...
Dragon Bridge - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
The northernwestern village of Dragon Bridge is now slightly expanded as part of the Bigger and Bolder project. One of the smaller additions to the series, with only a couple of added features, it should nonetheless give the village a more complete feel an...
Draugr Weaponry Replacer EN
Created by Destero
If you like it, please give it a thumb up, it 's much better now, than the old versions! Thank you! :)

Table of Contents:
  1. Description
  2. Downloadmirror
  3. What you need
  4. My other Mods
  5. Thanks and Credits
Dynamic Fires
Created by woodbyte
Allows one to ignite and extinguish fires by using fire and frost spells, respectively. It also puts out fires that have been running for some time. (**update** - torch bashing now lights up fires too)

This initial release features all campfires. Other ...
EDWS - Enhanced Dynamic Weather System
Created by Zappoo
This Mod completely changes the Weather System in all Areas of Skyrim to a more Immersive Weather feeling!

As often requested i´m very proud to Present EDWS - Enhanced Dynamic Weather System.
With this Mod you´ll have more often Rain and more often Sn...
Enchantment Cleanser - Dawnguard Patch
Created by SirReality
Don't you hate how that once-amazing enchantment just won't come off your best looking gear?

Hi, SirReality here for Dwemer Detergent, the enchantment remover specialist. Never again hesitate to enchant your items for fear of future obsoletion!

THIS ...
Enhanced Cities: Traveling Merchants
Created by matthieu6839


Add many traveling merchants in Skyrim! If you enjoy this mod, please rate, subscribe and favorite it .
Enchantment Cleanser - Dragonborn Patch
Created by SirReality
Don't you hate how that once-amazing enchantment just won't come off your best looking gear?

Hi, SirReality here for Dwemer Detergent, the enchantment remover specialist. Never again hesitate to enchant your items for fear of future obsoletion!

THIS ...
ESP: Better Potion Recipes (an Enchantments, Spells and Potions mod)
Created by sp0ckrates
Adds 40 new potion and poison recipes you can buy from any alchemist, including rare and valuable recipes with four or more different effects!
This mod adds recipes you can buy, which will let you make some of the rarest and best potions ...
Followers can Relax
Created by King Coin
4/25/15 -- No I am not going to charge for this.

UPDATE: If you'd like to be able to tell Serana to relax as well, use this patch file in addition to this mod:

As always, if you do no...
Enchantment Cleanser
Created by SirReality
Don't you hate how that once-amazing enchantment just won't come off your best looking gear?

Hi, SirReality here for Dwemer Detergent*, the enchantment remover specialist. Never again hesitate to enchant your items for fear of future obsoletion! SImply...
Falkreath - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Welcome to the new and improved Falkreath, capital of Skyrim's beautiful southernmost hold. A more subtle but still worthwhile addition to my Bigger and Bolder series, Falkreath has been slightly expanded with some new features, some for aesthetic purposes...
Followers Keep Up
Created by NorthStar
Tired of running into a fight and discovering that your companion is nowhere to be found? This mod causes followers to speed up when they fall behind and teleport to your location when they get extra far away. Now help will always be close at hand! Should ...
Guard Dialogue Overhaul
Created by Eckss
More Dialogue, More Realism, More Respect. This Mod alters the Guards' Dialogue, changing it from something that breaks your immersion in the world of Skyrim to something that actually increases it. All in the original voices and Fully compliant with Skyri...
Followers Keep Up (Dawnguard)
Created by NorthStar
NOTE: This mod is meant to be used with the original Followers Keep Up, located here:

By itself, this will only work with Serana and the animal followers from Dawnguard.

Tired of running in...
Guarded Borders
Created by captainlhurgoyf
Quoth TV Tropes's WMG page on the game: "There will be a logical reason for why you can't cross borders this time. Since Todd Howard already said you are arrested and awaiting execution for crossing the border in this game, it makes sense you won't cross t...
High Level Enemies - Dawnguard
Created by Dalquist

- Adds 414 new high-level enemies to Skyrim!
- Each of Skyrim's main enemy types are covered including Bandits, Draugr, Dragon Priests, Falmer, Forsworn, Thalmor, Dwarven Constructs, Vampires, Warlocks, Trolls, Chaurus, Spriggans, Hagravens, S...
HQ Workbench and Grindstone
Created by Zappoo
This Mod adds new High Quality Textures for the Workbench and Grindstone.
The Textures are in 2048x2048px and they are fully compatible with the High-Res Texture Pack (but can be used without HighRes Textures for sure). It´s just a retexture, but you may...
HD Plants + Herbs
Created by Dartanis
UPDATE: I am Playing ESO as Dartanyss, I am new to game and would love tips, guild invites, or group invites!

I made this for you. Please "Like" it. :)

Some of those color splotches on the ground of skyrim are supposed to be flowers, so I made them ...
HQ Skyrimmap
Created by Rulin
This mod changes the maps seen on walls and tables.
Texturereplacer for the battlemap01/
Import from my skyrimnexus mod (
Same version but only the one with the highest resolution.

Winterhold - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Winterhold, the ghost town of the frozen northern wastes, home to Skyrim's only haven for magical study, is now expanded as another addition to the Bigger and Bolder project. All but deserted for the last several decades, the once-proud capital nonetheless...
Whiterun - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Proudly presenting the first expansion in my Bigger and Bolder project - Whiterun, the very heart of civilization in Skyrim and trade capital of the entire province. I decided to put together this series because I wasn't satisfied with other town expansion...
Treasure Hunt
Created by soreass
Adds 13 more hand drawn treasure maps with vanilla treasure chests (and some larger treasures) scattered around Skyrim.

If you need help finding the maps, there is a list of places to look behind the bar at the Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood.

Go explo...
Windhelm - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Proudly presenting my lore-friendly expansion of the ancient city of Windhelm, stronghold of the Stormcloaks, as an addition to the Bigger and Bolder project. Being largely unsatisfied with other expansion mods for a number of different reasons, I decided ...
Created by Iskariot
Gives you a Power that lets you whistle for the last horse you rode on, and it will come running. If it is too far away it will be moved to somewhere behind you and run up to you.
Powers are used just like Shouts, but without the cooldown (defaul: Z).

Unique Loot - January 2018 Update
Created by MisterB1969
Do you get bored looting sacks, urns, and barrels ? What about cabinets and dresser drawers, or maybe even those static corpses ? Always seeing the same kind of loot ? If your like me, I think the only time you looted a sack is when you wanted to look for...
Unread Books Glow
Created by duggelz
Unread Books Glow by duggelz

Books which you have not read yet will have a visible glow. When you read a book for the first time, its glow will disappear. All copies of the same title are considered the same book, so once you've read one "Cats of Skyr...
Leveling Merchant's Wallets
Created by Gookiemonster
I released an expanded version of Leveling Merchants Wallets onto steam. It's official title is "Leveling Merchants Wallets Enhanced+" You can get it at

Leveling Merchan...
Left Hand Rings
Created by duggelz
Left Hand Rings by duggelz, version 1.5

Adds rings that are worn on the left hand. You can wear two rings at once, one on each hand. These rings can be crafted, enchanted, bought from merchants, and found randomly as treasure.

== How It Works ==
Kitted out Blacksmiths - Dragonborn Edition
Created by wolfish-antics
Completes each blacksmith's set of smithing utensils across Skyrim, and in this version, Raven Rock in Solstheim as well!

Mod currently implemented in
- Solitude (Smelter added)
- Dawnstar (Grindstone and Workbench added)
- Whiterun, Skyforge (Ta...
Lockpicking Measurement Vision
Created by DasMatze
This is a simple texture modification that helps you picking more difficult locks by adding glowing lines.

If it looks too futuristic to you, download these instead:

I won't change a thing about ...
I Yield! I Yield!
Created by ThunderRolls


I Yield! I Yield! is a simple yet useful mod that makes it so when enemies say their yield lines, Like we're routed ...
Item Recycling
Created by robinsonadam83
The Item Recycling mod adds over 180 new recipes for crafting ingots at smelters. Virtually every metal item in Skyrim can now be melted down into an ingot. This mod is perfect for thieves and blacksmiths alike. Worthless items like goblets and silver plat...
Ivarstead - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
The Bigger and Bolder Project has reached the mountain community of Ivarstead, gateway to the Throat of the World. The village has been expanded with a handful of additions to give it the feel of a more complete, self-sufficient town. New features include:...
Immersive Patrols
Created by Koda
Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC Required!

No DLC? Use this! Immersive Patrols Vanilla.

Adds fully functional, scheduled patrols of almost every major faction across all DLCs incl...
Item Rewards For Bounties 1.11 - WG
I've always thought that bounty rewards were underwhelming - Item Rewards For Bounties makes bounty quest rewards much more interesting and unpredictable, while being level appropriate and balanced.

This mod adds a random leveled item as a reward upon q...
Lanterns Of Skyrim - Villages
Created by manny_gt
This mod add lanterns in the villages around Skyrim and they lit from 5pm to 8am next day. No BSA file required
Just for eyecandy and maybe helpful to recognize villages during night


- Riverwood
- Karthwasten
- Ivarstead...
Lightning during Thunder Storms.
Created by 🅼inty
Main Lightning mod and COT patch mods are also available from Skyrim Nexus.
Please Rate or Favourite this mod if you like it ;o)

Works best along side the following mods:-

Real Rain:-
Left Hand Rings - Dawnguard
Created by duggelz
Left Hand Rings by duggelz - Dawnguard addon, version 1.5

Adds a left-handed version of the Bone Hawk Ring.

This is not a standalone mod. You must first subscribe to Left Hand Rings...
Markarth - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
The capital of the Reach has been expanded as part of my Bigger and Bolder series, with lore-friendly additions to the ancient stone dwelling of the dwarves to draw out its full glory without moving too far away from the core feel and layout of the origina...
More Carriages
Created by Saigyl who?
Carriages can now be found in the smaller cities of Skyrim.

Cities with carriages added:

Carriages will assist the player in carrying up to 1000 weight.
Due to...
More Dragon Lairs !
Created by IhmeHihhuli ™
This is a simple mod which adds 7 more dragon lairs to skyrim.

Basically I made this mod for myself only, but after all i decided to upload it here.
Why I made it? - When i had discovered all the dragon lairs, i was kind of dissappointed to the low amo...
More Dragon Loot
Created by Vony256
This little mod makes dragons drop more loot. You should allways get something enchanted to make it worth while dragon hunting.

This mod should also now be compatible with the Deadly Dragons Mod....
Morthal - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
The secluded and mist-shrouded capital of Hjaalmarch has been expanded and improved as another addition to the Bigger and Bolder project! As one of Skyrim's more ignored settlements, I thought it warranted a decent amount of extra content to once more draw...
More Rain
Created by Zappoo
This Mods adds more Rain to Skyrim especially Rainstorms are very Rainy :) This Mod also adds a nice WindFX to Rainstorms. For even more Rain and Wind in this mod you can also check

If you want more...
No Blur
Created by [NSG] PhilBro
This mod removes the blur associated to shouts, powers (including NightEye), taking damage, and magic. Also DOF is removed when in menus and when using powers.

Skyrim Nexus Link
No Snow Under the Roof
This mod adds new 3d anow in structures un snowy areas
And fir farmhouses that have a pirticullis also removes the snow under the roof .
Plus 3d snow over roofs .
I wa...
No more guard werewolf comments
Created by Ricarthal
Removes the three guard dialogue lines:
"I find your wolfish grin... unsettling."
"Is that... fur? Coming out of your ears?"
"Ugh! Been tending to your hound? You smell like a wet dog."

The simple and slightly flawed logic checks for those lines mean...
Created by Zacsterrr
zaczombies No Falling Leaves/Pine Needles mod vanilla edition.

PWC - Exit on Demand
Created by Paradox
Paradox Werewolf Changes - Exit on Demand

tl;dr This mod allows you to exit Werewolf Beast Form on demand, by first sheathing your weapons and then changing to first person view.

Works with vanilla Skyrim and Dawn Guard both

Pure Waters
Created by Laast
1 000 000+ actual subscribers!!!


Révision 13 - 16 oct 2014
- Complete recast of the original mod.

This is a pure, clean, and natural water, as it should be in the cold mountains of Skyrim. This mod provides water with complete overhau...
Real Rain Basic
Created by PlayerTw0
V5 Update 7/15/12 Fixes problem with raindrops when users
were enabling ENBs and not seeing Rain/RainRipples.

V4 Update 7/4/12 Made rain a bit thinner and faster.
Rainripples were also changed to be a tiny bit more visible.

Makes rain heavier and ...
Remove Interior Fog V2
Created by Rapha_VibeAloha

This mod removes the interior distant fog in all interiors of the vanilla game, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, and is intended to replace the old Remove Ambient Interior Fog[], that can
Relighting Skyrim
Created by grayscruffy
Been almost three years (wow!) but thiis is likely the final update! Finally covered every location in the base game.

Fixes... the placement of lighting effects! In places where there are two fire pits or candelabras near one another there was one light...
Resilient Dragons (V1.5)
Created by Kenomica
This mod makes Dragons much more resilient, allowing for longer; more epic battles. Ever sigh at the sight of a single giant decimating a dragon? Then this mod is for you!

This mod is intended to give the Dragonborn a job. This is done by making NPCs d...
Riverwood - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Perhaps the largest and most prosperous of all Skyrim's small towns, Riverwood was a tricky addition to the Bigger and Bolder series. Already a sizeable village on its own, complete with a general store, blacksmith and inn, I nevertheless found a couple of...
Riften - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Welcome to the expanded city of thieves, part of my Bigger and Bolder series. Though the additions here are minimal due to lack of free space to work with, RIften still boasts a few worthwhile new features that should make it a welcome addition to the seri...
Roosters At Dawn
Created by The Mall of America
A mod that adds a little more life to the village, farm, and city life of Skyrim by having some of the roosters crow at dawn when in appropriate areas.

I wanted this mod to be as organic and believable as possible. I chose several different rooster soun...
Run For Your Lives
Created by Arthmoor
A small mod that makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon or vampire attack.

This was born out of frustration at seeing the citizens all trying to be a hero and rushing headlong to their doom attacking dragons and vampires. Instea...
Rorikstead - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
The Bigger and Bolder series is expanding even to Skyrim's small towns - Rorikstead, Whiterun Hold's thriving farm community, has been enlarged to give it the feel of a more proper village, rather than just a collection of two or three huts in the middle o...
Rust, Wolf Companion
Created by DrSphinctanium
Faithful Wolf companion with a lust for meat and all things salty.
Rust gets into a frenzy when he sinks his teeth into something raw and belches all kinds of magic if you feed him the right stuff. Giggady.

To find him, look for his tent by the river b...
Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim
Created by Enai Siaion
Sacrosanct overhauls vampires and vampire lords. Reverse progression (stronger when fed), new abilities, powers, perks, hemomancy, various new progression systems and many gameplay tweaks for the discerning undead monster.


Vampire gameplay[/h
Created by Schlongström
What are you going to do with all those extra silver ingots? Make cheap trinkets for your ladyfriend? Or make mighty weapons to slay the undead?

This mod simply makes it so you can improve your wimpy silver weapons and craft them yourself.

Some c...
Shor's Stone - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Welcome to the forest mining town of Shor's Stone, expanded into a more sizeable village as part of the Bigger and Bolder Project. Those passing through on the way to or from Riften might find more reasons to stay awhile in the form of the handful of added...
Skyforged Skyforge Weapons
Created by Graesholt
=== Now also on the Skyrim Nexus[], for those who prefer!

To be honest, I’m afraid that the comparison screenshots doesn’t quite do the weapons justice. As shown on the screenshots with the weapons equipp...
Something Equals
Created by Erbos
*If you want all three effects of the other mods, only enable this mod.*
This Mod is the desired combination of all three of my experience mods rolled into one.

Smelter= Smithing Exp
Tanning Rack = Smithing Exp
Cooking= Alchemy Exp...
Skyrim Fishing
Created by B1gBadDaddy
Ever wanted to spend time fishing in Skyrim? Well now you can! Visit a Blacksmith Forge to craft your very own fishing rod using 2 x Firewood and 1 x Iron Ingot, grab some bait (insects), find your favourite fishing spot and start fishing!

Created by Buckles
This mod adds a fun way for mages to craft the clothes they want.

You make the cloth, you make the dye, you make the clothes.

In every tailoring workshop you'll find a Loom a Dye Lab and a guidebook explaining how it works.

This mod is for crafti...
Solitude - Bigger and Bolder
Created by djspeakes1990
Presenting the mighty capital of Skyrim, Solitude, expanded and enhanced using only Solitude-exclusive architecture to truly bring out the majesty of the province's seat of power while still retaining the familiar feel of the vanilla city. One of the large...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Inns
Created by matthieu6839
Add many details to the Inns of Skyrim and make them beautiful! If you enjoy this mod, please rate, subscribe and favorite it .

Now avalaible :
Enhanced Cities: Morthal [/url...
Training Dummies and Targets
Created by B1gBadDaddy
Training Dummies and Archery Targets

Have you ever wanted to practice and improve your combat skills on the practice dummies in Skyrim, only to find you can't? Well, now you can.

This mod adds to all practice dummies and archery targets (apart from...
Daisy - The Lost Husky
Created by Horrible Andy
Dragons have returned to Skyrim and you've been tasked to warn the Jarl of Whiterun. Better hurry. Wait...what's that? Is that a Husky?

Just off the path that lies between Riverwood and Whiterun (the final bend, across from where the 'Old Orc' random en...