Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2

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Super Best Friends - KF2 Maps
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Created by Hughlikepoo
Rev up those fryers!

Zeds have taken over the city beneath Bikini Atoll and only you and your underwater fish friends can stop them!

Created by LiquidArrow
Atmospheric vertical map with dynamic indoor and outdoor fog. A chance to be consumed by darkness. Find all the little ones to call the old one. Use the homemade traps to fling zeds for a time.

- New trap that send...
Created by LiquidArrow
New/Better Version Here:
- KF-Mist is a rework and re-release of HotelZed without destructible walls, a very different atmosphere with a random event, and traps.

Make a last...
Created by MixMakMax
OFFICES is back again but this time it's SICKER, SLEEKER AND BETTER! A TRUE remake version!!

KF-Offices is inspired by the original Tripwire 2009 KF-Offices map. This new/last version was built from the ground up for a SICKER, SLEEKER an...
Created by LiquidArrow
Map Features:
- Defensive Map
- 3 lane dafense
- Back is to a cliff which may result in the occasional nasty fall
- Daylight with per object shadows on zeds
- Challenging
- Made in 1 day

Created by LiquidArrow
In the center of this map there is a wide open defendable area that spans out to 6 different mazes with a trader at the end. At the end of each wave everyone must try to find there way back to the center or fend off the zeds with low visibi...
Zed's Diner
Created by Delta♂
A 50/60's themed diner and drive-in theater map.

It is a large open map and rather forgiving, that's not to say that it's easy. Zed spawns are faster than official maps and if you were looking to mess around this is an alright map for it. The map has only...
Created by LiquidArrow
Map Summary:
In the center of this level is one single trader where 6 areas are opened by random at wave start. Everyone is forced into one of the rooms on each wave except the boss wave.

Each room will have its own theme and gameplay style and...
Created by LiquidArrow
Map Features:
- 2 way simple defense map
- Perilous Falls
- Low Visibility in a Blizzard
- Challenging
- Made in 1 day

NOTICE: Do not edit this map in anyway without notification or permission from me to do so....
Created by LiquidArrow
This map has a pitch black setting with motion lit floors as lighting and a moving platform that can be used during the waves.

Map Features:
- Motion Lit Floor in pitch black setting.�
- Moving Platform that can be used during waves.
- De...
Created by LiquidArrow
There is only one source of light in this map deep underground with no means of escape.

Stuck underground in the pitch black. A movable ball is your only source of light, use it wisely.

NOTE: Hit the ball!!!!

- M...
Created by LiquidArrow
Keep by the train or pay the consequences. It is a dark world out there and it only gets darker the more you veer off the tracks. If the darkness doesn't get ya the gas will and well if that doesn't get ya the zeds will. Stay by the train,...
Created by Sean Sindahl
Dish out the pain on a rustic farm with a highly destructible environment! In this spiritual successor to Farmhouse, nearly everything in your path can be broken; walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and much more.

Homestead is an experimental project bui...
Created by LiquidArrow
Map Features:
- Every white tile wall is destructible. The play area will change up as zeds and you tear them down.
- Tight claustrophobic setting
- Instant and relentless spawning, map should be a challenge.

- Simple map made quickly.

NOTE: I...
Created by LiquidArrow
Large map with a variety of locations to travel through with a dawn light rain setting. Also there are Clotmothers everywhere and they are spawning zeds in large amounts through there tentacles, have fun!

Map Features:
- Large map with trader ...
Created by LiquidArrow
A halloween/horror theme update for HotelZed

What...what is this place? Unfathomable sights are set before me, I fear I have gone mad.

- Horrifying atmosphere
- Defendable Doors
- Vertical Gameplay with 3 levels tha...
Created by Techuser
Helms deep recreated from scratch as a more accurate version to the movie - not a port of the KF1 map.

- Refined collision in parts you could get stuck (thanks for the screenshots)
- Moved spawns slightly closer and added some triggered spawn...
KF1 Farm
Created by Kill Master

Small PSA:
Currently the directory used to store downloaded workshop maps Does Not properly support the use of streaming levels (which is what this ...
Created by ZOD
Built upon the outstanding work of Kevin 'DrGuppy' Butt (original) and EndlessNights (Edit).
Reworked to be more like the original official KF1 version.


[IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] DownloadManagers=OnlineSubsystemStea
Created by Josh
Deep within the Marianas Trench, one of Horzine's deep sea ocean labs has unexpectedly fallen silent.
Thought to have been closed off from the greater Zed outbreak, something stirs deep below the surface, something that has managed to trip the alarm and cu...
Created by RockMax
Update 15.10.2018

-Updated kismet, now you can buy weapons from walls by pressing E

-You can unlock new areas by pressing E

-Armor now spawns

-Edited path nodes

-Edited blocking volumes

-More optimization

---- First room

-Added medic pistol for 350...
Edge Of Reality
Created by Kill Master
Welcome to the Edge of Reality.
A clash between a bright expanse set in a far-off world, and a digital realm with eye popping colors.

This map will truly send you to the edge of reality
(Or at least whatever the hell you call the deep dark...
Created by Techuser
What happens when Horzine's experiments with telepods go wrong?
Welcome to the dimension of the the doomed.

Remake from Quake E1M1, features most of the secrets from the original with only minor changes to layout, I added a few small connection rooms ...
Created by Tisa
'Second Place Winner in the KF2 Grindhouse Competition'

This is a rat size interactive map with a lot of custom content. You will be riding a skateboard, play the piano, play the drums, get hit in the ass by a huge chicken, dance in the disco, listen to...
Biolapse - Biotics Holdout
Created by Delta♂
Biolapse is a KF2 Biotics Lab themed Holdout/Descent style Map



This ...
Created by Delta♂
Desolation is a Traditional KF2 Map with a Jungle & Outpost theme, this is the original version before it was ruined by TWI when they added it to KF2
Download Size: 37 MB File Size: 1...
Created by Pt.Jones
A large winter theme foggy farm map featuring all the standard elements you might find on a farm, plus features a fog mechanic that gradually increases over time and a day to night cycle.

[img] [/im...
Created by Frostbite*

silent hill konami
killing floor

just stay away from dark alissa..
havent told you everything,play the map to find out more :)

added Endless mode Support in array
new trader kismet sequences(to suit endless mod...
N64 Mario Map
Created by LoveMHz
Super Mario 64 inspired map!...
Created by Techuser
Features full dynamic lighting with random weather and time of day set at level load. Chances are 1/3 each for overcast, sunny or night to sunrise, I tried to keep the night real so it's dark (and full of terrors) without flares scattered around, but it sh...
Created by Jawso
Here is the external link for the map files for those that want to download the map without using workshop:

Version: 1.0

Features: Higher quality lights than the original map, some places aren't as safe as they once were...
Created by Dmitriy
A simple circle snowy arena map which will test your skills....
Silent Night
Created by Delta♂
A Toy-sized Christmas Themed Map!

Shrunken down and slaughtering for the season, get ready to deck the halls with blood and guts! May you enjoy this map as much as I enjoy the holidays!

The map has a special Santa Boss Cinematics, Sack Trader, Chris...
Killing Pool
Created by higehige00
Swimming Pool with a diving tower....
Created by Techuser
Doom 2 Entryway, remade from the ground up with modern assets instead of a port.
I took some artistic freedom (making sense out of the abstract rooms was hard work) but changed minor layout things, gameplay is not 100% identical even to prevent grinding t...
Created by Frostbite*

random player starts,
REMOVED intro,
reduced mb file size.
fixed collision were boss was reported to get stuck,
fixed physics materails on shaders,
new AI pathing,
new and improved spawns.
more larger zeds spawns
Created by RockMax
Update 11.10.2018

-Updated day to night time to 52 minutes
-Added ammo boxes
-Optimized map
-Added 130 anomalies
-The fire will now burn your balls if you stand on it
-Edited pathnodes
-Edited blocking volumes...
Cytology Lab
Created by Sean Sindahl
A semi-destructible medium-sized map taking place in one of Horzine's scandinavian bio labs. Traverse a high-tech facility and combat the zed in a variety of different locations, many of which will suffer cosmetic damage from your stray bullets and concuss...
Created by Spychopat
I'm proud to present my remake version of the map KF-Wyre from the first Killing Floor !
Most assets have been taken from the original map....
Created by Frostbite*
added endless support by request
fixed kismet to work with endless mode
fixed lights @bilemeters not turning off@the end of boss wave
fixed collisons
fixed traders doors at dockyard
new matinee
reduced bile tank activation time from ...
Created by RockMax
Update 17.10.2018

-Edited pathnodes

-Edited blocking volumes

-New kismet for traps


-Added grafitti from HL2

Ravenholm is a former mining town and later,
a Resistance stronghold located in the Wasteland.
It was previously inhabited by ...
Created by Sean Sindahl
Gun down hordes of ravenous ZEDs in Verticity's industrial district. A bright and sunny daytime map with an expansive and open environment centered around a large overflow trench spanning two bridges. Duke it out wherever you want; in the trench itself, at...
Tainted Grove
Created by Lunacinda
A Horzine research team was sent to a remote location deep inside the [UNDISCLOSED] jungle. High priority.
Three days later, a priority-class emergency signal was received, asking for immediate extraction due to [UNDISCLOSED] reasons.
You and your team wer...
Twisted Story
Created by Tisa

While Fighting the Zed outbreak in a Victorian Maze Garden, you stumble upon a strange looking rabbit hole, you lean over and hear some zeds hiding inside. Without a doubt, you jump...
Created by RockMax
Completely new version of Farm map from KF1

New vesrion 22.08.2019


New draw distance
Ammo now spawns faster
Zeds now spawn faster
Added more detail to the map
Added easter eggs

Edited shaders
Edited shadows
Edited lightning
Edited collisio...
Created by Abi
'The old slaughterhouse in the forests of Himmerland, Denmark, always had a dark history, even before the ZED outbreak came to be. Strings of freak accidents led to the facility being abruptly abandoned by its workers and transformed into a haven for squat...
KF City Blockade
Created by Rob

Chaos and distress flooded the city as it was being overrun. Miltary and police made their stand for a long time, sectioning off portions of the city to quarantine until all of it blew over. Sadly wave after wave of monsters became too much for th...
Created by Dr. Dog MD
KF-DeathSentence Is a prison based map that also includes some street and metro invironments.

It came 4th place in the grindhouse mapping contest, and Is the first map I ever created.

Please give it a rating! =]

Note - The official version uploade...
Created by Pt.Jones
A re-envisioning of the survival map Mayan Tombs from DeadFall Adventures, but completely rebuilt from scratch to fit a more personal and Killing Floor 2 style...
Created by RockMax
Update 13.11.2018
Fixed camping spots

Update 10.11.2018
Toned down sound of the rain
Mercy Hospital from L4D2...
Created by Frostbite*
removed post process volumes in train carts
fixed uvs and blood splatts and various and other minor fixes.
altered and fixed some kismet issuses

fixed and added more light radious and brightness(nighttime) repor...
Thrills and Chills Amusement Park
Created by Motormouth
It's the most wonderful time of the year every single day at the Thrills and Chills Amusement Park! An experience like no other, in a truly magical place! Featuring rides, games, prizes, and lodging for the whole family! All conveniently close to one anoth...
Netherhold (Original)
Created by Sean Sindahl
A dark and gloomy Killing Floor 2 custom map inspired by the atmosphere and artstyle of the original Doom games.

You find yourself lost in an otherwordly bastion of torture and depravity deep underground in a cavernous expanse.
A surreal and organic ...
Created by REMILLY
KillZone is Simple and easy map. Recommended Beginner.
킬존은 맵의 구성이 단순하고 쉬운 맵으로 초보자들이 하기 쉬운 맵입니다....
Kino Der Toten
Created by Sasuke_Louis
kino der toten now in the Killing floor 2 with all the features from cod

this map will get some updates later on as well as new easter eggs
its my first map, so might have some bugs
im planning to make more cod maps so leave a comment of which map you...
KF-Path to the Void
Created by Serious
Welcome to the last journey of your KF2-life


Warning! This map is not recommended for people with epilepsy.
Fight along 14 different Areas till you reach the final destination:

KF-The Ocean
Created by Serious
Deep Dive into the Unkown


This is a progression Map where you have to go into the abyssal depth of the Ocean.

Map Features:

• 5 different Areas (Starting above and going far below the s...
KF-Death Marsh
Created by Serious
Waking up in a small camp you have to survive this swamp.


Map Features:
• Deep Swampwater where smaller Zeds will hide
• Special Collectibles
• Many Unique Areas to explore (not all of them in the pictu...
Created by RockMax
Quickfix 10.09.2019
Renamed the map in world info as KF-Stalker-Yantar
before it was displayed as KF-Stalker-RedForest-test

Map has full day to night cycle and is full of
ambient noises so I recommend you to put
your music volume down.

Yantar w...
Crash (Original)
Created by Tamari
This map is now in the official lineup as a part of the Winter 2022 Polar Distress Update. This version is still maintained as a legacy version for anyone who still wants access to the original.
It's important to note that this version ...
Created by TeamKiller
Classic Dust2...
Created by Serious
Hours after a devastating explosion

A fully destroyed city near to a chemical plant.
One of horzines worst failures is now a graveyard. Dont' expand it at all cost.


Map Features:

• Lo...
KF-Matriarchs Pyramide
Created by Serious
Matriarch's Pyramide


Want to kill some Matriarch. This Arena is for you ;-)

Map Features:

• Arena/Pyramide styled map with fast ZED spawning
• Boss is always Matriarch (Survival)
Quarantine Breach
Created by Rewire
Welcome to Quarantine Breach!

Inspired of Killing Floor's "Hospital Horrors" and born of original design, this map aims at bringing you into a new and fresh environment (as much as possible). Dark, atmospheric and without pulling any punches, Quarantine...
Created by DeathSaves
It comes down to this mate's, We must hold the bridge or die trying!
Check out and join our Steam group:
Created by Serious
ZED-Time in the Castle from Frozen


Don't count on support from Elsa, you should count on yourself and your team ;-)

Map Features:
• Rebuild of Frozen's Arendelle
• Detailed surround
Created by Frostbite*
fixed teleportation for players in cutscene
added tags for workshop

added endless mode
fixed music switch
increased ammo
increased pickups
increased spawn rates
added more spawn...
KF-Paradise Isle
Created by Serious
A vacation on a beautiful island


Once only for Horzine employees. Now its free, for everyone 🤯

Map Features:

• Open Landscape
• Helicopter Event
• Thousands of Plants/Trees
• Almost 400 De
Created by Frostbite*
another KF1 classic has made it´s way into kf2,
with HD textures and quality shaders.

special thanks to ferenos for managing
to get the original terrain coordinates from the kf1 version
Thanks to the testers that helped testing map.

map offering
Stand yo...
Created by RockMax
Port from KF1, map made by Ferenos

QuickFix 23.05.2019

Fixed camping spots

QuickFix 13.04.2019

Fixed AI pathing bug under stairs

Time to have the real benifit of tom banner character to play in this map...
Created by RockMax
Port and a remake of a Plantation map from Left 4 Dead 2

Map has 18 collectibles to find.
Updated textures, some are resized, new normal maps.
New meshes, LODs.
Recreated the Plantation building and it´s UVs to get the best out of the UV maps and sha...
Created by Chaz
A large map in a mexican town mysteriously located next to a US controlled hangar.

Please let me know of any bugs/issues

Created by Serious
Don't get lost in this cold and sinister forest.


Your CAT run out of fuel up in the cold north, near to you only a small abandoned cottage.
Survive the night!

Map Features:

• De
KF-420-GanjaFarm (Lit Up Edition)
Created by Zach Fett
This is Frostbite and RockMax's map, but now you can see a bit better while you 420 blaze it.

I really love the layout and design of this map, but it was far too dark for me and my group to play on so I decided to light it up more.

I've thrown some glo...
Mario Room
Created by higehige00
Small mario featured map....
Created by Prinzmetal
My second map! Three weeks of hard work and voila! Another famous location.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.
Balmora town.

All used models are original. All rights belong to Bethesda Softworks. Hope you'll find this map nice!

Special Thanks t...
Created by RockMax
Update 15.5.2018

Optimized and fixed shadows
Fixed pathing
Optimized meshes
Fixed animation of the trader
Added zeds coming from the toilet

A port, part of a remake of KameHouse...
Created by [ Necr0Fox ]
Updated for endless and solo with mutators

older versions here :

-change floor texture at the end of the map
-test : body drop down through floor when die
-test : teleporters
RE4 Cabin
Created by higehige00
A map from Resident Evil 4(Chapter 2-2)

Entire map is bigger than the original since the original size was too small for the gameplay of KF2.

Alternative link
Kokiri Forest
Created by higehige00
A map from Legend of Zelda....
Kusomiso Floor
Created by higehige00
Kuso map.

Abesan by Akatuni
Big Green
Created by higehige00
This map is inspired by one of the greatest custom maps from KF1 called KF-DeadPool by Zulukiller.

The mikudayo- model I used was made by suzu.
Created by higehige00

Barbara(Pink-Chicken) Thank you so much for letting me using the texture.
Kenmou no ojisantachi(pictures) itumo yasasii ojisanntachi arigatougozaimasu.
All the creators of 3d models....
Shopping Spree
Created by Zerreth
Second Place Winner in the KF2 Grindhouse Competition (Wave 2). Made by Jeroen van Wamelen AKA Zerreth, one of the creators of KF-Departed for Killing Floor 1.

It's a compact map designed specifically to cram as much playable space in as small of an ar...
Created by RockMax
Update 28.4.2018

Fixed collision
Combined meshes
Added more visuals
Fixed some visual problems

Update 1.2..2018

Toned down bloom
Added Markus
Fixed some path nodes
Fixed some blocking volumes

The long bus ride ...
Created by Xeroz
Within ten hours of the containment breach, nearly three quarters of the security and research detail at Horzine's London laboratory had been killed. Those who couldn't escape set up makeshift defenses in their dormitories, or the labs. In the depths of th...
KF-Galaxy Tavern
Created by Serious
A Tavern in the Space


A Holdout journey trough many different areas and choices.

Map Features:

• 10 Different Areas + 1 Bonus Area
  1. Snow Castle (Easy)
KF-TreeHouse Commodores
Created by Serious
Don't worry, you could survive a fall.


Map Features:

• Random Weathersystem (Sun/Rain/Fog)
• Random Day/Night Cycle
• Dosh Zones
• Special Boss Arena

New and Harder Version:
KF-TreeHouse Hard Edition
Created by Serious
A Big TreeHouse in a huge Forest.
Be Cautious about Zeds pushing you off the border.


Map Features:

• Changing Weather
• Day/Night Cycle
• Boss Area
• 4 Dosh Hold Zones

File Name: KF-Tree_House_Har...
KF-Lava Castle
Created by Serious
You always wanted a Castle in a Lava Lake.... yeah, me too... so here it is :-)


Don't go into the lava, even as firebug it will kill you in a few seconds.

Map Features:

• Da...
Created by Serious
Discover Hans' holiday home


Right in time for Halloween.
Do not look into the cellar if you want to eat something at the feast.

Map Features:
• new progression method

--- already availa...
KF-Chilly Cave
Created by Serious
A cold cave in the middle of nowhere


Everything here is freezed but an alien luminescent luiquid. We Should'nt touch it!
We have to clear this cave quick or we will freeze to death like the survivo...
KF-Dark Night
Created by Serious
A dark forest full of terrors


Map Features:

• Extreme Darkness
-> Start the Main Generator ASAP
• Destructible Trees / Interactive Foliage
• Collectibles
• Dosh Zones

File Name:
KF-Skyscraper War
Created by Serious
A Fight like it was never before.
Two roofs against each other.


Map Features:

• Unique behaviour for the map depending on mode and length
  1. Survival short:_____no_
Created by Serious
Going on → Going down ↓

Holdout/Progression the fast way.
From roof down to a lava cave, every wave.


Map Features:
• Fast ZED Spawn
• 1 Trader at the roof
• Many destructibles
KF-The Dark Tower
Created by Serious
A mystical structure. A massive dark tower in the clouds

Based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.


Map Features:
• Very high tower
• Supernatural surrounding
• 120% ZED amount + extra
KF-Fire Ice
Created by Serious
A Lava Cave in a snowy Landscape.


Be cautious about the extreme environment.

Heat Wave -> Stay Outside
Storm Wave -> Stay Inside ☺

File Name: KF-Fire_Ice
Download: 12,2 mb
HardDrive: 45 mb
ID: 1411...
KF-Toxic Cavern
Created by Serious
Welcome Miners and Explorers


Deep in an unfinished mining site avoid the toxic waste and dont get traped in one of few dead ends or claustrophobic passages!

Map Features:
• Outside S
KF-Payday 2 Alaskan Deal
Created by Serious
The heist takes place at a freight dock in Alaska

Join the Payday gang ;-)


Map Features:
• Rebuild of my favourite PD2 Map: Alaskan deal
• New setting for objectives

-> Yes, t...
KF-Toilet Map
Created by Serious
You clicked on this Item.... so, just download and play it ;-)


Do i really have to say anything about this map... ok :D

Map Features:
• You are fighting on a toilet :D
• Custom ZEDSpawns...
KF-3 Lane Defence
Created by Serious
Castle Defence NEW formula ☺


Defend your Castle from attacking ZEDs

Map Features:
• All players die with the first ZED reaching your Base
• 3 Options you can choose to define your p
KF-Lake Eanor
Created by Serious
A Day by the Lake.


Maybe it's not that easy....but this scene looks almost like there was no ZED-Apocalypse.
Let's try to get this place as safe and beautiful as it was before all of this.

Map Features:...
KF-Frozen Lake
Created by Serious
A solitude lake in the cold north


Glide between ZEDs but dont get stuck :)

Map Features:
  1. Slippery surface
  2. Collectibles
  3. Many dosh hold zones
  4. O
Created by Serious
The Federal Bureau of Control in KF2


A medium sized supernatural office map

Map Features:
• Lots of special dynamic and destructible actors
• All areas inspired by Remedy's "Control
Created by RockMax
Testing phase for Bar.

This map is using Stalker-Two-K textures with permission of the author.
You can download the texture pack here
Created by Serious


Welcome to the very first survival-horror map of KF2.
I always missed the horror feeling on this game.... not anymore 😉
Main inspiration for this map is the work of Frictional Game...
KF-Out of the Fog
Created by Serious
A Spidercave hidden in dense fog

Try to stay above the fog. The Zeds will always try to surprise you.


Map Features:
• Extreme exponential Heigth Fog:
You can see over a long distance on hig
KF-Neon Holdout
Created by Serious
The NEON Map


Warning! This map is not recommended for people with epilepsy.
No need for the flashlight in this map ;)
But don't be too distracted from the glowing objects, the ZEDs won't b...
KF-Snow Forest
Created by Serious
Fly your own helicopter


Map Features:
• Large snowy Forest
• Control your helicopter
• 3 teams player can choose:

- Forest (1 Player! necessary!)
- Helicopter (1-5 Players)
Created by Serious
Low Gravity Space Party


Feel free in this chaotic space map.

Map Features:
• Very low gravity
• Fast ZED Spawn
• Random Lightning
• Dosh Hold Areas & Collectibles
• Teleport Eff
KF-Marlen Falls
Created by Serious
A Landscape inspired by Alan Wake and Vanishing of Ethan Carter.
Progress along the Marlen Falls down to an abandoned Cottage.


Map Features:

• Progression Map over 5 Areas
• Day/Night Cycle
• Collectib...
KF-Dynamic Arena
Created by Serious
A simple arena with dynamic scenerie

Holdout the lazy way...


Map Features:
• 25 random choosen areas each wave

apokalyptic, aqua, blood, castle, cave,
city, clock, corn, des...
Created by jet27
A Grindhouse contest entry.

An evacuation effort has gone wrong,
leaving the dam that connects a small town to the rest of the world overrun with undead.
Only those who can deal with a hoard of zeds will pass through this checkpoint now....
Created by Pt.Jones
A re-creation of the classic Goldeneye N64 multiplayer map 'Complex', but modified to fit KF2 gameplay.

[img] [/img][img]htt...
Created by Pt.Jones
A re-creation of the classic Goldeneye N64 map 'Facility', but modified to fit KF2 gameplay.

[img] [/img]
KF-Block World
Created by Serious
Trapped in a weired supernatural world


Inspired by awesome indie games like Kairo, Mind, NaissanceE & others

Map Features:
• 2 Secret Areas

- Oasis opens when you collect gears
- Cave ...
Created by Serious
Would you like to play a game of chess?


Be prepared for ZED's falling down .... on you!

• Endless ready
• 7+ Players ready
• 4 Dosh Zones

Good luck and don't forget to thump up ;-)...
KF-Coast Defence
Created by Serious
A small Island in the wide ocean.


Map Features:
• Three Area-Island
• Teleports on both Ends (open just during Trader Time and some seconds after)
• 25 Collectibles
• Special Atmosphere in the Cave
• Just one Sp...
KF-Dark Night 2
Created by Serious
You want a cave in a dark forest, this map is for you!


- Watch your Flashlight Battery
- Start the Main Generator ASAP
- don't get lost in the Forest
- Stay always allert

Good luck and don't forget to ...
KF-Egypt Holdout
Created by Serious
The classic pyramide run

Main inspiration for this map is the awesome work of Croteam/Serious Sam


Map Features:
• Progression Holdout -> New wave, new fix area

- 11 different ar...
KF-Floating Island
Created by Serious
A small paradise in the sky

Don't ask how you get here... better ask how to survive.


Map Features:
• Small floating Island
• 1 minute days ;-)
• Very fast Zed Spawn
• Collectibles
• Dynamic
KF-Heaven Or Hell
Created by Serious
Your choice, heaven or hell?


The first holdout progression map which contains 2 holdout progression maps ;-)

Map Features:
• 21 Areas
• Choose if you want to visit Hell or Heaven
KF-Hell's Ocean
Created by Serious
Welcome to hell


Something worse happened, why did we end in hell?

Map Features:
• Medium sized very VERY bloody map
• Collectibles and Events
• Rage mode for those who dare
• 3 Trader
KF-Hold The Door
Created by Serious
Hold the Door at all cost


Inspired by one of my favourite deaths from Game of Thrones.
The ZEDs will force you more and more into the cave, you have to fight back before reaching the back exit.

KF-Hot Here
Created by Serious
Is it hot here?


I'm not just sexy, there is a vulcano right under my feet.
Let's ignore this giant fan, but why are there Zeds in the Center cheering?

25% Chance every Wave for a special extr...
KF-Mountain Hut
Created by Serious
An old manor in the Mountains


Defend against 4 random choosen directions of incoming ZEDs.
• Snow (North)
• Rock (East)
• Corn (South)
• Forest (West)

Multiple Ways are possible.

Don't l...
Created by Serious
Adventuretime in this slowly flowing River

with hiding Crawlers and pretty Waterfalls.


File Name: KF-RiverCanyon
Download: 3 mb
HardDrive: 10 mb
ID: 1422184357


• HoE 4-7 Waves

Created by Serious
Be my Guest on this very Special Map.


Teleport around, every few seconds.
Off course the ZEDs are also teleporting.
Due to it's experimental character, only try if you want sth new/special/crazy ☻

The M...
KF-The End
Created by Serious
A meteorite during zed apocalypse


Humanity survived the zeds, at least for now. But will we survive this?

Map Features:
• 2 Areas

- Surface / Shelter
• Meteor Event
• Objec
KF-The Guide
Created by Serious
The Serious KF2 mapping Guide Map


The map every new mapper waited for.
You don't care for mapping, i hope the map is still fun to play ;-)

Map Features:
• Large Open Landscape
• Progression
KF-The Park
Created by Serious
City-Survivalist last chance to enjoy nature


Explore an abandoned park in a lost city.

Map Features:
• 4 Entrances from the city to the park
• unique play with light/darkness
• Ex
KF-The Tomb
Created by Serious


As only survivor after a planecrash you have just one option if you don't want to die of thirst in the desert.
Explore an old egyptian tomb you don't know what horrors will wai...
KF-Toilet Map 2 - Wrath of the Toilet
Created by Serious
Next Chapter in Toilet War


Only for the serious KF2 player ☺

You don't know part 1? Check this:

Map Features:
KF-Year Walk
Created by Serious
Let's go year walking


Experience an in many ways different map

Map Features:
• Black/White map
• My KF2 interpretation of the game Year Walk
• Large open Landscape
• 8 optional Ob
Created by ZOD
Loosely based on KF1 Arcade-Gas-Station layout by KINGshinobi. 4 Trader locations.


[IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] DownloadManagers=OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.SteamWorkshopDownload [OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.KFWorkshopSt
Created by Ilpolol
Welcome to Sahara!

This map is kind of experiment with huge open environment. No invisible walls.

NOTICE! Trader is map wide, just hit E anywhere in the map between the rounds....
Created by Fever
*UPDATE May 3rd 2016* - Versus Survival support added! Light brightness increased slightly.

A bloody night at the museum created by former Tripwire level designer Fever. Created in my spare time in about 4 weeks, with the goal being to create a small ma...
Dystopia 2029 (Original)
Created by Sean Sindahl
Drawing inspiration from movies and games like Bladerunner and Syndicate, Dystopia 2029 features a large open downtown set in a bleak and dystopian semi-futuristic city. Multiple buildings and locations offer a huge play area with lots of variety in a dark...
Spaceport Perdition
Created by Lunacinda
With its narrow corridors mixed with a dark alien-inspired atmosphere, Spaceport Perdition will challenge your maze-navigating skills while blasting grappling zeds around every corner....
Created by Chaz
A pretty big map based in slums

Version B3:

-Added customization lobby
-Added some more details
-New enemy spawner
-Changed water
-Fixed some collision issues
Created by Brouette Quantique
#Grindhouse 5th place!
An average Tuesday for the rest of the world that might just be your last. It’s 1800 hours, and you and your companions have arrived at MAIM-Base (short for Monreith Artifact Investigation and Management), in scenic Monreith Cove, U...
Water on Mars
Created by Ilpolol
Hello! Welcome to Mars!

What is Water on Mars?
·Huge open environment
·Trader is map wide due to huge map
·Big interiors
·Even bigger exterior
·Yep there's a deathstar!

!NOTICE! Trader is map wide, just hit E anywhere in the map between ...
Created by RockMax
Update 7.11.2017

Updated shaders
Updated shadows

Update 18.9.2017
Lightning should be fixed

Update 17.9.2017
Added roads detail
Detached the ground on 12 parts

Update 31.7.2017
Fixed blocking volumes
Fixed ai pathing
Fixed camping spots

Update 11.6.20...
Created by matt
based on the battle arena from Mario Kart 64 by Nintendo. i made this map a while ago when i was learning the KF2 SDK.

someone made a blockfort map before me, i just decided to make my own which i think is an improvement over the other version

Created by Sean Sindahl
A small defense map in a beautiful sky city vista on a sunny warm mid-day setting. Zed move along a one-way path, funneling towards a large and open center platform from which you get to tear them to shreds from safe distance.

A veritable lambs to the s...
Created by RockMax
Update 4.9.2017

Fixed clipping light
Added lights in the office, not desctructible

Update 20.6.2017

Edited some blocking volumes, now you can jump on
some meshes...
Created by Dragontear
'As the days pass, those fortunate enough to escape the main concentrations of these horrible things often find themselves scattered elsewhere.
As the sun lowers, those poor souls seek shelter, and fortify.
As the night falls, we hear them, baying.'
KF-CarillonHamlet [Original]
Created by Chaz
Medium sized map in a small industrial-ish village with a daytime setting

let me know of any issues


Other Links:
KF-Barmwich Town (Original)
Created by Moon Glint
Original Version of the map before it's official release

I have been working on this map since 2015, I removed the 2016 version from the workshop due some bugs and community players asking for the custom music removal. After several improvements, bug fi...
KF Rig
Created by Scrub Lord
Workshop item description...
Created by RockMax
Update 21.4.2018

Fixed exploits

Update 16.2.2018

New collision
New spawns

Remake from Killing Floor 1

Update 6.10.2017
Edited path nodes
Edited spawn volumes
Edited draw distance
Edited blocking volumes

Created by RockMax
Remake from Killing Floor 1

Fixed Shadows
Some adjustments
Fixed lightshafts

Added doors
Fixed Landscape
New path nodes
New spawn volumes

Fixed some issues with SpawnVolumes

Final Build 4.1.2017
Created by RockMax
Update 6.11.2017

Updated path nodes
Updated shadows
Updated blocking volumes

New anomalies
New collision on buildings and tunnels
New event
Custom respawns
Global trader

Update 13.5.2017

Fixed animations of Sid

Update 12.5.2017

Fixed sha...
The KF-TF2_Harvest has been totally remastered.

What's new??
1. Shading of all meshes become much better.
2. Custom ammo crate model.
3. New Sky.
4. Dirt Roads.

Also, this map has Objective mode NOW!
It use a lot of new custom sounds and models.
A brand ...
KF-TF2_2Fort (Open World)
This map support Objective mode NOW!

Total 11 Waves.

Every wave use many custom sounds.
One Custom Objective mode.

Open World version

( Holdout version =>
Club Confession
Created by Sean Sindahl
From the 2004 RPG masterpiece, Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines
the Club Confession level now takes a seat as a Killing Floor 2 custom map.

Designed and built completely from scratch true to the original but expanded and re-envisioned
to fit the Killi...
Created by RockMax
If you never played Garrys mod, don´t expect too much from this map.

Update 4.9.2017

Removed grass
Created by Fat Cat
A lane map in a hotel corridor.

This is my first KF2 map that took a few months to make. Enjoyed making this, have fun.

This map was specifically made for Faked runs with Controlled Difficulty in mind I recommend playing CD with this map for a more v...
Deck 17
Created by Kill Master
Note for server owners:
If you are having issues with version mismatches on your server...
Created by CrossFire
My shitty attempt to recreate Pallet Town from Pokemon Red and Blue....
Created by RockMax
Update 8.1.2017
Updated shaders
Added more detail to the map
Edited path nodes
Edited blocking volumes
New collision

Update 31.10.2017
Updated shadows, map has much less mb. Last version had 336mb
Fixed path nodes and blocking volumes

Update 4.9.2017

Created by Frostbite*
removed versus
added 2 new entries in world properties
added Endless Mode
made new kismet traders system
closed the outside area(traders only)
added blocking volumes
fixed some meshes
added new toys to play with at a certain trader...
Created by Frostbite*

added animation materail to ammo crates(illum)
fixed physics assets materail on hologram trader,
made and improved translucent mic for skel mesh on trader,
reduced the bloom at traders,
fixed rotation light at l...
KF Koholint
Created by Yuck! Fishbones
Map Name: KF-Koholintv06

My first map, based on the Gameboy Zelda game, Link's Awakening. It has a few graphical hiccups, as I struggled with learning UnrealEd, but hopefully it's enjoyable nonetheless.
Also I hope it works at all!...
Created by RockMax
Created by RockMax
Update 5.7.2018
Reduced mesh count
Fixed some collision
Fixed splatter maps
Added few details
Fixed camping spot
Map should run better

Update 18.4.2018
Fixed exploits

Update 8.1.2017
Updated shaders
Added more detail to the map
Edited path nodes
Edited b...
Created by RockMax
Update 29.1.2017
Better performance
Faster spawn rate

Original Creator MKTS02 so every thanks go to him,
I only re-created and changed the map and made it a little bit bigger.

Added second floor
Added new path nodes
Fixed Lightning
Two new shops
Created by RockMax
Update 5.1.2017
Increased the radius of light from 360 to 460
Decreased the Light damage treshold from 100 to 75
You can now destroy the lights with explosives

I had this crazy idea with the lights.
So every light is destructible but not the white lights...
Created by RockMax
Update 17.7.2017

New respawn system, you will respawn right at the shop when you die

Update 20.6.2017

Fixed static shadows
Updated the map to the newest patch
Many new changes

Update 4.4.2017

-Fixed blocking volumes
-New texure of grass

Created by RockMax
Update 24.6.2017

Updated the map for the newest patch.
Added blocking volumes to reduce lags on stairs

Created by Frostbite*
small update fixes:
zeds pathing at stairs
removed 4 invisble walls:)
removed trader doors,now open

Port KF-KF1-DefenceB2
(friends request)
credits go to original creater fadiel and those who had a chance to play the beta...
Created by RockMax
Port from KF1 made by UltraKill remade by me
Created by RockMax
Update 16.02.2022

Fixed some doors
Added physics volume to the acid pool
Added a few particle effects

HillBilly horror the classic Killing Floor 1 map is back!

Map now offerrs
Stand your ground
Killing Floor 1 ammo boxes
Collectibles 30x but 20 is need...
Created by RockMax
Another classic map from Killing Floor 1 is back!

Map now offerrs
Updated textures and shaders
New lightning and bloodsplatters
Dynamic enviroment lights
Reworked collisions
Stand your ground
Killing Floor 1 ammo boxes
Collectibles 30x
And more!

Special ...
Created by RockMax
Bedlam finally made its comeback!

Fix 20.5.2022
Fixed the option to jump through window in trader area

QuickFix 5.5.2022
Fixed ammo box respawn from 5 seconds to 360
Fixed few disappearing meshes
Added blocking volume on Courtyard stairs
Opened before cl...
Created by RockMax
Merry Christmas everyone!

Ice Cave is here, a long awaited kf 1 port in a new jacket

Map now offers Stand your ground mod
Collectibles 16x
Updated textures and shaders
New lightning
Dynamic enviroment lights
New collisions
And more!...
Created by RockMax
Update/Quickfix 28.11.2020
Added more drops for zeds
Added more blocking volumes
Fixed light shadow bug in the middle area
And more

Port from KF1, original mapper Ferenos

Map offers:
Quality shaders
New lightning
Great shadows
Blood splatter...
Created by RockMax
Update 20.5.2021

Optimized shaders & particles
Reduced map size
Blocked some camp positions

Winter came a little bit early.

Wanted to release this on my birthday...
Created by Frostbite*

MIrrors Edge meets unreal tournament 3,
custom port from ut3 to kf2 with some original models,
i used the frostbite 3 engine to extract models and textures
its a pretty big open map with no invisble walls and no shitty collison to get stuck ...
Created by Frostbite*

fixed kismet kfplayer respawns on multiplayer,after death will go to the trader that is open,
fixed physics and collison,
fixed a bugged trigger volume,
fixed aura and nothern lights online around liberty head when all...
KF-Resident Evil 2 RPD Map
Created by Antize
Hello there ! I made a little Resident Evil 2 map.

Note : I had never used an unreal editor, and this is my first attempt. Please post any problems or suggestions you might have, thank !


Features :
Created by RockMax
Another additon to the lego maps...
Created by RockMax
Models / Textures: 4A Games , Metro Last Light Redux

Optimised Shaders, shadows, collision, path nodes, size,
blocking volumes, draw distance, everything you can think of...
Created by RockMax
Models / Textures: 4A Games , Metro 2033 Redux

Update 7.11.2017

Updated maps shaders and shadows, map has less mb.

Update 5.9.2033

Added Culldistance volume, should help with fps

Players that are alive still need to find the trader but dead p...
Created by RockMax
Models / Textures: 4A Games , Metro Last Light Redux

Why is this map so heavy?

I made a lot of optimization for this map,
dynamic shadows are set to 1000 so instead I´m using static shadows.

Map has 2k textures with normal maps and
ambient tha...
Created by RockMax
You can enter the Metro

Models / Textures: 4A Games , Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Exodus...
Created by RockMax
Port and also a remaster of a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 map
Created by RockMax
Yes, this is a 3D version of Among Us, spend quite
some time on this one, enjoy

QuickFix: Fixed MedBay not having collision
Added more ammo boxes
Fixed preview picture resolution

Patty sus...
Created by RockMax

Update 17.10.2020
Added Precomputed visibility
Added preview image
Fixed audio playing in one side
Tried to fix the zeds catching in trees, needs to be tested

QuickFix 26.07.2020: Changed the name in world info
to match th...
Created by RockMax
Bigger version mixed with the new assets from
the new map. Optimized meshes etc, etc.
Did I forgot to tell you that it now looks like Doom?...
Created by RockMax
Update: 25.07.2020 Lots of optimisation, fixed a ton
of blocking volumes, fixed ton of path nodes,
A swamp, rocky swamp with a lot of foliage, be
careful where you go and look everwhere because
the zeds can come at you from all sides....
Created by Frostbite*

anything can happen in southpark at night,
the roads are quiet but there's plenty of life in this small town to go around for every1,
when the moon reaches it highest point in the sky things begin to waken up even more,
if u are ...
Created by RockMax
Happy X Mass

Map has full day and night mode. It takes 50 minutes to night to set. Frost might release night time version only
You can find several easter eggs.
Yes we got the line for one of the 4 traders that are in but it plays in MP only when some...
Created by Frostbite*

quick fix:
traders voice over cues when no trader was active

Major Update:
i wasnt happy with things about the map so i reworked some tweaks:)
now it will play out a bit different
all traders are DISABLED (until event i...
Created by RockMax
Tis the season...
Created by Frostbite*
copyrights epic-unreal,microsoft.

new update: 24/05/21
fixed bugged description now it displays proper map and survival,instead of gamemode^^
added gow trader pods,skinned by nikufo,
tweaked lighting and daylight changes,
tweaked sp...
Created by Frostbite*

added custom trader pods (Crimson Omenx4)
added original gears of war ammo (pick ups)
added new spawns
added omen collectables
added 9 stand your ground (all work on endless and weeklys)
added omen icon to dosh holds...
Created by Frostbite*

fixed spawns in hanger(pointed out by pokerman on 32+players server)
tightened spawns and spawn rates to prevent prolongened camping^^
added 6 dosh holds and omen icons to stand your ground,
fixed ammo respawns and weapon pick...
Created by RockMax
A pit that´s calling you!...
Created by RockMax
Update 4.9.2017

Edited blocking volume near barrels so you now can´t fall down and trap yourself
Fixed some path nodes
Fixed blocking volumes

Update 31.7.2017
Fixed several camping spots
Fixed ai pathing...
Created by RockMax
Update 31.10.2017
Fixed camping spots
As you play the map will get darker....
Created by SSSekky
Salutations, fellow Zed slayers!

This map was ported by the well-known community mapper
and my dear friend, RockMax. This upload was sanctioned
on his request, I am just a middleman.

The map was originally created by Mr.Stealth for Counter-Strike....
Created by SSSekky
Salutations, fellow Zed slayers!

This map was ported by the well-known community mapper
and my dear friend, RockMax. This upload was sanctioned
on his request, I am just a middleman.

The map was originally created by Leo-Trigger+ for Counter-Strike...
Created by RockMax
Update 28.09.2020

Adjusted textures
Added preview image

Update 16.09.2019

AI pathing should work now
Edited path nodes
Edited collision
Edited splatter maps
Edited ligtning
Edited textures

Port from CSS...
Created by RockMax
What? It´s just a pool...
Created by Frostbite*

i started porting this map from kf1 over the period of 8-9 weeks,
it was made by the original creater of kf1 mod alex quick,
being objective mode only and was a standalone mod ,
the zeds were replaced with toydolls and ev...
Created by RockMax
Part of canals map from HL2...
Created by RockMax
Update 1/2 - 7.5.2018

New collision for the tram
Fixed path nodes
Fixed blocking volumes
Deleted tons of unused polygons from meshes 'nodraw textures'
Optimisation? Should run better

Credits: Crowbar Collective

Update 19.9.2017

Elevator doors are now o...
Created by RockMax
Update 15.10.2017
Made spawn volumes 'Out of sight'
there should be no waiting for zeds now.

Update 24.9.2017
Sorted kfspawners
Edited spawn volumes
Made the spawns way faster

HL2 EP2 map

Defence type of map, some may recognize it from KF1 version made ...
Created by RockMax
Update 8.12.2017

Fixed 'camping' spot however I can´t fix the 'ladder' issue.

If you´re not afraid of heights, you will be.

Bridge Point was once a Resistance outpost on the Coast near a large railroad bridge.
Its occupants were eliminated by the Combi...
Created by RockMax
Update 16.12.2017


Added more zed spawns
Fixed Chokepoints
Fixed name of the map in world properties

Let's say you'll get something from me on Christmass...
Created by RockMax
This is the part after Vortal Coil. Look at my Half Life maps list for more maps from HL

Known issues:

You can´t shoot through tree leaves...
Created by RockMax
Update 06.03.2019
Fixed camping spot

Update 8.5.2018

Fixed zeds not spawning from top
Fixed shaders

Same as Vortal Coil but without alarms and more deadly...
Created by RockMax
Is it really that time again?

Credits: Crowbar Collective...
Created by RockMax
White Forest is a Resistance base located in the
Outlands, north of City 17, used by the
Resistance to build a rocket intended to shut
off the Combine Superportal.

The map is huge and open, it has few buildings
to hold the zeds but dont count on them.
Created by RockMax
Well you wanted it better, you got it!

Map is twice as big as the first one
Added more detail
Completely new optimisation. 200 frames avg.
New ammo boxes
Added lego grass as dumb as that sounds
Now if you step on lego it will hurt you. Don´t worry,...
Created by Frostbite*

hugh map and is useing HD textures +cubemaps for reflections in the materails,
instead of the actor,this way blood spatts can be used:) the OperaHouses' shine doesnt last long when its painted with zeds blood^^

the map;
4 traders
Created by RockMax
Yes this is a map from Painkiller!!...
Created by RockMax
Boss level from Painkiller, the Enclave...
Created by Frostbite*
all rights belong to The Farm 51,Nordic Games,MK.people can fly
the map is a roman arena taken from painkiller hell and damnation.

credits:killmaster for the use of his textures for post
processing,all the beta testers tyvm big time guys.

this pa...
Created by Frostbite*

trauma,bloodshed aftermaths,
reverend alberts had seen it all,
questioning his own faith,
seeking sanctuary at the cathedral,
to gather his thoughts alone!that he wasnt,
things would take a turn for the worst,
is there no place sa...
Created by Frostbite*

this version was ment to be the update for the original,
the workshop tool gave me the middle finger,so it will be a fresh upload.

intro,the entrance in the main hall,the left side room.

dosh holds
music swit...
Created by Frostbite*
3 states of matter will be waiting for you!

painkiller game itself i have taken and remade similar levels from the original game,
there's is 5 levels in this descent map,due to custom content and file size
i have made the minimum levels that are requi...
Created by RockMax
Single map taken out of the Descent style that Frostbite did...
Created by Frostbite*

from the black edition, this version of the map has been reworked,
its visuals and lighting has had a good bit of work done,
more than the descent version,due to limitations ^^
new shaders with custom textures and bumpmap normals,
Created by RockMax
Quickfix 29.5.2018

Music should be louder
You can turn it off by pressing E once you spawn, works only once!
Added three new traders

Just bananas!

Eliminated like 100 bugs but yes you can still find many, report them!

You can disable music by pressing ...
Created by RockMax
Remake from KF1

Update 17.6.2018
Added more detail
Fixed blocking volumes
Fixed path nodes
Fixed shadows
Removed that one trader, will add more in the future?
Removed phys volume and replaced with blocking volume
Closed the barn
Closed some o...
Created by RockMax
Small part map from Hard Rain campaing...
Created by RockMax
More like, Rock Maps.

Update 7.1.2018
Deleted blocking volume from border of the map so now you can freely fall to nothingness
Edited path nodes
Edited materials...
Created by RockMax
Update 1.1.2018
Edited teleporter, zeds can go through now
Spawn volumes at the end of the map have 'Out of Sight' set on
Added second teleport
Added choke points

Sample Text...
Created by RockMax
Update 10.12.2017

Fixed blocking volumes on cars and truck

I´m not the original mapper but I tried to contact AcidChalk and he didn´t respond
so if you know this guy text him and I will send him this version so he can release it.

So what did I actually...
Created by RockMax
Well what are you waiting for? Go testing, and again, and again.

Update 2.1.2018
Objective mode - DoshHold
New collision
Edited path nodes
Edited lightning
Edited blocking volumes

Update 7.11.2017
Fixed shaders

Update 6.10.2017
Fixed camping spots...
Created by RockMax
Day version of a Farm map, enjoy....
Created by RockMax
Remake from KF1

Update 19.7.2017
Fixed trader arrows online thanks to Frost
New respawn system. After you die you respawn right next to the trader
Some other fixes

Update 5.7.2017

Fixed height of the bridge
Added more detail

Update 2.7.201...
Created by RockMax
Update 2.8.2017

Fixed blocking volumes
Fixed shadows
Added dynamic light
Added light rays
Fixed AI pathing
Reduced path nodes
Added choke points
Faster spawns

Update 10.1.2017
Fixed crawlers blocking themselfs on the car

I did not create this map so the...
Created by RockMax
Not my map! I only made a remake
Added new skyMIC
Added new Lights
Added new Shadows
Fixed colisions
Fixed path nodes
Increased frames per second
120-180 fps on ultra on GTX 1060

My other maps

Created by Frostbite*

this version was ment to be the update for the original,
but the upload tool gave me the middle finger,
so it had to be a new upload.original map is linked below

the ne...
Created by Frostbite*
Night Boat to cairo approaches its last half mile to the banks of the river nile,
transportation was camels,the only thing that would make it to the temple,
the horzine crew made there way throught the night sands,

this version was never released to t...
Created by Frostbite*

incoming message.......
The only way into this futeristic city is by MONORAIL TRAINS,
the ones that are still functional that is,
Co-zed-2083 corp was sent throught the subways with the medical supplys onboard,
for the victIms and t...
Created by Frostbite*

direct port- with a few alterations for the ai pathing to reach the playing area,apart from this-all is original.
a good friend of mine wanted a map from hells reach into for kf2 so heres the 1st,maybe more will
follow who knows.

this lev...
Created by Frostbite*
blacklight retribution comes to killing floor 2

survival only-upload tool bug

Created by Frostbite*

new ai spawning system
teleporters (zeds only),
new spawns,
new kfpathnodes,
new parts added to the skybox,
the cake is alie,
textures,materails and shaders,
new skel meshes,
painted vertex on ground...
Created by Frostbite*

Looming high above the ruins of ancient pyramids,
the Temple casts its monolithic shadow upon the hot, bloodstained sands,
ever replenished by storms and slaughter alike.
Will you face what horrors the tombs may resurrect,
or f...
Created by RockMax
Port and part remake of a Day of Defeat map Avalanche.

Update 6.7.2018

Fixed camping position (Pokerman)
Fixed (edited) path nodes
Reduced mesh count

What this map offers:

Day to night cycle
Rain, thunder
Very hard difficulty on HoE

Known problems: Do...
Created by Frostbite*

Update: 14/04/22
colour correction bloom,
made rotation on interlopers( no matinee required)
redone all kismet,
added new sequences,
compressed animation nodes,
fixed music switch solo and multiplayer,
re-imported music and compressed...
Created by Frostbite*
added music switch
random track selection
also displays the song and artist
removed versus
added endless mode
new trader system
increased spawn rates and times
added spawns
added more ammo and pickups
toned down the green mats a t...
Created by Frostbite*
Stand your ground
fixed broken pickups ,ammo
fixed kismet
compress animations
added new meshes and kismet

blood splatts on particular wall now displays proper blood
fixed material constance on lo wangs g...
Created by M@GISTER

Thanks to friends:
Frostbite - for making the map playable :)
RockMax - for collison on meshes.
Auctoritas - for splitting landscape for import to sdk.

Created by Frostbite*

camara animations
physic assets
bugged spawns
kismet debugging
new pathing and spawns
new spawn rate system.1.8 now 0.25 (tough on hoe)
reduced ambiant audio (no longer conflicts with master volume)...