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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Civilization IV Diplomatic Features
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Apr 26, 2013 @ 1:50pm
Mar 26, 2016 @ 10:21am
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Civilization IV Diplomatic Features

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Current Version: 11.0.0009
Savegame Compatible: 11.0.0 and up (Version 10 available in "Alternate Download Links" section)
Last Update: March 26th, 2016

This mod adds new diplomatic features as they appeared in Civilization IV.

  • Sharing Opinions: The AI will share their opinions of other leaders with you if they deem you a trustworthy ally.
  • Map Trading: Sell World Maps upon discovery of Military Science. Cost goes up depending on the quality and quantity of terrain that is to be discovered - don't be surprised to chalk up a lot of cash/luxuries/your map for a map! Maps that are equal (no unique territory between two civs) are worthless.
  • Technology Trading: Upon discovery of Scientific Theory, allows you to sell technology with other civs. The cost will be determined by how many turns left this technology has to be researched (by the purchasing civ). By default, Research Agreements are disabled, but you can re-enable them (and disable this feature) in Advanced Options.
  • Request Help: Replaces "Demand" with Civs whom you've declared a Declaration of Friendship with (no diplomatic penalty, AIs will give help if they're in a better shape than you)
  • Generous Offers: AIs whom you have DoF's with will offer you help if you need it (if you're low on GPT/Gold they will donate some, if you're low on happiness they will donate a luxury)
  • Vassalage: Enslave your defeated foes and create vassals! Vassals are your puppet states. You swear protection to them, and in turn, your Vassals provide you with tribute.


This mod modifies the Civilization V Source Code (the DLL). It is not compatible with other mods that also modify the Civilization V Source Code (the DLL).

This mod modifies the Civilization V Lua. It MAY be compatible with other mods that also modify the Lua. Do to the amount of mods out there, and the number of potential conflicts, I cannot debug issues with this mod when used with other Lua mods. Please consult the github page for a full list of affected files.

It is highly recommended that you play the Community Patch Project version of this mod (does not require Community Balance Patch). The Community Patch Project also includes several bugfixes and general improvements to the game that will enhance your gameplay experience. It is the recommended Civilization IV Diplomatic Features experience.

Compatibility Patches

More compatibility patches may be added if they are necessary and easy to make.

C4DF + Enlightenment Era


I am coordinating with the Community Patch Project now. While this mod has it's standalone version on Steam, the primary (and most supported) version will be Civilization IV Diplomatic Features - Community Patch. The Community Patch Project is located here: If you want to play beta versions of this mod, check out Community Patch!

Alternate Download Link
Civilization IV Diplomatic Features - Version 11.0.0009[] (Most Recent)
Civilization IV Diplomatic Features - Version 11.0.0008[]
Civilization IV Diplomatic Features - Version 11.0.0007[]
Civilization IV Diplomatic Features - Version 11.0.0004[]
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Jun 4 @ 4:36pm
Mod bugged?
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[goose noises] Jun 7 @ 6:08pm 
...update on the issue:
it seems to only happen on hotseat games, and is fixed when i click the "accept embassy" option (it's probably fixed by other options, but that's the one i tried to select)
strange, but not as game-breaking as i thought, apparently.
Facepalm Incarnate Jun 4 @ 5:11pm 
Don't play with other mods that change the .dll file.
[goose noises] Jun 4 @ 4:33pm 
either this or some other mod seems to have broken the trade screen on a hotseat game i'm a part of... which is strange, considering it broke right in the middle of the game.
regardless, all my resources show up as blank, and i can't see what the AI is offering or what they want.
Samles May 9 @ 4:40pm 
fun but some broken parts
FloppyDolphins Apr 22 @ 12:15pm 
This doesn't work! I can't get it to enable despite I have all dependencies!!!!
The Black Guy Apr 22 @ 12:08pm 
Good idea but it's really broken. Whenever I enter a new era, a ton of military units spawn outside my capital for no apparent reason, with a glitched out notification that says "TXT_KEY_NOTIFICATION_VASSAL_LEVY"...... pretty much game ruining, even if you delete the units it's a ton of free money.
Samles Apr 17 @ 1:54pm 
such a good idea, good features, but needs an update so bad. Too many bugs and expoits
Pieniadz9 Mar 16 @ 4:15am 
There's a bug that allows you to buy anything from any civ for your map, even if there's nothing new on it.
Derp Mar 6 @ 9:37am 
Can`t load any game with this mod anymore, runetime error
Thanos Did Nothing Wrong Mar 3 @ 10:59am 
Nice prequel refrence