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Adds a customizable general overview tab, allowing you to see any stats on all your colonists or prisoners in a single window. Quickly compare colonists to see who your best doctor is, or to assign gear optimally.

- Customizable overview tab, displays as many columns as you can fit on your screen.
- Displays Stats, Skills, Needs, Gear, Queued jobs, Pawn Records, etc etc.
- Prisoner and medical controls, equipment overview, current job.
- A Medical Tab that's better than Fluffy's Medical Tab.
- Works with colonists, prisoners, enemies, animals, wild animals, and even corpses.
- Presets! Save, load, move and share your custom layouts. Store them as default.

- Slide and reorganise columns as you see fit. Reorderable headers!
- Click headers to sort by stat and compare.
- Click to jump to colonist.
- Right-click headers to close.
- Draggable options for things like: prisoner interaction, all checkmarks. Try it on outf

It can be added to existing saves without problems. I've even had success removing it from a save, apart from a one-time error upon loading.

Original idea and implementation of Numbers by koisama https://github.com/koisama/kNumbers. Rewritten, updated, expanded and maintained by Mehni.

- Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1414302321
- Ludeon: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=35832.0
- GitHub: https://github.com/Mehni/kNumbers/releases

Known issues:
None currently. If you experience it breaking, send me a HugsLib log. Most errors can be recovered by loading a saved default or preset.

Keybinding conflict:
Okay so I lied about the known issues. There is one. Numbers uses Z as a hotkey to open its main window. Z is the only regular key not yet taken by RimWorld. Every mod will want to use it so it will collide sooner or later.

If you run into this conflict, open the keybinding settings in the options menu. You can decide for yourself which mod is allowed to lay claim to the coveted Z button.

The situation is unfortunate but as it is a user setting, it's easily fixed.

English: Mehni

If you like this mod, please considering buying me a coffee.
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Panacea Nov 17 @ 11:56am 
Having a problem with this and Pawn Rules. "Manage Default Rules" column won't go away on right click. Now, normally I can just delete the preset and start over, but the prisoner tab has no presets to delete in mod options. Anybody have a clue what to do about this?
ANCOVA Nov 10 @ 6:48pm 
Is there a way to force the width of a column? I want the Focus column to be useful by being wide enough to account for its long values. Or, even better, some ability to boolean search those values and get a red-light/green-light icon?
Smol Pener Oct 16 @ 9:32pm 
Have the same problem as Dan. I've had the mod at the bottom and top of the list after core and not only is the number tab empty but wildlife doesn't open up too. I even tried the repackaged 1.2 one.
Dan Oct 5 @ 12:26pm 
Is there a possible way to clear the mod's cache for the setup of the tab? I'm not sure what caused it. Lot of mods installed, so could be any number of things- but the numbers tab is Empty now. its just about 5px wide and 10px tall on the left corner where it would spawn the window, and nothing comes up. There are errors in the console but removing/re-adding the mod didn't solve it. Curious of anybody has any suggestions. It -was- working fine on 1.2 for about 20 hours prior to last night. Not sure what changed, either; possible just got a new colonist.
Sfinx Oct 4 @ 6:20am 
Works fine with 1.2
To get rid of the incompatibility message do the following:
go to \SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\1414302321\About
open about.xml in a text editor
add <li>1.2</li>
under supported version
eg7560251 Sep 26 @ 5:45pm 
ZX Zero Sep 25 @ 5:06pm 
@eg7560251 It can be added to existing saves without problems. I've even had success removing it from a save, apart from a one-time error upon loading.
eg7560251 Sep 25 @ 2:20pm 
Save compatible? No pressure if it is not.