Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

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Jun 16, 2018 @ 7:56pm
Sep 7 @ 2:20am
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This calls the FlushLogFile() function as soon as the game loads, as well as each new Sol.
Now if SM crashes a certain way (that doesn't create the log), you still have a log to look at (unless you're on Xbox).

Also included are mod options to flush more often (probably shouldn't leave them on normally).

Logs can be found in the logs folder in your game profile:
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High Lord Baron Sep 13 @ 2:58pm 
Ohhhhhhh. In that case, disregard that comment! Thanks man! Btw, your doing an amazing job with your mods!
ChoGGi  [author] Sep 13 @ 2:43pm 
This is for logs that aren't updated when crashing, a crash log means you can look at it (open the .crash in notepad)
High Lord Baron Sep 13 @ 2:33pm 
Uhhhh. Does this still work? Unfortunatly I've encountered a crash just now were the game always just closes at about the same point, but no logs are created. Only the crashlogs, but well, I can't open them......I've also activated all the options for this mod, but still nothing
chromaticEngineer (CE) Jun 7, 2019 @ 12:44am 
Nevermind, i moved my PC near an air conditioner. it was just a GPU overheat.
chromaticEngineer (CE) Jun 4, 2019 @ 5:01pm 
. . . Yeah, you're right. why am i doing this, and you're also right on the any number of reasons bit. Could be anything at this point.
ChoGGi  [author] Jun 4, 2019 @ 4:46pm 
I did say could be any number of reasons, not sure why you're posting on this mod page instead of filing a bug report on the paradox forums?
chromaticEngineer (CE) Jun 4, 2019 @ 4:15pm 
and, i'm more inclined to believe that it's a fault with the *game*, since no other games have this kind of crash, if any crash. just surviving mars specifically.
chromaticEngineer (CE) Jun 4, 2019 @ 4:14pm 
But yeah, it may be the driver that was last updated in 2016.
chromaticEngineer (CE) Jun 4, 2019 @ 4:14pm 
it could be the drivers. also, i did mean graphics chip, but you probably knew what i meant.
ChoGGi  [author] Jun 4, 2019 @ 12:53pm 
it probably relates to the 7-year-old workstation chip..
I'd be more inclined to the seven-year-old caps, PSU, something loose, or just drivers? Hard to say, it could be any number of reasons.