Arma 3
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Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer, Coop
Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles
Scenario Map: Malden 2035
Meta: Dependency
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Jun 15 @ 3:24pm
Sep 22 @ 3:54am
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The russian forces are retreating from Malden. During the process a convoy got ambushed by a highly armed rebel group somewhere in the north. Normally we wouldn't care about this happening, but they got away with lot of dangerous ammunition and a nuclear warhead! Yes, this isn't a joke, they have got a nuclear warhead with an explosive force of 20kT!
The majority of the russian forces is already gone. And according to our intel they will not start a mission to retrieve the warhead. But they're doing everything in their power to cover up what happened...

That's where we come in. We have to intervene quickly and purposefully to get the nuclear warhead out of rebel hands. We have fought already so long to liberate Malden and save the inhabitants. We must not fail so close to the end!

Good luck.

  • nice long in- and outro
  • parameters: intro on/off, weather, viewdistance, rain effect by ALIAS, difficult level
  • JIP Always Possible
  • Nuke + Radiation + Thunderbolt + Road Flare + Flare Fix Script by ALIAS
  • enemy rebels with custom look and loadouts
  • random civilian occupation & vehicles with random Loot
  • random house patrol script by Tophe
  • enemy reinforcements (ground and air)
  • hidden optional rescue mission
  • BIS Revive System / Basic, FirstAid needed
  • sidechat message on friendly fire
  • furnished buildings, carrier etc.

Leave some comments and perhaps a LIKE ;)

Needed Addons:
Also runs on dedicated server [LOL] House of Clowns - come and join us!
-> check out [LOL] Steamgroup
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pjv Oct 11 @ 5:32am 
i have a similar feeling mission after eating baked beans
[R.R.S] tobiw01511 Sep 25 @ 10:00am 
great no third person *facepalm*
RueLight  [author] Sep 17 @ 3:04pm 
thx for your feedback guys
i understand your request of a combat chopper, but this would be to OP and make it too easy
the AH6 choppers are more competition and need a good coordinated attack
example: destroy AA with GBU -> snipers take out 50cal mg gunners -> little birds can start attack but its still dangerous coz of the low armour of these choppers
the GBU fighter can land on carrier, rearm and attack again (remember the laser marks) or he switch to combat or transport chopper
personally i don't like AI gunners in choppers, i prefer real players for more fun
however, the mission settings need good and close teamplay and good knowledge to use all available equipment in best way
PS: if you like the intro, you should see the nice outro ;)
BlinDog Sep 16 @ 1:05pm 
Nice mission!
Variable Sep 16 @ 1:04pm 
Great mission, following Alwarren's feedback, if you choose to keep the LBs I would suggest to reduce the number of 50. CALs. The sniper team can't really cover all of them and they are extremely lethal to the the LBs.
Gwynbleidd Sep 16 @ 12:58pm 
Nice mission!
Alwarren Sep 16 @ 12:56pm 
Great mission with a lot of potential, but I have a few observations:

- The littlebirds could do nothing in this mission. Their weapons are too inaccurate to avoid civilian casualties, and they are going to get shot down by a lot of 50 cals around.
Proposal: Replace the two little birds with a single Comanche that can do some precision attack

- Give the Ghost Hawk door gunners. That way, the transport can actually do something in the mission instead of wait

- The Jet doesn't have anything but the GBU's and guns, so he can't really do much in the mission either.

Other than that, I loved the attention to detail and eye candy in the mission, and an intro!
Siil Sep 16 @ 12:56pm 
Well crafted mission. Nice intro and good objective flow for the ground team. Air support felt bored after dropping two bombs. Perhaps the jet could be given more bombs or be left to scripted AI control?
ultra_wrongway Sep 16 @ 12:56pm 
Nice mission!
McGregor Sep 16 @ 12:55pm 
Nice mission. We had a few very intense firefights.