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Koth Cooper Alpha V2.0
Game Mode: King Of The Hill
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Jun 14 @ 1:05am
Jun 16 @ 5:04pm
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Koth Cooper Alpha V2.0

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After a messy initial launch of me missing a leak in the final edit. I now present The Koth Cooper Alpha AKA my first map in TF2. Keep in mind that this is still a map in development so it isnt perfect or pretty. Since this is an Alpha, break and exploit the map as much as possible and come and tell me how to fix it.

-I am currently not hosting any servers that run this map however if you wish to use it, go right ahead, as long as you don't wave it around as your own.

-As I said earlier, please send any feedback my way to improve upon the map.

Known issues that are being worked on:
1.No map based sound effects (asside from doors)
3.Dev Textures
4.A few lighting issues in some areas.
6.Control Point Hologram not appearing properly. (though I think this is on my side since I have graphic configs)

Known issues that are fixed but not implemented in the current update:
1."That" sound that plays from one of RED's spawndoors
2. "Player has captured #koth_firstmap_cap" (next update will replace it with "player has captured the point"
3. A small texture crack ontop of the waterfall building.
4. Issues with the underground brush layout.
5. Ceartain Areas players are not allowed to access.
6.Semetry problem with one of the props
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Barely Competent Jun 20 @ 5:04pm 
This actually looks like a great map, with some great and unique areas! Although, if you are in the alpha stage you probably shouldn’t prioritise aesthetic. The control point looks like it may be a bit too difficult to access, so try free it up a little. Good job!