Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Skoda Superb 1.35
Type: Trucks
Brand: Other Brands
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Jun 12, 2018 @ 8:10am
Jul 22 @ 9:49am
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Skoda Superb 1.35

Skoda Superb 1.35

Original mod files by TruckersMP Team
Files extracted from MP mod files by Robi
Updated and modified by Robi

Includes caravan trailer!
Includes standalone caravan trailer since 1.33!

Changes, fixes, improvements:
- realistic car weight
- improved car handling
- improved gearbox and engines
- includes caravan trailer (since 1.32)
- includes standalone caravan trailer (since 1.33)
- adjusted price for more realism
- updated car model versions
- fixed car in no dealer problem
- police lights now work
- added working automatic gearbox
- added engines from Skoda Superb B6 (the model is based on B6, but there are also B8 engines) (since 1.34)

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I buy this car? A: At any dealer. Q: The car won't go faster than 40 km/h? A: If you use automatic shifting and have the manual 6-speed gearbox equipped, change it to the DSG 6-speed at the dealer/service shop. Q: This mod crashes my game! Help! A: This mod does not cause your game to crash. Put it on highest priority and check for conflicting mods. Q: How do I turn on the police siren? A: Hold down the assigned airhorn button on your keyboard/controller/wheel. Q: My car runs out of fuel too fast! Help! A: Enable realistic fuel consumption in game settings.
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Car request
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thibault.iris Aug 4 @ 8:55pm 
d(>_<)b Jul 26 @ 10:58pm 
I have disabled air brakes but I still brake and turn randomly on the right or on the left side like I'm on icy road. Sometimes at the same pace nothing go wrong.
Jilt Jul 22 @ 10:57am 
@robi fast film, when i show you where is a problem. I know, propably is not your fault, bcoz im check lots od mods, and your is the most promising and I want to help improve it.
ludan279 Jul 22 @ 12:00am 
please english
香蕉君从不缺席 Jul 21 @ 2:48am 
Jilt Jul 19 @ 1:17pm 
@robi im ride >200km/h im german autobahn, and im still alive. Im veteran in Grand Prix Legends, Nascar Racing, now im play in Asseto Corsa and Project Cars on simulatiom mode, and imho im know how brake without ABS from highspeed in games. I suspect that the problem is on the side of the physical engine ETS2, but cars now are not playable. I have checked many cars and yours is the most promising.
Robi  [author] Jul 18 @ 10:27pm 
Enable realistic fuel consumption in settings.
leedrop Jul 18 @ 10:43am 
1L gas for 1km, is that a rocket? :steammocking:
Robi  [author] Jul 18 @ 12:37am 
@BohrMaschin: you have the truck speed limiter enabled in your game settings, turn it off.
@Jilt: ABS is not simulated in ETS2, if you are braking from high speed then one pair of wheels may lift off the ground and lock up, causing a slide. Try braking gradually. I need a video to better understand what you mean - lack of stability when driving forward and random slips on the highway, I have not experienced that. The car doesn't have air brakes, disable air brakes in game settings when driving the car.
Jilt Jul 17 @ 2:47pm 
The sound changes to 5000 revs (max 7000). Sometimes the car is very unstable when braking (ABS not working)? Sometimes there is a lack of stability when driving forward. The car on the highway suddenly slips. Brakes with air (what?)