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Dragonpunk: PVE Overhaul
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Dragonpunk: PVE Overhaul

MOD ID: 1409757911

What Exactly Is the PVE Overhaul?
The ARK PVE Overhaul mod is an ongoing community initiative to make PVE and map exploration more rewarding, fun, and content rich. This mod is balanced specifically for vanilla ARK gameplay, but works great with most of the ARK re-balancing mods. Instead of grinding thousands of hides to make high quality items, you'll hunt creatures for their quality hide, scales, etc. With our flexible ini options, you have the power to control which creatures drop each of the five quality levels.

There is much more to come for this mod, like new art for the custom workbenches, so keep checking back and let us know what other features you would like to see!

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Dragonpunk Season 2 is dedicated to Relay For Life and the fight against cancer.
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Recommended Mods
For a complete PVE overhaul experience, play this mod with Burgess’s Immersive Taming Mod

Server Admin Guide
So how do you actually set this up on a server? We've provided a full walk-through with descriptions of all the ini options here !

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Dreen 18 hours ago 
I see recommended mods as the Immersive Taiming mod. What about the other Dragonpunk mods such as Mythical creatures and Magic Nexus? Are there crossover for the overhaul with those mods?
Team Dragonpunk  [author] Jul 18 @ 9:07am 
@Everyone Hi, we've just posted a new video both on YouTube and above, "What's New In Season 2 - PVE Overhaul Mod Setup". Thank you for your patience, and we're excited to work with the ARK Community to keep refining this mod. We hope one day it will be the new standard!
Team Dragonpunk  [author] Jul 17 @ 8:10am 
Just for clarification. Season 2 is running on Crystal Isles and does not feature a new map. This total conversion is released a mod at a time. The map will come last. It would be great to do it all at once, but we're modders, not a multi-million dollar studio ;)
Team Dragonpunk  [author] Jul 15 @ 11:28am 
@dk4915 Season 2 started on July 10th with our Dragonpunk Charity Tournament. Once the tournament is finished, then we'll launch the roleplaying season with the leviathan and other mods. Unfortunately, we have to do it this way because we only have so many admins.
Loki Jul 10 @ 1:58pm 
The 10th of July was the release Date of season 2... thats true, but the season starts with the tournament, what is ongoing till august... after the tournament ends, the TOG Season2 Servers will Open...
Vadava Jul 10 @ 10:29am 
Season 2 does start today, but they say that's for the Arena of Gods tournament stuff. Here, straight from their discord today:

Dragonpunk-Dan - Today at 10:55 AM
@here Season 2 officially starts today as tournament registration closes - so register! Once the tournament is over (we’re guessing August 10th-ish), then we’ll start our Roleplaying Season 2 servers. We have to do it this way because we only have so many admins. Yes, we’ll release the Leviathan and a few other things at that time.
Sisho Jul 10 @ 10:23am 
@Vadava Are you sure of that because their twitter says season 2 starts today specifically and that the roleplaying season with new creature is what starts when the tournament is finished.
Vadava Jul 10 @ 10:18am 
Check their discord, Season 2 starts with the Arena of Gods, and they're aiming for an August 10th release. Everything says July 10th, yes, just chalk it up to hype, and marketing for now.
dk4915 Jul 10 @ 10:05am 
is season 2
dk4915 Jul 10 @ 8:31am 
NP man always happy to help.