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(SINKABLE) RMS Honourable and Her Final Rest
Created by Àçìd

- Multiplayer will likely cause serious fps lag -

It is my privilage and pleasure, to bring you my new -SINKABLE- ship.

-The RMS Honourable-

AND NOW also the final resting place of her remains, ...
Achievement Viewer
Created by Rubat
A simple script to view your achievement progress. A replacement, since GMOD 13 doesn't have achievements viewer.

To open it, type "menu_achievements" in console or simply press Open Achievement Viewer in the Spawn menu[/...
Addon Share
Created by Mailz
Host a multiplayer game and let your friends to view and subscribe your addons! Players that are joining your game will automatically download required addons so they won't see errors on custom models.
Also tested on dedicated server.

Admin Ball
Created by Buu342
A Ball that when you eat, it gives you 100000 health. Have fun admins ;)...
Advanced Bone Tool
Created by Thirteen___
A tool to edit angles, scaling and the location of props bones.
You can use this on any prop in gmod*.

Also availible on GitHub:

*Some props will not allow for rotation or translation due to them bei...
Advanced LockPick
Created by CeiLciuZ

this is just an advanced and realistic LockPick for DarkRP,
Don't forget the thumb up :p

you can add it in your job(s) config with this Weapon class :


Space for Force on the lock,
and click for push the P...
Advanced Particle Controller
A tool that lets you spawn and control particle effects.

  • Particles are used for all sorts of different special effects, from explosions and fire to weather effects, electricity, bullet tracers, smoke, beams and more
Air Vehicles
Created by Sakarias88
Air Vehicles 1.5
This addon includes one helicopter and two jet fighters.
Each air vehicle has two versions. One with weapons (admin only) and one without.

[KEY] = Default Key

Jump [Spa...
Air-to-surface Missile
Created by Xegor
Blow up your enemies from the sky with a controllable missile!

Left click to launch a air-to-surface missile from the sky above the aimed position.
When launched, use the mouse or the movement keys to direct it, left cl...
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Player Model
Created by Delta Wolf
Now you can set the Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume as your Player Model with the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Player Model Mod!

Model ported by:
Amnesia SNPC's
Created by Predator CZ
As prior to 2018, there are some changes.
1. Convars has been removed, everyting is editable just like any vanilla item (Going to desktop mode, right clicking on entity and selecting "edit properties"), NPC features can be changed only by admi...
Armor Regeneration
Created by Jordan Venti
After the good feedback and many requests to make an Armor Regeneration version of my Health Regeneration addon , here it is. Because none of you couldn't spare 3 minutes to change the code..

armorregen_delay - Sets the delay which you...
Attack Helicopter Playermodel
Created by 2XMM2
now you can play as your true identity

• Two skins; camo and slightly less camo
• NPCs: citizen/combine
• Playermodel
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel "hands"
• Jigglebone rotors and other thingies
• Hitboxes (headshottable - the head is t...
BF2 ZParachute
Created by V92
Zoey's ZParachute with a BF2 Theme done by myself.


Key Defaults are in [brackets], name of the command is before them.

When fallling mash the hell out of your Jump [SPACE] key multi...
Bat Owl Player Model
Created by Super Chief
Here it is. The Bat Owl Player Model. You can take off the parachute from bodygroup menu in player menu.

Player model
Finger Posing Feature
Bodygroupable parachute

Work list
Better Water Effects
Created by Landy

I got sick of the old water effects, so I made my own from some modified blood particle te...
Big Enough
Created by Krede
Are you big enough?

What in the world is this?
This addon overrides the skybox to display breen in his favorite hat, screaming at the top of his lungs.
It works on every map with a 2D or 3D skybox (preferably 3D though).

Big Smoke Playermodel
Created by Staffie
Here's something I've had in the making for quite a while. The rather more better playermodel than the one I've released long time ago.

The big ol' chum had returned to take another order and here it is.

The models itself with the better hands had be...
Black Ops 2 Claymore (Sandbox)
Created by Hoff
If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to ask or join my steam group:

This is the Claymore from BO2 (and mw1, mw2, mw3, bo1, etc).

Before asking questions in the comments, check if it's ans...
Black Ops C4 (Sandbox)
Created by Hoff
If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to ask or join my steam group:

This is the C4 ported directly from CoD Multiplayer.

Before asking questions in the comments, check if it's answere...
CS:GO SAS Gloves
Created by Mad Scientist
“Are we rushin' in, or are we goin' sneaky-beaky like?”

Guild Installation

Insurgency &...
CS:Source Driveable Vehicles
Created by Doc
Fourth and last pack of the "Source Vehicles" pack. This contains all the Counter Strike: Source vehicles, Counter Strike: GO SWAT van and police pickup truck, the lunar rover from Portal 2 and the '69 Dodge Charger R/T (both normal and General Lee replica...
CW 2.0 - Melee
Created by sрy
The purpose of this pack is to provide a melee weapon base using CW 2.0 as the backbone for modders, as such CW 2.0 is necessary for this to work.

- Easy to configure for quick creation of new melee weapons
- Player velocity increases...
Cat NPCs
Created by Jeezy
DISCLAIMER: This NPC will not function if the map you're on does not have a navmesh. Vanilla maps like gm_construct have a navmesh, but a lot of custom maps don't. Fortunately you can generate your own by typing nav_generate in console and af...
Colt Toolgun Python Reskin (Garry's Mod)
Created by minic23
Because we need something "modern"

Another small addon from me. It's time for weapon reskin, escpecially - Toolgun. From old revolver to "modern" version - Colt Python. It changes V_, W_ and C_ models, so no problems should be. No FPS drop.

But if yo...
Combine APC
Created by Lamapaca
If you have issues with your view/controls, please read the FAQ! Who could forget the famous APCs from Half-Life 2? Being loud, shooting rockets, powering forcefields and on the whole just being a huge annoyance to the one free man.

So why not tu...
Combine RT Screen(monitor) Model Pack
Created by Gordon Walkedby
Some models with RT screen.
Set Combine's TV everywhere! It might be very useful for a dictator.


Context Menu Model Manipulator
Created by Paynamia
Model Manipulator for the context menu. While using this, applying models with the model manipulator tool doesn't work. This is because of the way this addon adds the console variables. It interferes with the way the tool retreives the values.

This mani...
Customizable Jumppads
Created by HighVoltage ⚡
Unreal Tournament inspired jumppads for reaching those hard to get to spots, or launching random players across the map for lols.
I've packed a lot of features into these as well as a tool that lets you place and set their target, as well as update any se...
Customizable Weaponry 2.0
Created by sрy
Q: Why replace CW 1.0 on the workshop? Why not keep CW 1.0? Why not make it an update? Why are there so few weapons? Why call it CW 2.0 anyway? Why is there no backwards compatibility?
A: CW 2.0 is not an update, but a remake with focus on quality over
DOOM - Doomguy Playermodel - Quake Champions
Created by Kryptonite

“The Marine, commonly known as Doomguy and referred to as the Doom Slayer in the 2016 reboot, is the unnamed player character in the Doom series of science fiction horror video games created by id So...
Created by upset
Happy New Year! This time I released DOOM 3 SWEPs, I tried to make it the most faithful possible, so some things are still WIP.


doom3_crosshair (1 or 2) - Doom 3 crosshair with hit checker or just white stripes
doom3_hud (0 ...
Dan's Blood Dragon SNPC
Created by vRad.exe
The Blood dragon snpc... Be ready to fight against him, because he doesnt give a second change, as same as his brother the dragon, he got a lot of heath and you need more than a little army to fight against him. One of the most dangerous enemies from the D...
Dan's Dragon SNPC
Created by vRad.exe
The dragon snpc... Be ready to fight against him, because he doesnt give a second change, as same as his brother the blood dragon, he got a lot of heath and you need more than a little army to fight against him. One of the most dangerous enemies from the D...
DarkRP Keys for SandBox (any gamemode)
Created by Nathaan
This doesn't include door ownership or anything. That just allow locking and unlocking doors fastly. Doesn't support vehicules at this moment. Animations are working. R for knock

(Should work in any gamemode)...
Dear Sister SWEP v2
Created by EP45
Original Creator : .ISO

Fixed / Modified : Me

Category : DearSister

There are 6 versions of this gun.
- Dear Sister SWEP v2 (Original version)
- Dearsis Nodrop (No dropping function)
- Dearsis NoMusic (Slomo gun)
- Dearsis Remix (Same as Nodro...
Demolition Explosions
Created by Sninctbur
No building is safe!

Demolition Explosions is a lightweight gameplay modification that makes explosions able to inflict damage on any structure by unfreezing props and breaking their constraints. This allows fort wars to be more exciting as you...
Demon Eye (Terraria) [Ragdoll]
Created by Astute
The Demon Eyes, the giant flying eyeballs that plague skies at night.

I've been working on a lot of eyeballs recently. I decided on a whim, while I still had the technique for making Terraria eyeballs fresh in my mind, to go ahead and make these guys....
Destroyer (Terraria) [Ragdoll]
Created by Astute
"You feel vibrations from deep below..."

The Destroyer, a mechanical excavation/demolition engine meant to emulate the Eater of Worlds. Where the Eater of Worlds devours, the Destroyer eradicates. He ejects autonomous probes from his spinal col...
Destroyer SNPC[Terraria]
Created by ERROR
You feel vibrations from deep below...
This is Destroyer - mechanical worm boss from Terraria. Destroyer have drone in each segment. Drones shoot lasers and leave segment when damaged.

-You need Destroyer model to make this thing ...
DewRitos Playermodels
Created by ellie
Doritos bags and Mountain Dew bottles as playermodels!

- Multiple skins for each model based on various flavours
- Viewmodels hands (c_models)

These models were converted from a Counter Strike source mod.
All credit goes to Th...
Door Bell Mod
Created by Pekingente
This addons provides six spawnable buttons with various bell sounds.
Just choose one of them in the "Entities" tab of your Q-menu and place it wherever you want.
When pressed this object will cause a sound (ringing, buzzing, etc.) within a specific range...
Drivable yacht
Created by manul
Lara's boat from Tomb raider Underworld. Two versions: one controlled from primary cockpit and one via flybridge.

- Go to vehicles tab > TRU yacht

Things changed since previous version on [url=
Dynamic Resupply Entity
Created by Buckash105
ALL CREDIT goes to Zombie Extinguisher
for the base code. I simply modified it to my liking.

This addon adds an entity that supplies the player with ammunition for their equipped weap...
Easy Bonemerge Tool
Created by Rubat
An improved bonemerge tool. Features:
* Support for effects
* Proper undo system
* Ghost preview
* Duplicator support
* Ability to bonemerge props to yourself
* Is not limited to props at all. You can use ANY entity.
* Unlimited bonemerging depth ( ...
Eater of Worlds (Terraria) [Ragdoll]
Created by Astute
"A horrible chill runs down your spine..."

The Eater of Worlds, a gigantic corrupted worm that awakens upon breaking several shadow orbs. Using his extreme size and speed, he charges his target from the underground, and quickly surrounds his f...
Eater of worlds SNPC[Terraria]
Created by ERROR
Screams echo around you...

Eater of worlds is a horrible giant worm, that can divide into many parts when you damage segments. He can shoot corruption projectiles if you enough close to him. To kill him faster you must shoot in head, because head...
Elevator Tool
Created by zamboni
What is it?

A tool to create linear elevators which travel from point A to point B.

Why do I care?

Because it's much nicer than using hydraulics or winches; instead, this creates a reliable elevator that will not sp...
Enhanced PlayerModel Selector
Created by LibertyForce
It's the playermodel selector from Sandbox... but better! And available everywhere!

Like your playermodel? Want to easily use it in all gamemodes? Annoyed that nowadays even maps overwrite it and block the spawnmenu? Then stop reading, you're in the rig...
Erbi Wern Kenerbi SNPC Nextbot
Created by CrazyBone1000
A Sanic-style NPC of Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.

Credit goes to Xyxen ( for the original code...
Explosive Entities
A tool which makes props explosive.

Damage the props you've used this toolgun on to make them explode.

To undo press z....
Extended Properties
Created by Rubat
This addon adds a lot of properties to Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod entites such as turrets, rollermines, suit chargers, flashlights, dynamites, NPCs and anti-antlion thumpers. There are over 72 different actions for different entites and NPCs.

Extended Spawnmenu
Created by Rubat
A small script that extends abilities of your spawnmenu:
* Allows you to browse through Garry's Mod 12 / Legacy addon models
* Allows you to browse through Game, Addon, Legacy Addon materials and sounds
* Gives you detailed information on installed Work...
Extinguishing Water
Created by Sninctbur
Thank you for Mega Upload!

This simple addon adds a mechanic that should have been made far sooner. Burning players and objects will be doused after getting drenched in water. Is your sweet base burning into the ground before your eyes? Toss th...
Extra Customizable Weaponry 2.0
Created by sрy

Currently it includes:
- M14 EBR
- H&K UMP .45
- M3 Super 90
- H&K G36C
- M1911
- Walther P99
- VSS Vintorez, AS VAL and S...
Eye of Cthulhu (Terraria) [Ragdoll]
Created by Astute
"You feel an evil presence watching you..."

In honor of the 1.3 Terraria update, I've made a poseable "Eye of Cthulhu" boss model/ragdoll.

This was previously an SFM submission, but I went ahead and ported it over to GMod. I also took the li...
Eye of Cthulhu SNPC[Terraria]
Created by ERROR
You feel an evil presence watching you...

Eye of Cthulhu - giant eye, that shoot few small eyes (Servant of Cthulhu) and ramming you 3 times after it. After taking big damage he transform into second form. In second form he can't shoot eyes, but ...
FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs
Created by sрy
This is the official FA:S 2.0 SWEPs pack that I worked along with the developers of the mod, to make sure that it matches their tastes.
The base is written completely from scratch.

In case you're interested, get t[]...
Fire Extinguisher
Created by Rubat
Extinguish fire! A classic fire extinguisher, just like in Half-Life 2: Beta. And it pushes physics objects too!

It uses custom ammo, which can be replenished by jumping into water or picking up another fire extinguisher....
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 NPCs / ENTs (Toy Edition)
Created by pillow
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 NPCs / ENTs
Please read the description before commenting.
Includes ENTs, NPCs, Sounds, and Jumpscares.

To View Updates, please click here.
Five Nights at Freddy's NPCs / ENTs
Created by pillow
Five Nights at Freddy's NPCs / ENTs
Please read the description before commenting.
Includes ENTs, NPCs, Sounds, and Jumpscares.

To View Updates, please click here.
Fixed chairs
Created by MARK2580
You may have noticed that when a player gets up from the old G-Mod seats, it will teleport the player to a random location around the chair rather than one fixed point, which can be frustrating.
This addon adds 7 updated models with different camera anima...
Food and Household items
Created by CHILI
This pack contains well over 200 props, mainly food but also cleaning products.
McDonald's Food
Kinder Surprise + Box
Chips bags
Cillit Bang
Wine bottles
Much, much, more...


Fortification Props Model Pack
Created by sAL

I will be taking control of this pack and pumping out updates every now and then for it.

I already fixed some texture issues with the pack....
Frodo Fezbar Nextbot
NOTE: If you're not ready for Frodo, don't hate. Just get reddy 4 Frodo. This is both a Sanic parody and a Freddy Fazbear parody.

Category to find him: Nextbot
This NPC can only be spawned by admin(s) only

Comment down below for any bugs if you fi...
GM Arid Valley V2 Day
Created by Headstub
Get the night version here:

--Changes from V1--

-Removed ambient soundscape
-Made the grass sprites smaller and less dense
-New custom textures
-New cave system with water running thr...
FreakRules' Map Helpers
Created by V92
A set of "helper" files for using FreakRules' maps in GMod

  • Map icons for several maps
  • A NextBot navigation mesh for GM_Valley
  • A dynamic download script that download the maps as-needed to client
Gameboy Advance
" Who are you? "

Gameboy Advance - paintable with 5 skins for screen
Gameboy Advance SP - paintable with 5 skins for screen
Gameboy Advance Cartridge - 10 skins

You need [url=
Gameboy and Gameboy Color
" Now you are playing with power; PORTABLE POWER! "

Gameboy - 4 skins for screen
Gameboy game cartridge - paintable with 9 skins
Gameboy Color - paintable with 5 skins for screen
Gameboy Color game cartridge - 9 skins
Gameboy Color transp...
Gear Assembly Tool
This script can give you the ability to connect prop-segmented gear pieces fast. It is optimized and brings the gear building time consuming to a minimum. It uses pre-defined radius-vectors to snap the segments the best way there is...
Gesture Menu & Commands
Created by Tenrys - cakeday

This addon adds a new sub-menu available in the Context Menu, named ''Gestures''. Clicking any option will make you perform a Gesture, like dancing, or agreeing.

You can alternatively use chat com...
[Updated] Ghillie Suit [Forest] Player Model
This is a simple Ghillie camo suit player model.
Useful for roleplay or realism games.

• The map used in screenshots is "Valley" and the Sniper is from "M9K Heavy Weapons Pack"
For the map, you can download it [url=http://steamc...
Gm Lunar Base
Created by Doomologist
Gm Lunar Base is a scenic build map featuring a rugged lunar surface and a base with a functional underground hangar.


Technical Stuff-

The texture set mainly featured in the map is the pk02 set created by Philip Klevestav.
Gm Northwest Airfield
Created by Doomologist
This is a re-creation of the northwest airfield from Chernarus using hl2 assets. A few buildings had to be cut from the original plan because source doesn't allow for a 1142 meter runway, 800 meters isn't too bad though.


God Hand
Created by sрy
This SWEP is built upon my Reworked Combo-Fists.

* A combo point indicator
* Keeping up with the left-right hand swinging lets you deal blows faster
* Good hit detection
* Designed for singleplayer use, but s...
Goldenrod City (Pokemon)
Created by Fadey, Devil Hunter
Goldenrod city from Pokemon.
I (Fade) am not the original creator of this addon, Frewie made this map.
This map was made for TF2 Deathmatch.

Any buttons on ...
H2O Delirious Player Model
Created by Super Chief
Here it is, a H20 Delirious Player Model.

The Whole model

Player model
Finger Posing Feature

Work list
Vanoss (Done)
HL2 vehicles with guns
Created by yackson
Airboat and Jeep with added guns, like in HL2. Also contains a Vehicle Gun tool which can be used to add guns to a normal Jeep / Airboat (I don't recommend using it on other vehicles).

Note: This does NOT replace the normal HL2 vehicles. It only adds 2 ...
Half Life 2 Radio
Created by Jakey
This radio is NOT finished, but useable. More will be added later.

You can currently play songs from the Half-Life 2 Soundtrack. It's Episodes and Half-Life 1 (Also it's counterparts, OpFor and BS) will be added in the future.

Tracks with numbers ins...
Half-Life 2 Tools
Created by Rubat
A set of Half-Life 2 inspired/themed tools. Fully compatible with duplicator.

Tool list
  • Headcrab canister tool ( sbox_maxenv_headcrabcanisters )
  • Ammo crate tool ( sbox_maxitem_ammo_crates )
  • Item crate tool ( sbox_maxit
Half-Life 2 Tools Extras
Created by NekRes
Adds extra tools under the category 'Half-Life 2'

[Trigger STool]
- Turn a prop into a fully custom adjustable mapping-like brush trigger..
A trigger can fire the inputs from another entity when touched by a player, npc or prop.

[Headcrabcanister S...
Half-Life 2 Weapon Buff
Created by Sninctbur
Put some muscle into those munitions!

Have you ever felt like the default weapons are kind of wimpy? Are you irked by the fact that it takes EIGHT F KING PISTOL SHOTS to kill one Metrocop? Would you like your NPCs to stick w...
Health Regeneration
Created by Jordan Venti
With this addon you will regain your health back to your maximum over time.

You can change the settings with these commands:
healthregen_enabled 1/0 - 1 enables the addon , 0 disables it
healthregen_speed - The speed at which you regain your health ...
Hit Numbers
Adds damage indicators whenever you hurt something.
This is a serverside (or singleplayer) addon. The server must have this addon installed in order to work in multiplayer.

Console Commands:

HomeTown 1999
Created by Yaricsoon♐
Ported to Gmod 13
Original by F.Kalkman

I noticed that there were many questions on how to get to the "Office Mayor's". We type "sv_cheats 1", then "god", moved into the Mayor's Office, we're there!

"To get into the mayors office th...
I AM WILDCAT Player Model
Created by Super Chief
Here it is, I AM WILDCAT Player Model.

The whole model

Player model
Finger Posing Feature

Work list
Vanoss (Done)
Improved Resistance NPCs
Created by Blixibon
!!! NOTICE !!!
Most of this mod is now part of the update on April 17th 2017. This means most of the features included in this mod have been rendered useless, as they are already be part of your game without the need of this addon. Fea
Improved Stealth Mod
Created by Max Shadow
This mod allows you to hide in the shadows, remaining undetected to enemy NPCs. Lighting and movement will alert them. In this state, you can't hide anymore, but if you stay out of their line of sight, they will eventually stop chasing you. This is based o...
Infinite Pistol Ammo
Created by Buckash105
Don't ask me to do this for other ammo types! If I decide I feel like doing a different ammo type, I'll do it.

Finally, a reason to use that puny little peashooter of a pistol.

This addon automatically sets your reserve pistol ammo count to ...
Intelligent HUD
Created by Sakarias88
So this is actually an old project but I decided to finish it. Have been hard for me to find time to work on my own projects but at least it's done now.

What is it?
This addon provides you with augmented vision that lets you discover enemies or ...
Kirb (Kerbe) Nextbot
Created by Dj_Kirby
A God-like plush doll beats you to a pulp while proudly holding his Star Rod.[]

Ladder Tool
Created by zamboni
What is it?

A tool to create usable ladders. It also comes with four ladder entities that can be moved around freely.

Why do I care?

Because deep down, you've always wanted this.

How do I use it?
Left 4 Dead Driveable Vehicles
Created by Doc
First pack of what was the "Source Vehicles" pack, now splitted in 4 smaller stand alone packs. These are all the "standard" Left 4 Dead vehicles, are all driveable and doesn't require anything, only Garry's Mod. Credit go to Valve for the original static ...
M9K Assault Rifles

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
M9K Heavy Weapons

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
M9K Small Arms pack

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
M9K Specialties

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
Map Builder Tool
Created by Marum
This tool allows you to spawn props in an organized, fast and efficient manner, to flesh out a Map for fighting, playing a strategy game, or even just building a nice base!

This is not a powerful map making tool, nor comes close to what you can do with ...
Maze NextBots Navigator
Created by Bizarre Boy

Basically, this is a patch to make NextBots walk around this map. So you must download gm_bigmaze first.

For example, Five Nights at Freddy's NPCs, Witch - Nextb...
Media Player
Created by Sam
Watch videos or listen to music with friends in Sandbox—based on the Cinema gamemode.

How to fix this mod (HTML5)

⚠️ GMod developers are working on a fix, this...
Merio SNPC
Created by Nyeh Nyeh
This is a Nextbot Smart NPC of Mario.
This behaves exactly like the Sanic SNPC... Because it is the Sanic SNPC, but reskinned, with replaced sounds, so it is merio.
This means that it is 100% credit to the original creator: Xyxen (https://steamcommunity....
Midna Ragdoll
Created by AtomicLugia
This is Midna in her Imp forme from Hyrule Warriors! While she's already in here, but only as a playermodel, it's now time to change this! This includes Midna herself, her Fused Shadow, a Ordon Shield and all of her shackles that come with an extra skin th...
More Materials!
Created by Dr. Spicket
This simple little addon adds many stock materials to be selected on your material STool list.

All materials come from either HL2 or Garry's Mod. CSS materials are also added, but only if CSS is mounted. You do not need CSS for this mod to work.

NPC Camera
Created by SquidNigga
This is an old addon by _Kilburn. I had no part in its creation, but this hasn't been uploaded to the workshop or updated in years. His description is as follows:

"This simple tool allows you to place a camera inside of the head of almost...
NPC Cleanup.
Created by RGL GM_T
NPC Cleanup mod.
You can make it clean up all ragdolls, dropped weapons and other stuff.
Only superadmins can change the convars/settings in the menu, and this does work in singleplayer.

CONVARS (default value included):
Ragdoll_Cleanup_Enabled 0 -- ...
NPC Scene
Created by Xalalau
First it was just a fix for the old NPC Scene v1.2[]
But now the code is totally different and full of new features!
- Version 1.4.6

NPC Tools
Created by Silverlan
I'm done with gmod and I don't take requests, so please stop spamming the comment section. There won't be any updates or new packs.
If you want to check out my new projects (Not gmod-related), you can go to:
Nodegraph MegaPack
Created by Growing Stronger
This addon allows NPCs to navigate through a lot of maps that previously didn't supported NPC navigation, and improves the navigation on maps that supported it.

List of maps afected by this addon:

Nuke Pack 4
Created by Techjar
DISCLAIMER: If you have any problems with this addon, it's likely some kind of conflict. Try disabling some other addons you have. Beyond that I can't help you, as my own installation works perfectly and I cannot reproduce any of the issues that have been ...
Nyan Gun
Created by Rubat
The Nyan Gun, the weapon of mass destruction and annoyance, updated!

Now it plays the WHOLE song and you can shoot nyan cat bombs!

To shoot Nyan Cat Bombs press RELOAD key.

Do NOT reupload any modifications of this gun.

The map on...

Gives you the ability to personalize your player model's look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from putting just a hat on your head to creating an entire new player model. PAC can also work on vehicles or props.
PC Monitors (pack)
Includes :
LG 4:3 monitor
Acer 16:9 monitor
LG Ultrawide monitor
LG Ultrawide curved monitor
Samsung Super Ultrawide monitor

All models have 6 skins:
RT screen
Green screen
2 custom

Body groups and bones for everything
Created by ..::GooBaLL60
I wanted a map that didn't really make sense and always made you wonder where you are. Well, this is that map. It's colorful, trippy, and confusing. Seriously, if you are prone to seizures, play this map with caution.

My map was featured on a map sp
Passenger Tool
Created by Master Turret
Old Addon I fixed for Garry's Mod 13
(More pics to come)

I highly recommend getting Seat Network Optimizer if you're going to use this tool on a server.

What does this...
Patrol Routes STool
Created by Max Shadow
This tool allows you to create complex patrol routes for your NPCs. I made it mainly as a complement to my Stealth Mod. You can find it here: . This is my second project in LUA, I still have ...
Created by ..::GooBaLL60
A sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream.

Maybe it's better than the original, maybe it's not. But here it is. The sequel to Parallax. I think it's just as trippy as the first one. Once again, I have to give an epilepsy w...
PlayStation Portable
“come out and play”

psp 1000
psp 3000

5 skins

Version for SFM :



If you use this model in a vide...
PlayStation Vita
"Never Stop Playing."

PS Vita - 9 skins for screen

Version for SFM :



If you use this model in a vide...
Playable Piano
Created by MacDGuy
I've moved on from Garry's Mod and I am now making a full game based on GMod Tower called Tower Unite.

This piano exists also in Tower Unite!


A completely pl...
Portal 1 and 2 Turrets
Created by AnBro-ID
Adds the turrets from Portal 1 and 2 to your NPC menu. (Aperture Science)
Добавляет турели из Portal 1, 2 в Ваше меню NPC.
Если Вам понравился аддон, ставьте палец вверх!))
I don't know how to add the laser beams and voices to the turrets. =))
Portal 2...
Portal 2: Atlas P.M. and Ragdoll
Created by Lenoax
If you want, and you like my workshop, I think the donation is the best thing you can do to help me! and if you do that, I will appreciate that, thank you for your collaboration!

Portal 2: P-Body P.M. and Ragdoll
Created by Lenoax
GLaDOS: Yes, I see you, and I - DON'T - CARE.

Here is!!! a player model of P-Body from Portal 2, co-op character, I hope you like it!!!

-Don't ask for C_Hands, by his weird hands, I don't know how to do that.
-The A...
Prone Mod - Standalone Version
Created by Stalker
Give those tired legs a break and go prone!

This is the standalone version and does not require any other addon to work. Click here for a Clockwork/Nutscript version. Cli...
PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek) - Original
Created by Kowalski7cc
Official Git page:
Your answer could be there ;)

PropHunt plays much like a Hide and Seek. Players on the RED team,...
Props Pack
Includes :

push pins - 2 variants
scissors - rigged
yoyo - bones for string
counter - bodygroups for numbers
fly swatter - rigged
lipstick - 2 variants, flex for size
meeseex box - bone for button
mirror - 2 variants, needs RT camera
Puck-man Nextbot
NOTE: wakawaka. Puck-man is here and will GLADLY HELP eat your soul. DON'T FORGET TO WRITE! And don't hate on poor Puck-man. He's been through enough as is. This is both a Sanic and a Pac-Man parody.

Category to find him: Nextbot
This NPC can only be ...
Push Mod (Player Version)
Created by Jordan Venti
Yet another addon inspired by Sinavestos and his amazing RP.

The mod allow you to push players just by pressing your use key , which is usually set to your "E" Key. Once you press it on a player , a hurt sound will be played and the player will be "push...
Quantum Break: Time Powers
Created by Wheatley
Time Powers (abilities) from Quantum Break game.


Subscribe to this mod, go to Garry's Mod and wait unti...
RP XMas Downtown B1
Created by Hail Mary
My server with this map on and heavily modded DarRP:

This is christmas version of well known rp_downtown_v2 that I enjoyed playing on so much.
I had a request to make this map, however v1 (final release) with better skybox and way mo...
RT Camera
Created by nrlulz
Fixed up the old RT camera from GM12 which was for some reason removed in the update.

To create a display for it you can:
-spawn the phx monitor (it's in Q > Browse > Games > Garry's Mod > props_phx if you dont have phx spawnlists)
-use the on screen ...
Ragdoll Fight
Created by Necrossin
Located at: Entities/Fun + Games tab in spawn menu!
And it's not a gamemode.

An experimental addon for sandbox, that allows you to place an arena for stylish (aka wonky) 1v1 ragdoll fights.


    Ragdoll Mover
    Created by Winded
    What is it?
    Ragdoll Mover is a tool that allows you to move ragdolls in a similar way to 3D programs. This also includes IK chains.

    Why should I use it?
    If you are fine with physgun, then maybe you don't need to use this. But here's a fe...
    Random Combine
    What is this?
    Spawns combine soldiers randomly,
    any of Normal Soldier, Shotgunner, Prison Guard, Prison Shotgunner, and Elite Soldier.
    To spawn, Go to: NPC tab -> GreatZenkakuMan's NPCs -> Combine Random
    You can also spawn Rappel Comb...
    Realistic Bullet Holes Reskin
    Created by Super Chief
    Gives more realistic look than the original bullethole decals.

    Glass decals by .Strelok
    Metal decals by ant 143.

    Resistance Turrets
    Created by AnBro-ID
    Adds the spray painted turrets from EP2 to your NPC menu. (Humans + Resistance)
    Добавляет дружелюбные турели из HL2EP2.
    Автор - Kokopelli1330.
    Для уничтожения турели используйте аддон -
    Rinic's CW 2.0 Pack: Season 3~
    Created by "R"

    Rinic's CW 2.0 Pack: The Second~
    Created by "R"


    Rinic's CW 2.0! Reuploaded!
    Created by "R"
    Wow that took me a while..
    Hey guys! It's Rinic here with my first pack! In case you're wondering why it's reuploaded.. well, I did a major booboo some months ago when uploader was being a little piece of crap, so in hopes that maybe deleteing and reu...
    Rinic's CW 2.0: Row IV
    Created by "R"
    Well look who decided to release stuff?
    Anyway hello guys, Rinic again bringing you yet, once again, probably, and most likely, a set of 18 guns for you guys to use! The catch? Might be my last.

    Now before I get into more details about that, i'll ...
    Rinic's Common Attachment thingy
    Created by "R"
    This is basically merely an attachment pack to take place of the old attachment pack that my packs used to use. They only contain common attachments and not the unique attachemtns. Hopefully this'll work, and maybe tweak it to my standards, idk XD

    Rocket Boots
    Created by Whiterabbit
    Rocket boots! (No actual boots, just flaming feet)

    Hold jump to fly using the power of feet. You get pushed 'up' from whichever direction you are facing eg. if you are looking forward you go straight up, if you are looking straight down you would get pu...
    Rope Materials Addon
    Created by IcEmAn911
    Material addon for Garrysmod that adds over 15 materials to rope, winch and elastic tool, clientside, ofcourse....
    SSBB Luigi Playermodel(BETA)
    Created by Sinful Mario
    “I'm-a Luigi, number one!”

    Currently in beta, since we joined the little proportion experiment CaptainBigButt was doing. The method we were trying to do to rescale wasn't working but then we saw CBB's proportion method and decided to try it out for ours...
    SSBB Toon Link Playermodel(BETA)
    Created by ogniK

    Currently in beta, since we joined the little proportion experiment CaptainBigButt was doing. The method we were trying to do to rescale wasn't working but then we saw CBB's proportion method and decided to try it out for ourselves(Thanks to Cap...
    STAR WARS Darth Vader Playermodel
    Created by Voikanaa
    Once a heroic Jedi Knight, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force, became a Sith Lord, and led the Empire’s eradication of the Jedi Order. He remained in service of the Emperor -- the evil Darth Sidious -- for decades, enforcing his M...
    Sabre-aN's Headcrab Zombie Mod
    Created by Sabre-aN
    In short, what this mod does is:
    -Adds 25 new Headcrab Zombie variants.
    -Adds new Headcrab Zombie playermodels.
    -Adds a 'Skin Randomiser' feature that will randomly change the skin of the zombies spawned naturally by the map, and the ones from the NPC s...
    Seat Weaponiser II
    Created by BFG
    **February 2, 2016**
    Read this regarding shooting out of closed cars:

    **ANNOUNCEMENT January 22 2016**
    After talking with Spy I was able to get him to add support ...
    Silverballer [CW 2.0]
    Created by Doktor haus
    Look, it's the 1,263rd time I've released this model! This time, it's on Spy's Customizable Weaponry 2.0 SWep base, which was a right pain in the bum to learn even with documentation, but here we are. If you're familiar with my versions of this gun from L4...
    Simple ThirdPerson - Sliders & Fixes!
    Created by FailCake xㅅO
    Its just a simple client side ThirdPerson.
    Note, the playermodel is a PAC

    Wanna help out? Check


    If y
    Skeletron SNPC[Terraria]
    Created by ERROR
    You just might be strong enough to free me from my curse...

    Skeletron - giant flying skull with 2 giant skeleton hands. To kill him you must destroy skull, but skull take more lower damage when hands not killed. He trying to keep some distance be...
    Skeletron V2 (Terraria) [Ragdoll]
    Created by Astute
    "Stranger, do you possess the strength to defeat my master?"

    Skeletron, the cursed guardian of the dungeon, as a poseable ragdoll/model from the game Terraria.

    Due to an overwhelming response from the GMod community, I pushed back some other...
    Standing Pose Tool
    Created by Winded
    This small tool can pose a ragdoll to it's model pose, which usually is a standing pose for ragdolls. It does not work properly with all ragdolls, but for most of them it does....
    Star Wars Lightsabers
    Created by Rubat
    Fully working Star Wars Lightsabers with a lot of customization options.

    Star Wars Music Speakers
    Created by Delta Wolf
    Play the Music from one of the most well known movies of all time; Star Wars out loud, in client or even on servers. With this mod you can spawn the speaker from the enities menu, in the Star Wars Music section. Press E on the speaker to play the Music. Ho...
    Star Wars Weapons

    A pack of Star Wars weapons with both first person and third person models.

    This pack contains the following weapons:
    Steering Wheels Kit
    Created by Jake4159
    Created by ..::GooBaLL60
    Yet another trippy map to add to the growing collection. I was feeling inspired and wanted to make a trippy map that was similar in style to the original map, Parallax. You might even notice some intentional resemblance to the original, almost as if it's P...
    TDMCars - Audi
    Created by TDM
    This is the Audi manufacture pack with all the Audi vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    Audi RS4 Avant
    Audi R8
    Audi R8 V10 Plus
    Audi R8 V10 Spyder
    Audi S4
    Audi S5
    TDMCars - Base Pack
    Created by TDM
    This is the required base pack for TDMSCars and TDMCars. This is a collection of textures that is shared by all of the vehicles.

    Note that this is already a part of the SVN and you should not download it if you use the SVN!

    Forza Motorsport © Mic...
    TDMCars - Chevrolet
    Created by TDM
    This is the Chevrolet manufacture pack with all the Chevrolet vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    Chevrolet Blazer
    Chevrolet Camaro SS 1969
    Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
    TDMCars - Emergency Vehicles pack
    Created by TDM
    This is the Emergency vehicles pack for Garry's Mod with all the Emergency vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    They can be spawned from the Vehicle tab under the TDM Emergency category while in sandb...
    TDMCars - Ferrari
    Created by TDM
    This is the Ferrari manufacture pack with all the Ferrari vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari F12
    Ferrari F430
    Ferrari F50
    Ferrari LaFerrari
    TDMCars - Kia
    Created by TDM
    This is the Kia manufacture pack with all the Kia vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    Kia Cee'd
    Kia Forte Koup

    The following is required if you want this to wo...
    TDMCars - Lamborghini
    Created by TDM
    This is the Lamborghini manufacture pack with all the Lamborghini vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    Lamborghini Diablo SV
    Lamborghini Gallardo
    Lamborghini Gallardo L...
    TDMCars - McLaren
    Created by TDM
    This is the McLaren manufacture pack with all the McLaren vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    McLaren F1
    McLaren GT MP4-12C GT3
    McLaren P1

    The following is ...
    TDMCars - Mercedes
    Created by TDM
    This is the Mercedes-Benz manufacture pack with all the Mercedes-Benz vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL
    Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing
    TDMCars - Multi Brand
    Created by TDM
    This is the Multi Brand pack with vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    Bowler EXR-S
    Delorean DMC-12
    KTM X-Bow
    Morgan Aero SS
    Noble M600
    Tesla Model S
    Zenvo ST1...
    TDMCars - Subaru
    Created by TDM
    This is the Subaru manufacture pack with all the Subaru vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2005
    Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2008
    Subaru Legacy RS 19...
    TDMCars - Toyota
    Created by TDM
    This is the Toyota manufacture pack with all the Toyota vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    Toyota FJ Cruiser
    Toyota MR2 GT
    Toyota Prius
    Toyota Rav4 S
    Toyota Supra R...
    TDMCars - Volvo
    Created by TDM
    This is the Volvo manufacture pack with all the Volvo vehicles found on the SVN.

    If you have the SVN, please do not subscribe to this addon!

    The pack currently contains:
    Volvo 242 Turbo
    Volvo 850R
    Volvo S60R
    Volvo XC70
    Volvo XC90

    The fo...
    TF2 Driveable Vehicles
    Created by Doc
    Pack of vehicles from Team Fortress 2, all driveable, like the standard Half-Life 2 buggy.

    The double decker bus is "open" (you can enter just walking/jumping through the doors) and both deck are accessible, there aren't any passenger seats, just weld a...
    Tamus da Tenk Engeen Nextbot
    NOTE: Trembling Tracks! If Tamus da Tenk Engeen isn't making you tremble, don't worry. Just don't hate on the trembling train. This is both a Sanic parody and a Thomas the Tank Engine parody. All aboard the Steam Train!

    Category to find him: Nextbot
    Team Fortress 2 Bots [UPDATED]
    Created by MrNiceGuy518

    A while back the thought crossed my mind that it would be neat to have the practice mode bots from Team Fortress 2 in Garry's Mod. "How hard can it be?", I wondered.
    Well, about a hundred cans of Red Bull, many all-nighter...
    Team Fortress 2 Radio
    Created by Jakey
    A Radio that plays Team Fortress 2 songs when you use it.

    You do not need ANYTHING to use this radio, aside from having Garry's Mod installed and subbing to this addon... Duh

    The radio plays songs SERVERSIDE, meaning everyone will hear the songs

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Music Speakers
    Created by Delta Wolf
    Play the Music from the best game of all time; The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time out loud, in client or even on servers. With this mod you can spawn the speaker from the enities menu, in the OOT Music section. Press E on the speaker to play the Music. Ho...
    The Twins (Terraria) [Ragdoll]
    Created by Astute
    "This is going to be a terrible night..."

    The "Twins", Retinazer(laser) and Spazmatism(fire), the first formal Hardmode fight encountered in Terraria. They are a duo of giant mechanical eyeballs, which tag team their target with fast firing las...
    The Twins SNPC[Terraria]
    Created by ERROR
    This is going to be a terrible night...

    The Twins - two giant mechanical eyes connected by a tendril. There are two of them: Retinazer (orange) and Spazmatism (green). Both ramming you and shoot in all phases. Retinazer use lasers, Spazmatism use...
    The Ultimate Admin Gun Fixed
    Created by 2-Bit

    You guys asked for it back, well here it is

    This is an extremely OP admin weapon. fires every .05 seconds, 75 bullets per shot, and no recoil..... it's awesome.

    Right click spawns rapid fire e...
    Tool Search & Favorites
    Created by Tenrys - cakeday

    A lightweight solution to look through your hundreds of tools!

    Update: Added auto-selecting tools! Turned on by default.
    Update 2: Right-click tools to make them your favorites!...
    Unbreakable Tool
    Created by XxWestKillzXx
    Ever want to build something out of boxes with out them breaking? Or want to use wood furniture from HL2 and not have it break? Well now you can! With this simple tool. Just left click on a prop and it will make any prop unbreakable :D

    It works on multi...
    Undertale Sans abilities.
    Created by CrishNate
    >>This addon is no longer supported<<

    Miss: Every 0.5 Seconds, Miss is reapplied, Rendering all damage taken ineffective, Any damage taken between misses has a chance to instantly kill you, If not do alot of damage. (After all...
    VJ Base
    Created by DrVrej
    VJ Base, short for Vrej Base, is an addon that is used to create many different types of addons. It's especially used for creating SNPCs, as it comes with one of the most advanced artificial intelligence that exists in Garry's Mod. C...
    Vanoss Player Model
    Created by Super Chief
    Anybody who is looking the new model that vanoss is currently using you can find it here

    Vanoss player model.

    The Whole model

    Vape SWEP
    Created by Swamp
    Please note that my vapes are NOT narcotics. They are devices that emit healthy, organic vapor.

    Vape List:
    • Classic vape
    • Mega vape - it's big, and it's cloud is bigger
    • Juicy vape - press right click to change flav
    Weapon Loadouts
    Created by Gorea
    An addon that allows you to create and select loadouts for when you respawn. You have the option to add the loadout to the default one, or just replace it. Server admins can make there own loadouts and let everyone else on the server use them, or the owne...
    Weapon Remover/Giver
    Created by GigaXephones
    UPDATE: Finally after about a year of procrastination, being busy and other things, I finally fixed the label issue!
    This handy little tool is my first add-on that took me about an hour to make.

    All the features are located in the Utilities tab and und...
    Wheatley's Parkour
    Created by Wheatley
    Wheatley's Parkour Mod for Garry's Mod
    This is actually a project I has abandoned a long ago, but a week ago (12-13 march 2015) I started work on it again.
    And now it's finnished!

    This is my own HUD on the ...
    White Snow's Attachment Pack
    Created by White Snow
    So this is what I have been working on for 2 months, my very own CW2.0 attachment pack, hope you like it.

    ===Attachments in this pack===
    - Trijicon ACOG
    - Schmidt & Bender PM II
    - Barska Electro Sight
    - C-More Tactical Reflex Sigh...
    White Snow's Bodygroup Attachments
    Created by White Snow
    Bodygroup attachments whitch will allow you to add mags, stock and barrels for CW2.0 weapons.
    Documentation will come soon

    ===Attachments in this pack===
    - Beta C-Mag
    - EMAG
    - PMAG M2 WINDOW (has 3 Skinfamilies: black, tan and green...
    Created by WireTeam
    A collection of entities connectable by data wires, which allows for the creation of advanced contraptions.

    Wiremod Landing Page:



    Discord: https://discor...
    Zombie/NPC Invasion+
    Created by moomoohk

    This is a fixed and improved version of JASON's great addon, [url=
    [CW 2.0] .44 Automag
    Created by White Snow
    Report any problems in the comments below, and if you gave a negative vote please state why so i can fix what ever you dislike.

    You need this to make stuff work
    [CW 2.0] BT MP9
    Created by Rɑmɓotɳic
    Hey guys, this is my very first addon! YAY! :D I was looking for a MP9 addon for CW 2.0, but I didn't find any, so I decided to make one myself. :)

    [CW 2.0] Extra Colors
    Created by White Snow

    This tiny addon adds 18 more colors to all scopes and lasers on the cw2 base, asuming they are made correctly.

    No ajustments are needed, it works on all scopes and lasers, even on ...
    [CW 2.0] Extra Rails
    Created by White Snow
    More rails opens up more possibilities, but I truly made this so people can stop putting ACOGs on pistol sliders.

    These are ment to be used by CW2 weapon makers who wish to use them in order to put scopes on there weapons. However it is still an effect ...
    [CW 2.0] Hitmarker plugin V2
    Created by Knife Kitty
    A simple hitmarker for CW 2.0. And only CW 2.0.

    - [NEW] support for custom hitmarker textures
    - [NEW] support for custom hitmarker sounds
    - [NEW] support for preset editor
    - 256^3 colors
    - 256 levels of opacity
    - 96 ...
    [CW 2.0] KK HK416 (Unsupported)
    Created by Knife Kitty
    Hooray for new Customizable Weaponry!.

    - 4 optic sights from Call of Duty 4
    - 3 optic sights from Firearms: Source 2.0
    - 10 more unique attachments
    - [NEW]Sci-Fi Holosight
    - Eotech Magnifier 3x Scope and Burris Red Dot Sig...
    [CW 2.0] Kel-Tec KSG-12
    Created by Rɑmɓotɳic
    Hey guys, you might be wondering why I uploaded another KSG-12, right? This weapon has been redone with a different model from the Insurgency Workshop (Thanks to White Snow for sending me the files!), and this one has way more cool stuff than the old one! ...
    [CW 2.0] M203 Sights
    Created by White Snow
    Not mutch to say, these are sights that can be used with the M203. So far this addon includes M40GL and Leaf sights. If I find more i'll add them to the pack.

    ===Usage and Permission===
    You are allowed to use this pack for any sweps as long a...
    [CW 2.0] MK. 11 Sniper Rifle
    Created by White Snow
    There aren't too many good sniper rifles on the cw2 base, so here is my shot at it. Plus I got so many requests for this thing that even my friends started asking me to make this.

    You need Knife Kitty's HK416 pack for the fancy scopes, there is a link b...
    [CW 2.0] Makarov PM
    Created by Rɑmɓotɳic
    Hey guys! How have you been? :3 I've been busy trying to look for weapon models to work with, but anyways... today I'm bringing you the Makarov PM russian pistol! :D (Requested by my good friend Snow)

    [CW 2.0] Mosin Nagant
    Created by White Snow
    So after getting spammed with requests and some begging I bring you the Mosin-Nagant. If you like this swep feel free to rate up as a way of saying thank you. If you have any problems please let me know in the comments ENJOY!
    I am currently working on a B...
    [CW 2.0] PPSh-41
    Created by White Snow
    [img] [/img]

    Report any problems in the comments below, and i'll do my best to fix them, or comment how awesome I am to let me know I am doing everything right.

    The model is from [url=
    [CW 2.0] Raging Bull
    Created by White Snow
    Raging Bull for Customizable Weaponry 2
    Report any problems in the comments below, and if you gave a negative vote please state why in the comments below so i can fix what ever you dislike.

    [CW 2.0] S&W Model .500
    Created by White Snow

    I made this swep because i will not be releasing anything new for awhile. This so i can fix my old sweps and work on the A35 a...
    [CW 2.0] SVD Dragunov
    Created by White Snow
    [img] [/img]

    You need Knife Kitty's HK416 pack for the fancy scopes, there is a link below.

    The model is from Game Banana [] submitted by IIopn

    [CW 2.0] Sako TRG-42
    Created by White Snow
    Some say this gun is better then the AWP

    Would you like to see more futuristic/sci-fi skins? Try them on other weapons here:

    The model is from [url=
    [CW 2.0] Scorpion Evo 3
    Created by White Snow
    This was a special request from Niggarto el Negro thank him for the idea. If you like this swep, feel free to rate up as a way of saying thank you. If you have any problems please let me know in the...
    [VJ] Mechcrab SNPC
    an evolution of combine engineering, The Mechcrab.
    my first [VJ] based NPC.

    Comes in 2 Varriants:
    -Standard Mechcrab 25 HP 15 DMG, attacks you, friendly towards combine allies.

    -Friendly Hacked Mechcrab 25 HP 15 DMG, allied with player.

    chair reskin
    Created by BleuRaven
    chair reskin... :)...
    Map ported from Counter Strike: Source, CS:S Content needed! Otherwise the map will not work!
    author:El Moroes
    map from gamebanana
    作者:El ...
    Created by Happy99
    I just uploaded this map!
    Requires CSS...
    Created by -Bn- Vamp
    Current version: gm_7eleven_v6

    Night Version now available!

    Facepunch Thread[]

    ~ Info ...
    Created by -Bn- Vamp
    Night version of the map gm_7eleven_v6

    Day Version

    Facepunch Thread[] (for day version)

    ~ Inf...
    Created by Fartomaticatron
    Welcome to Shambles way, the evacuated English suburbs set in the midst of an apocalypse...

    -10 houses with interiors and gardens
    -English architecture -based on my real street
    -Fully noded environment
    -Optimisation for intense gameplay
    Created by SuspiciouslyAwesome


    - A lake
    - A dam
    - A 3D-skybox
    - 2 wind turbines
    - A long road
    - Train tracks
    - Several bridges
    - Tunnels
    - A shooting range
    - A radio mast
    - Massive amounts ...
    Created by Nueuet
    Original map made by Bigwig


    A modified version of bigcity with no particular gimmick or theme. Just a little of everything to make the map a bit more interesting and less empty feeling. FYI some key areas have been modifi...
    Created by InsaneAlternative
    My YouTube!
    Huge Revamp of the map!
    Newer, lovelier textures
    Fixed broken textures
    Added water pool
    3D skybox
    Tower is better

    This map is nextbot ready and has a nevmesh.
    Created by demazure!
    A large construct map that started off as an expanded version of the old gm_construct. The map is divided into five major areas, four of which are connected by a road network. The original idea was to create a construct map with an appealing and varied e...
    gm_excess_construct Navmesh
    Created by Alecks
    The wait for generating it was suprisingly short.

    (°^°)-b ENJOY....
    Created by Blueberry_pie
    This is a map I've been working on in my free time over the last two years. It started out as a bridge near a river fork (hence the name) and I've been adding to it ever since, with little to no planning. I never made it with any specific purpose in mind, ...
    Created by Diomonder

    Just download and play, requires nothing!

    GM_ShootingRange is a map created in a mapping spree of about 6 hours straight. I just got home from the shooting range went onto the workshop and realized there...
    iNPC - Artifical Intelligence Module
    Created by xyzzy
    iNPC - Artifical Intelligence Module

    iNPC (Improved NPCs) is an addon that adds huge improvements to the existing HL2 NPCs.

    If you find that the NPCs in GMod are not so intelligent, or too easy to fight, then iNPC will solve your prob...
    ligi SNPC
    Created by Nyeh Nyeh
    This is a Nextbot Smart NPC of ligi.
    This behaves exactly like the Sanic SNPC... Because it is the Sanic SNPC, but reskinned, with replaced sounds, so it is ligi.
    This means that it is 100% credit to the original creator: Xyxen (https://steamcommunity....
    Credit goes to ﻛgt. ﻛickness for making this map.


    Apartment building (2 studios and 2; 1 bedrooms)
    Café Snowfall
    The High Rise
    Gas Station (for sale with removable for sale sign)
    Robyn’s Interiors
    Santa PC and Repair
    Tides (nov...
    Created by Gabriel
    Features a winter version of rp_downtown_serealia

    This map requires Counter-Strike: Source content....
    Cturiselction: Melee Pack
    Created by CturiX
    A reminder this is a PACK. This does not include the melee base, which can either be spy's cw2.0 melee or Cturiselection Base.

    Cturiselection Exclusive Attachments
    Created by CturiX
    Attachments and parts used exclusively for the official CWC sweps

    Everything is pretty much explained above. If you load a CWC swep by me and theres missing attachments or models, make sure this addon is active before asking about any issues....
    Cturiselection Remixed Classic Weapons
    Created by CturiX
    Here have a peek at some progression.[]

    Revamped versions of the original CW2.0 base weapons.

    M249 has been removed, in turn, ...
    CW 2.0 - Cturiselection Weapon Pack 1
    Created by CturiX
    Cturiselection Base is needed to run these sweps.

    The first pack of four sweps. Yes that might be light, but you should see how large some of these models are...
    italic text...
    CW2.0 - CODOL FATE
    Created by CturiX
    ~Reworked audio, less chunky and uses less gamebanana sounds.
    ~Reballanced the firing modes, cqc being more useful in close range, and ranged is more accurate, and uses twice the ammo.
    ~Added tooltips for firemode in customization menu.
    CW2.0 - Cturiselection - Classic CW2.0 Sweps
    Created by CturiX
    This addon is specifically for people who still want the original weapons from the Customizable Weaponry 2.0 base.

    CW2.0 - Cturiselection - M134 Minigun
    Created by CturiX
    This damn thing is finally fixed; no more freezing gmod when it fires.
    Altered stats for it to be a bit more usable when carried around

    M134 Minigun from [url=
    CW2.0 - Cturiselection - USP .45
    Created by CturiX
    The USP .45 for the CWC collection. I cannot find the source at the moment, but i can say that the model was found on Model, as far as i can recall, is from Kimono.

    Note: This CAN work with standard CW2.0, but for the best experience,...
    CW2.0: Cturiselection - AR-15 IDENTITY CRISIS PACK
    Created by CturiX
    AR-15. Your typical kit-gun. Firing a few magazines for 20 minutes, pulling the thing apart for cleaning the rest of the day.

    Great thing about it is that there are a multitude of parts that are developed to change around, and this pack is what is inten...
    CW2.0: Cturiselection - Icarus-37
    Created by CturiX
    There 'aint enough slamfires in the world...

    The Icarus-37. A beautifully crafted shotgun by Yogensia, inspired by the Ithaca model and the TF2 sawed-off. Now available for the CW2.0 base.

    Features include:
    - Slamfire that accelerates ...
    CW2.0: Cturiselection - Lewis Gun
    Created by CturiX
    "A full English breakfast, served on a oscillating magazine. Only available in .303 British"

    The Lewis Gun served as one of the more mechanically intriguing of the machineguns as it was multi-purposed. For infantry, emplacements and even on
    CWC 2.0 - Cturiselection Weapon Pack 2
    Created by CturiX


    Featuring nine new weapons to the ...
    Enhanced Half-Life 2 HUD
    Created by John Mason
    Enhanced Default Half-Life 2 HUD.

    To disable and customizable, open: SpawnMenu (Q) > Utilities (tab on top right corner) > User > HUD
    • New HD Font
    • Optional Icons
    • Customizable
    • 7 Presets
    • All standard functionality is stored[/l
    Created by ghor

    gmDoom is a partial source port of DOOM for Garry's Mod.

    Please do not share download links for commercial WAD files in the comments or discussions. If you are experiencing a problem with ...
    Hidey Closet
    Created by SweptThrone
    A closet you can hide in!

    Something someone suggested somewhere, the Hidey Closet.

    The Hidey Closet is a simple entity that allows you to hide from people chasing you. Just press E on the wardrobe and you'll be hidden in it. Press E on the doors ag...
    Super Mario Galaxy Model Pack
    Created by Brewster T. Koopa
    Behold! one of my largest model packs ever. This pack contains a boat load of my nostalgia, i dreamt of having alot of super mario galaxy models in gmod, and now that's happened! This took so long to make, Hope you enjoy!

    Mario(Including po...
    The Flare Gun
    A Working Flare Gun with extra's !

    - flares disappear after 1 minute
    - Custom hud/entities picture
    - Custom run and aim animation
    - Press "r" on a full magazine to change the firemode

    - Use The command "flaregun_mode2 1/0" t...
    [CWC Base] Cturiselection: a CW2.0 Base Redux
    Created by CturiX
    Either use CWC Base or CW2.0. Not both together.
    Either use CWC Base or CW2.0. Not both together.
    Either use CWC Base or CW2.0. Not both together.
    Either use CWC Base or CW2.0. Not both together.
    Either use CWC B