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Automatically setting your offset for Resident DJs
By Splorgman Florgman
This guide walks you through a shortcut for setting the offset value in your MP3s. This only applies to WaveVR resident DJs.
Analyzing your songs in Traktor
This tool works by reading the Traktor collection file, and using the beatgrid from Traktor to write an offset into your MP3 files. Without this offset, all tracks will play from the very beginning in WaveVR, which means beat matching won't work properly.

First, install Traktor Pro 2[]. If you don't have a license, don't worry - the demo version will work for our purposes.

Add your music files to Traktor, right click on the collection, and select Analyze (Async). You need to check the BPM and Beatgrid checkboxes. at a minimum. You can check the other values if you want to, but beware that if you check Key, Traktor will analyze and overwrite the key, which may not be what you want if you've already keyed your tracks in another application.

Wait for Traktor to analyze the songs, then quit.
Writing the Traktor beatgrid data into your MP3 files.
I have created a tool to read the Traktor configuration data, and write the beatgrid start point into your MP3 files. This allows TheWave to start the tracks at the same place Traktor would, which is normally very accurate.

First, download the tool from GitHub[].

Unzip this tool onto your computer. You will now need to install NodeJS[].

Once you have NodeJS installed, open a command prompt (Start > Command in Windows, or Terminal in OS X.) Navigate to the folder that you unzipped the tool into. For example, in Windows, if you unzipped the tool into C:\Users\Splorgman\OffsetTool, type `cd C:\Users\Splorgman\OffsetTool\mp3offsetadjuster-master`.

Once in the folder, type `npm install` to install the needed packages.

Next, open settings.json inside this folder. You must update the `collection_path` value in here with the URL to your Traktor collection.nml file. This is typically in C:\Users\Splorgman\Documents\Native Instruments\Traktor 2.x.x\collection.nml but you will have to check your filesystem for the specific path. Once you have it, replace the example path in settings.json with the right path. Note that you will have to enter each backslash twice so that it is escaped (e.g. C:\\Users\\Splorgman rather than C:\Users\Splorgman.)

After updating settings.json, run `node update.js` from the command prompt. This will read the location of each of your MP3 files from the Traktor collection file, and read the beatgrid data. After doing this, it will write the necessary offset value into the MP3 ID3 tags.

Congratulations, you just saved yourself a lot of time!