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big fat red dragon pyros sfm collection
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7 Segment Display + Death Watch
Created by Critical Hit!
7 Segment Display

-Slide Base to play
-Segments ":" and dots "." for milli-seconds
-All Digits got "blank ,0,1,......,9"
-Multi-colored (white for re-coloring)
-2 Animated textures (blinking white for re-coloring)

Known bug:
Adding the last hour...
A Brush with Death (fall2013_medic_wc_beard) - Materials Repaired.
Created by Pte Jack
This is the material only. It will install to your Workshop folder and will not replace the original material unless you have given the workshop folder a higher priority than your TF folder in the Gameinfo.txt file.

If you're still having problems, see ...
After School Club Room
Created by STBlackST
Model of the School Club Room with stairway and hallway.
Door and Furniture inside the room are posable.

Original models by Tofu Soft


Model was originally scaled for hl2 models!
You can change the scale by adding "Scale Control"
A Hat in Time - Official SFM Character Pack
Created by Treythepunkid
This is the official Source Film Maker pack for the upcoming indie game A Hat in Time by Gears for Breakfast!
The pack, still in development, includes the following:
Hat Kid (ahatintime\sfm_hatkid\sfm_hatkid.mdl)
Mafia (ahatintime\sfm_mafiadude\sfm_mafi...
Alien Isolation Scout Promo Items
Created by GamingTaco
Make your scout look like an alien with these radical cosmetics now imported into SFM!

All Love & War items FIXED
Created by Naizuri
Before you install, you have to download the models from the upgrade here:
Love And War Update Models (Read Description First)

If you want to fix a hat for yourself:
Animation from TF2
Created by 8Yaron8
Animation from TF2 from SFMBOX

never gonna stop.dmx
party hard.dmx
pimp walk.dmx
Arceus V2
Created by Syntax
------------PLEASE READ------------

This is V2 of my original addon - I tried updating the original, however Workshop decided it had enough of my sh!t (even though I never gave it any in the first place) and, instead, broke the addon.
So I've uploaded ...
Architectural Props From Half-Life 2: Episode 2
Created by Valve Artists
Architectural Props From Half-Life 2: Episode 2

Arsonist's Emotions
Created by Pearl Jammies
Some eyes for your Pyro!


Original item by DMY
Ported and Reuploaded for use in SFM

Arsonist's Emotion [Multiple skins]
Created by Sync.
Original item by DMY
Tweaked for multiple skins, paintable.

Assist Trophy - Super Smash Brothers WiiU/3DS
Created by Chaofanatic
The Assist Trophy item as seen in the upcoming Super Smash Brothers game.
The dome and guy inside can be moved on their own, but other than that there's not too many special features.

Baby Turrets
Created by JohnMcB
Baby versions of the turret (0.2, 0.4 and 0.6x scale), as used in The Turret Anthem by Zachariah Scott.

Used this in your own films? Drop a link below, I'd love to see what people have done with it!

Direct download & rigging script available in http://...
Created by Patrick Hunt
Saxxy Notice:
I'm not sure about these models since they are based on work of IO Interactive. "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" was published by Eidos in 2007. Eidos is now part of Square Enix and here's [url=
Batman Beyond
Created by LynchReborn
Ported to Source Filmmaker: Me
Ripped from: Arkham Origins for iOS

So I was glad to see that a video game finally had a PROPER Batman Beyond model, and this has been sitting in my files for months so I finally uploaded it. It only has two finger bone...
Big Key
Created by Chaofanatic
Ever wanted a fifteen pound, very shiny and very dirty key to swing around? No? Well too bad, here's one anyway?
The big boss door key from the Legend of Zelda games.
Based heavily on the Wind Waker boss key, also on a little necklace thing, but mostly win...
BirdCut (SFM Project)
Created by 8Yaron8
My new Session Character

Bonk! Sugar Frenzy
Created by Gadget
Bonk! Sugar Frenzy

This is a remake of my very first workshop item.

o Scout Lunch Box Item
o Tweaked mesh proportions
o Jiggle boned slush and straw
o New textures
o Bodygroup for ...
Build-a-Boss [Possibly Outdated]
Created by MixedUp
"Cool guys don't look at explosions." - Saxton Hale

Ever wanted to show off your character with mass massacre and giant explosions in the background? No? Too bad. Now you can, with the Build-a-Boss Source Film Maker session!


Just open u...
Created by Chaofanatic
Created from scratch as a modeling excercise for my own practice. Took a lot less time to make than I thought it would.
For the time being, you need to download this to make the envmap work properly.
Cigarette-less Minnesota Slick
Created by Skuggi
Heavy quit smoking, Heavy feel healthy.

Model is completely seperate, so you can use the original and this version at the same time.
Still paintable as well.

Clementine - The Walking Dead Season 2
Created by Slynch
A non-facepose model of Clementine from Walking Dead Season 2.

Credit to TellTale for the actual model.

Created by Christoffer395
Catch up with the latest post-modern "art"!

This is a map only suitable for post-processing chroma keying. It is a medium sized box with a solid green backdrop that can be changed to other colors if desired (see images). Everything inside the box can al...
Conveyor Belt
Created by Populus
Conveyor Belt Seen in the Robotic Boogaloo SFM short

Includes a basic animation sequence.

Cork Board and multicolored thumbtacks!
Created by Nomad
Hi, we all like to pin stuff up on corkboards right?

thumbtacks have different skingroups for different colors!

Crescent Rose
Created by BlueFlytrap
I wasted over 2 weeks of my life working on this. It's still as useless as it started out as.

A largely oversized and greatly re-worked version of 3DCustom Girl's original model. Complete with actual uv maps and animations.

Includes mock up bullets...
Cute Suit for Fempyro
Created by RedMser
Yeah yeah, this is a super specific upload to put on the Workshop, but I can't be bothered to sort out all the different files to upload anywhere else.

Hope you guys can put this to use! :D

NOTE: The zipper is from the fempyro model itself, you have ...
Cyclops Pack
Created by LynchReborn
Ported to Source Filmmaker: Me
Textures & Models ripped by: Tribalizer -

All bones renamed to Bip01_. NOT compatible with rig_biped_simple, but an IK rig may be uploaded in the coming days.

These models are low-poly from Marvel Heroes. Abo...
Daria Morgendorffer (Beta)
Created by Medusa
LA-la-la la-la

One smart girl from old good MTV show. This is my first model made so it is have many problems with rigging and faceposing.

Дарья. Персонаж из старого сериал на MTV. Это моя первая модель, поэтому в ней полно косяков со скелетом и фейс...
Divii's Werewolf Model
Created by Geiz
hello again people of the SFM community, have a werewolf

*walks away*

okay, so theres more to it, as the title suggests, this is by Divii
another port from gmod
(here's the link for the gmod version:
Doc's Color Script Ver.Theta!!!: PhySide Edition!!!
Created by Doc_ock_rokc
Color your favorite hats! Color you least favorite enemies! This script works with almost all VertextLitGeneric textures!

To use:
Install script

Apply with Rig Menu!

Chose you color! from the autogenerated TF2 Paint colors to the custom Color picker!

Doc's Improved Cloaking script!
Created by Doc_ock_rokc
What is that in the shadows?

Is it a Ghost?

Is it a Monster?

Is it a French Madman with a Extreamly Pointy Knife?!


With this script You can activate and color the cloaking process of ANY MODEL!!!**

and i...
Doc/Revzin's Puppet Script!
Created by Doc_ock_rokc
Tired of how pasting animations from one model to the other messes things up?

Do you want your TF2 sniper to move like a Injured survivor?

Want to make the pyro pow?

Do you want to make a entire flash mob but don't want to animate every character?

Electronics Lab Equipment
Created by Lt_Commander
A few small lab props I made up a bit back, I figure they'll fit the new workshop quite well. They're just nice little background set dressing for a laboratory, and if you're an electrical engineer, you'll probably appreciate the accuracy of the models.
Enhanced Balloonicorn v1.1
Created by EmperorFaiz.wav
Ladies and gentlemen, your beloved lovable adorable floating plushie is now a living majestic creature and ready to spread some love with extra unusual sparkles.

-Now with bones. You can pose her around like one of your French girls.
-More skins with e...
Enhanced TF2 MVM Bot Models
Created by NeoDement
Improves the bots from MVM in many ways!

-Adds bodygroups to the bots, just like the human players have. This allows you take off their default hats, hide their feet etc (to equip cosmetics).

-Reshapes the bot heads to be closer to the players heads....
Enhanced Heavy
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
- Higher resolution normals
- Bodygrouped bullet belt and pouch
- T-shirt bodygroup
- Updated hands bodygroup to fit with the in-game version

Enhanced L4D2 Pickup Items
Created by Herk McGrand
By Bloocobalt, reupload from for all SFM-users. Have some bones, bodygroups and skins. Installed content not required.

Garry's Mod version:

2006 Sonic Reskin
Created by Kirito
THIS IS NOT A MODEL! This replaces all the textures in Skin 1 (or Skin 0) of your Modern Sonic model to newer textures so it will look like a Sonic '06 model.

In order to use this addon, you must have the Sonic Generations Hero Pack, and Logan Mccloud's...
Enhanced TF2 Bread Monster Jars
Created by Taco
The bread monster, and the jars he gets crammed in.
High poly, extended bodygroup and bone support. TF2 idle animation included.

Comes with Valve's original SFM 2048x2048 bread monster textures.

Enhanced TF2 Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
Created by R234
Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, with yet another enhanced TF2 weapon! This time I took care of the Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol. The ejection port has the same physical impracticability as the stock Pistol, but with my newfound knowledge of deforming armatures,...
Enhanced TF2 Sniper Rifle
Created by R234
Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, with an enhanced Sniper Rifle. This one was requested a few times, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

For a while I was on the fence on whether I should leave the bolt as it is, or make it function as in real life. Then I tol...
Enhanced TF2 Widowmaker
Created by R234
Hi fellow SFMers! R234 here, with the second entry in my personal line of enhanced Team Fortress 2 weapons, the Widowmaker! I happened to check the model in Blender, and surprisingly the magazine was already mostly set up to be detachable.

Changes from ...
Environment Particles
Created by Sapphire Sky
Added a couple of new efects and improved a few of the previous!

Particles used to generate environments randomly. Though you're welcome to adjust the sizes within the editor. More effects will be updated and included over time.

Fancy Sky Particle V2
Created by Tyler
This is another rendition of my sky particle. You won't need the dota 2 assets for this. Let me know if you have any questions/issues. :)
(*Use on void map*)
Confused about how to use this? Here's a guide:
Femscout's enhanced eyes [VTF only]
Created by Linny
Because girls need beautiful eyes!

Edited eye texture. Should work with every Femscout model, as well as with other models too. To use it, you need a knowledge about overriding materials within SFM.

Fidget & Ahrah from "Dust: An Elysian Tail"
Created by Sire
At university I had an assignment to model a fictional character and a prop, so after choosing and creating these two in Maya I figured I'd texture and rig them for Source Filmmaker; pictured is the end result. This is the first time I've done proper model...
Fidget Fly Cycle
Created by Sire
A simple flying idle animation for the Fidget model. (

Firefly - Batman: Arkham Origins
Created by Porky-da-Corgi
A port of the assassin Firefly and his flamethrower from Batman: Arkham Origins.

Works with the rig_biped_simple IK script!

Firefly & his Flamethrower
Fixed Scout Cosmetic Textures [Possibly Outdated]
Created by MixedUp
These are the fixed Scout cosmetic textures for the broken Scout textures I know of. This includes the backwards ballcap, the essential accesories, and the superfan.

These fixed textures turn the broken, not paintable, odd looking textures into normal, ...
Flag - Multinational
Created by Soldier
A poseable flag hanging on a pole with 22 skins.

Folding USB Stick
Created by caseytube
Highly-Detailed USB stick that's can either save the world, or take it over. Or something like that.

Created by Misterlegodude
Reuploaded due to an uploading error, hopefully it works now

An edit of the glasses that came with Bloocobalt's Enhanced Citizen pack that makes the glasses fit each of the Half Life 2 citizens, that includes almost any custom character models th...
Gobo Essentials
Created by Patrick Hunt
This is a very simple yet useful pack of gobo textures to use with light sources.

How to use:
1. Right click your Light source and press "Set Light Gobo Texture"
2. Filter by "gobo"
3. Select desired texture and press "Open"

If you need customizat...
Gray Mann for SFM
Created by Rebbacus
Check out this short old guy I modeled, you can have him in your SFMs now

Green Hill Zone
Created by Hyperchaotix
Behold! My first officially released map! Filled to the brim with original assets and models!

-Custom Textures and models
-Includes Day, Sunset, and Night versions

The classic, well known, and overdone zone from the origi...
Grey Mann sound clips
Created by {CB1} Doho
I have had this idea of what Grey Mann Sounded like. I'm not sure if I portrayed that, but I just felt I'd give it a shot.

Greymann\destroy them.mp3
Greymann\drop point.mp3
Guitar Hero Models for SFM
Created by Vintage Sniper
AT LONG they are on SFM.....orgianlly made by fatigue some years ago and some reskins done by me, here is your favourite Gibson Les Paul, SG, Flying V, Firebird, SG and other guitars to reskins like Jackson Randy Rhoads.......HAVE FUN EVERYONE...
Guitar Hero World Tour Models
Created by Vintage Sniper
Guitar Hero World Tour models Now avalible for SFM.......I did try to do the Guitar Hero 3 models but there was too many problems with associated files so I uploaded this instead, I would of done both though. Due to some models disappering at certain angle...
HQ Poseable Dollar
Created by ConfederateJoe
-HQ dollar texture.
-A few bones for simple posing.
-Morphs for folding and stretching.
-Normal map for added detail.

Get it NOW! :D

Future update(s) will likely include skins for other bills and various stacks.

HWM Elizabeth
Created by Revzin
The elizabeth_prisitine files you have in usermod may override the newer workshop ones!
You'd want to delete it to make sure you have the latest version (the files are models/dpfilms...
Ice pop
Created by Percy Technic
Made a little model out of boredom. Has a few flexes and a couple bones.

It's Play Time - the additional props
Created by episoder
i had a lotta fun making those. gotta share. have them. :)

additional credits:

alice aka @sfmtales for her design choices and the creative ideas/demands.

valve and authors of the japanese pack. for the mann co. lock and a bunch of g/wood bases.
google f...
Kong King Apartment
Created by Jojje
Previously on SFMBox, now reuploaded on Workshop.

Featured on such films as KrasniyB's "Runaway" and "Breathing Your Neck", with extensive scenebuilding.

Yes, you may use this for your Saxxy entries, you don't need to ask my permission.
You can add ...
Created by Contron
Completely re-done from scratch, with way better textures and overall appearance.

Lee Everett
Created by D² + J² =
Yo, this is Lee Everett from The Walking Dead.
Did you make this model?
- No, I only re-uploaded from a site called SFM Box - Which I think is gone.
If the original creator - NikoOut? - *sorry if spelt wrong* If he wishes to re-upload on his o...
Left 4 Dead(1) - Smoker
Created by Pte Jack
Here he is, finally in the workshop for your FilmMaking enjoyment.

This model does not have flexes, but it does have importable sequences and is Rig_Biped_Simple compatible.
The tongue is on jiggle bones and the procedural bones should ba able to be b...
Limited Late Summer Pack Cosmetics
Created by GamingTaco
Just the cosmetics added in the Late Summer update, simple as that.

Lost Forest Map
Created by theFaceless
Presumably fixed the lamppost missing model.
Updated with a daytime version of the map.

The map that i've made for personal use in project.
So, i thought that perhaps someone will find this useful and stuff.

From now on you no longer need to sub...
Love And War Update Models (Read Description First)
Created by Professor Heavy
Does not include:
Taunt item animations
Particles (ARE there any particles, anyway?)

Some things I may have missed out that need to be there.. let me know.

Mann Co. Supply Crate
Created by boomer groomer
Mann Co Crates
Hello today i bring you a model for use in SFM.

All i did was recompile the model for use in SFM videos or posters.

If Deity Link wants me to take this down i will
Deity Link For making the original
Manor Rooms
Created by Christoffer395
Has enough rooms to house your projects!

This manor comes with 16 rooms, in different shapes, sizes and looks. All rooms are almost empty, meaning you can decorate it from scratch. How you use the rooms it up to you, most of the rooms doesn't serve a purp...
Mass Effect: Weapons
Created by Cabo Daciolo
Original Author: Haxxer
I estay Reuploud

Hello I am Dr.Mario pesssoas the kimrmacedo channel, and as I am wanting to make animations in soucerfilmaker some time to have prepared an intro but do not know when it will come out the first video. I thought ...
Created by rei~
I uploaded this Sound for the Meem's

Pleas rate and comment.

If you want to know what a Meem is, please visit this site

Meemrasmus SFM
Created by Albin1997536
The plank and nail can be removed via the bodygroups option c:

This took me around 1,5 h to make.

Modelend in blender, UV maped in Maya, Textured in Photoshop CS6, Compiled with crowbar

Miss Pauling HWM (Crazyb2000)
Created by Crazyb2000
Miss Pauling, the assistant of the illusive "administrator". Pauling is a hardworking girl
who just so happens enjoys quiet nights of surveilance and gun shows.

-Detailed recreation of the Miss Pauling Character as seen in "Expiration...
Moderate TV
Created by 6000 ANGRY BEES
A generic, unpretentious, mid-range television from an era not unlike one we just left.

The screen on this TV displays the RT Camera texture by default. Using this, you can display anything on it using a secondary SFM camera! The possibilities ar...
Necrotron (SFM Project)
Created by 8Yaron8
My new Robot from robots. wanted to make a Robot Fighter character from Street Fighter (Ruy or Ken robot Version), and turned Nekrotron

sessions\test\test_mannco.dmx - Gray Mann for ...
Created by RIP me
Blub blublbulb!

(Has a billion bones, no eyelids)

Old Pudge Model
Created by 8Yaron8
Old Pudge Model

Vertexlitgeneric for the sfm from Pudge

"Vertexlitgeneric for the sfm" Topic on the FacePunch

Paper Plane
Created by TheFrog
Model i made for a friend, turned out well enough i thought i should upload it

Party Hard Animation Session
Created by Daniel 亞
From my video to your SFM, i give you the "Original Party Hard Dance Animation."

The animation is animated on the Scout, so if want the animation on other models or classes, I bid you luck.

sessions\party hard.dmx
Personality Turret
Created by Rantis
Here's something new for you.
Gentlemen let me introduce the MOBILE TURRET!
That's right the MOBILE TURRET this little guy can actively pursue potential threats to you any your family, just be careful because it will probably pursue you too, just make su...
Podcasting/Radio Microphone IK Rig
Created by Jojje
A simple script to allow easier use of the podcasting/radio microphone on an arm, you can find that here.

Just run it on the animation set as a rig like any other IK rig....
Podcasting/Radio Microphone and Table
Created by Jojje
"Heavy is now taking calls from baby listeners. Call to 1-800-HVYSHOW or Skype in, username is HEAVYWEAPONSSHOW. Talk about Sandvich. Or whatever you want. Hello, you are on show with Heavy Weapons Guy."
A podcasting/radio microphone on a table c...
Pokemon Trainer - Call him what you want!!! (There!)
Created by Pte Jack
This is a collection of the 4 sizes of the Pokemon Trainer seen in the picture. Only one skin available right now.

The balls in their hands will detach and are useable.

Rate them up if you like them.

Post recommendations for changes here.
Pooling Blood Animated Prop
Created by Mickyan
Use the "bloodsmall" slider to animate/change size

Popsicle (Color Script support!) (Update 5)
Created by Nomad

[update] I forgot to disable AO on the stick due to going black.

[update 2] Added se...
Posable Briefcase
Created by мяFunreal
The TF2 briefcase, also known as "Intelligence" is now fully posable and even hollowed out so you can put stuff in it.

  • Posable front locks - individually.
  • Posable number wheels on top and on the front.
  • Posable hand
Posable Engineer items
Created by мяFunreal
Various items that belong to the Engineer, enhanced for film making.

  • Added unlit (glowing) screen with posable arrow to all dispensers
    No other changes have been made.

Eureka Effect
  • Jaw p
Posable Scout items
Created by мяFunreal

  • Posable Boston Boom Bringer
  • Posable Caffeine Cooler
  • Posable Half Pipe Hurdler
  • Posable Shortstopp

If you have more ideas for Scout items, tell me. I might add them to this pack

Posable Sniper Submachineguns
Created by мяFunreal
Both of the Sniper SMGs are now enhanced for posing.

  • Posable trigger
  • Posable bolt - moves ejection port cover aswell
  • Posable magazine, movable bullet included.
  • Posable belt
  • includes gold skin.

Posable Soldier items
Created by мяFunreal
Another pack i made, this time it's for the Soldier.

Posable Honcho's Headgear:
  • Shades have their own bone.
  • Bodygroups to hide hat and shades individually.
  • Includes skingroups for both teams.
Due to AO iss
Post-it notes
Created by Nomad
This model was requested by [SAUK] Alex Wisdom.

Post-it notes model includes two skingroups and the top piece is rigged to bones to allow some movement.


Punching Bag
Created by Critical Hit!
if video didn't work:

*Updated: includes the bag minus the metal hanger and a hopefully working AO texture.

Team fortress 2 styled punching bag is now yours .

Jigglebone for the bag and ropes for both versions.
(model anima...
Puppy Cube
Created by Rantis
Aperture Science Mobile Weighted Cube! This one actually can stab you in the back, not that it would.

Use it with the rig provided:
Just stick that in the game/platform/scripts/sfm/animset f...
Pure Cyber
Created by fug4life
Jack In Kick A$$...

Pure Cyber Mask Model.

Please note:
If you have subscribed to more than one of my workshop items for Blade Symphony you may encounter a pop-up dialog after downloading the items. The pop-up dialog will notify ...
Pyro's Bike
Created by Corvalho
A bike we made for promo purposes to a set of items we developed for Team Fortress 2.

I figured the SFM animators would like to use it in their creations as well.


- Team color, ubercharge and a paintable texture groups.
- Bodygroup to ...
Robotic Boogaloo Fixed Texture
Created by Sync.
You need to edit the gameinfo.txt in the usermod so the workshop folder is placed above tf folder for the textures to work, like so, for instance:

Game |gameinfo_path|.
Game workshop
Game tf

Credit is appreciated.

Rocket Bot
Created by Donvius
A very simple model (or rather model modification) of a 4-armed robot-vehicle thing. I made it for my TeamFormers 2: Electric Boogaloo video ( <- here you can see it in action ). Looks pretty nice with classes lik...
Created by Keepon
Rocky (WIP name) is still work in progress model.
- 6 face flexes for eyes
- movable ears
- when using 'rig_biped_simple' - additional 'rig_footRoll' sliders for easier foot animation -> vi...
Rottenburg Night
Created by JustSavage05
Since I felt a very creepy vibe off this map the first time I played it, I figuered might as well.
Any problems let Me know!
This is the Rottenburg map with just a night setting and a few lights in needed areas.

<Quick Apology>

Created by Misterlegodude
Map originally for Garry's Mod by Sirrus, ported to SFM by me

NOTE: The player and camera will start off in the ground, just hold Z to get the view port camera above ground and if you're using the game engine (F11), use noclip (N) and press W, A, S, or D ...
Rubik's Cube
I made a Rubik's Cube today for no reason.
I hope somebody will use it one day, even if it's only as a background prop.

This Rubik's Cube has several different skins, so listen up!
Skin 0 has the logo on the white face.
Skin 1 has no logo on the whit...
RYTP Model pack
Created by Shootlife
This is RYTP (Russian Youtube Poop) themed model pack used by servers and intened for use by russian community members.

Эти модели используются на сервере RYTP Fortress проекта Penek-Gaming.Ru
В этом наборе находятся модели известны...
Sam and Max - Sam
Created by The Animator
As Requested, here is Sam from Sam and Max by TellTale games.

- original game extract by Random Talking Bush

He works with biped_simple and has a few basic flexes. I left in the original face bones so you can play with them, they'll be in unknown.
Scorpion - SFM Prop
Created by Rain↯
A TF Tomb Raider Contest 2014 Promo Prop

Quite rough scorpion model used as promotional material,
why not share it with everyone :3

- Reference: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

- Ryan: Model and Texture

Scout Hotdog
Created by Gonzo
I had this a long time (One day after the comic went out)

If you can't understand the model, come here and watch the comic!

This wasn't too hard to do, i had lot of problems with the flexes, so yeah...It's a HWM
Programs u...
Scout's Mother Robot
Created by Jack Muu
The robotic version of the Scout's Mother.

Created for a video I made a few months ago originally for the Open Source Filmmaker's Robot Week, the model and textures are all created by me.

An IK rig for the model can be found here:
Scout's Mom-Bot
Created by NeoDement
This rendition of the Scout's Mom as a robot was made for the 'Robotic Boogaloo' update for TF2. She's fully posable and is a damn fine lady-bot.

She comes with a Red skin, a Blue skin, and two uber skins. There is also a skin-coloured version, for you...
Created by egon.wendelken
Contains over 200 sounds from scp-cb and scp-087-b.Enjoy!

scp sounds\0Alert1.wav
scp sounds\0Alert2.wav
scp sounds\0Alert3.wav
scp sounds\0Attack1.wav
scp sounds\0Attack2.wav
scp sounds\0Attack3.wav
scp sounds\0Lure1.wav
scp sounds\0Lure2.wav
Scream Fortess 2014 Cosmetics (A couple of months late)
Created by GamingTaco
The cosmetics added in Scream Fortress 2014... in December... think of the Nightmare Before Christmas. Except with more hats.

Sp00ky cosmetics...
Sharpie "Bluntie" model (Color Script Compatible!)
Created by Nomad
Hi, here is a sharpie ripoff called Bluntie (for copyright reasons).

This supports out of the box, Doc Ock's color script.

If you use anything I have made that is Original Universe (Excluding the 3d maneuvre gear due to copyright issues) in the saxxies...
SFM Bass Guitar
Created by aln447
A Source Filmmaker compatible bass guitar. Great for posters and music videos.
Model, texture by me.

My blog thing:

Videos featuring the models belong to Nonamesleft
SFM Blockhead (Community Pack 01)
Created by Misterlegodude

These are 10 reskins of DarkStar's Blockhead to resemble the Blockland...
SFM Drum Set
Created by aln447
An official, Source Filmmaker compatible and fully rigged drum set for music videos and more.

With it you can control and animate nearly everything, from the cymbals to the height of the chair.

Here's a modified version of sfm's default animation gro...
SFM Drum Sticks
Created by aln447
Drumsticks compatible with the Source Filmmaker for music videos.

Here's a modified version of sfm's default animation groups which work with the model:

For any questions, requests, or reports contact...
SFM Frontier Times of Day Pack
Created by Sunny C.
This pack includes 4 versions of pl_frontier (Morning, Daylight, Sunset, Nightl)
Yes, you can use this for your Saxxy Videos, but remember give credit (It's no needed but it would so cool)

Note: This version can have some changes fromt the original.
SFM_SUBURBIA - A Team Fortress 2 Neighborhood
Created by Benjamoose
[NOTE: This was made for the SFM Workshop, and compiled with the SFM version of Hammer. Therefore this map will NOT work with Garry's Mod or any other Source mod (as far as I'm aware).]

A Team Fortress 2 themed neighborhood.

Current Version: B...
Created by vRad.exe
This a version of my gmod map for source filmmaker, Enjoy

If you found a bug or a issue please, comment and let me know, thanks

To see the cell shading you ...
Created by Brustard1
"I'm not happy Bob. Not happy"

I'm back! First map in months! and it's this. This was another concept for sfm_suspiscion that I wasn't happy with, although after some touching up on one afternoon it actually looks pretty decent although as it was a quic...
Created by Brustard1
"Welcome to Pinecross! If the bears don't kill ya, the cold will"

My second contribution to the steam community. Once again, I've gone with what I know and made another set map. This map features a road that leads from a tunnel to a wood cabin. Nuff said ...
SKYBOX-MAPS [with floor]
Created by Ygg
This workshop-item includes two maps with different lightning-settings & skyboxes simulating day & night backgrounds.

You can change the skybox with the command sv_skyname <skyboxname>.
(for example sv_skyname sky_night_01)

The names off all skyboxe...
Small Corpus room
Created by [XI] paterance
Small Corpus inspired room for your warframe action

Smissmass 2014 Update Cosmetics
Created by Ev@n
Here's the new cosmetics of the Smissmas 2014 Update.

Some hats and miscs may have littles textures issues like black textures.

Smissmass 2014 Update Festives Weapons
Created by Ev@n
Here's the new festives weapons of the Smissmas 2014 Update.

Some weapons may have littles textures issues.

If you notice some issues, tell me in the comments

Smissmass 2014 Update Weapons
Created by Ev@n
Here's the new weapons of the Smissmas 2014 Update.

SniperRifle Zoom Scope Overlay
Created by Zappy
NOTE: I haven't been bothered to add a lot of preview pictures (yet).

Ever wanted to use the zoom overlay for the Sniper Rifles for Team Fortress 2 videos? Frustrated because the overlays are only a quarter of the scope, and they are horribly stretched,...
Soldier Voice acting clip sample
Created by {CB1} Doho
I'm not as great at animation as I am working my voice. Feel free to use this clip in order to animate. If you would like more sound clips, just give me a heads up and I'd be more than happy to lend my voice for your projects.

Soldier voicerecor...
Soldier's Eyepatch
Created by TheFrog
Simple eyepatch for soldier, has a bone for the flap so you can move it.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Boss pack
Created by Apoc Hedgie
This is a model pack that contains all of the bosses from Sonic Generations. Perfect Chaos was supplied by Chaofanatic, give him credit for that.

  • Sonic Generations

Sonic the Hedgehog - G.U.N. pack
Created by RandomTBush
This is a model pack that contains everything related to the G.U.N. from Sonic Generations -- the G.U.N. Beetles, the G.U.N. Hunter, and several variants of the G.U.N. Truck.
The Internal Haircut
Created by Mark Unread | TF2SP
People currently banned from using this SFM model: This-Is-Singy (unless you remove me from the blocked list)

UPDATE: Added paintability.

Gentlemen. Tired to find a good hair model for your videos or images? You tried to do your own model of hair, bu...
Spy Eyepatch
Created by Jojje
Yeah. Spypatch. I get it. You're not the first to think of that.

Fits the Spy's face perfectly.
Has two bodygroups and two skins.

Regrettably, since I am not well versed in matters of face posing, it does not have flexes, HWM or otherwise.
If someo...
Spy Raptor
Created by Big Boss
place the raptor into a suit and watch what happens when you give it guns too


Steam Controller
Created by ProgSys
Just a simple model (prop) of the steam controller based of the pictures from the announcement.

You can find the model under "PG_props\pg_obj\pg_steam_controller.mdl".

Link to the controller announcement:
Created by Nomad
Here's some streamers. Includes skin groups for the flappy flags.

Steve Model with Phonemes and Rig (Check Description)
Created by Narry
This model has a full phoneme chart, and a rig that can be downloaded here as the workshop does not allow for these files yet.

Put the pre file (the phonemes) in the folder the model is in, an...
Strongbox Pack Models
Created by Professor Heavy
Mind if I note, this was a request. not something of my own idea, so all of you have probably already taken care of this update. So don't mention the fact the update came out 5 months ago.

All of the models used in the Strongbox Pack. also co...
Submarine - GTA V
Created by Red Menace
So yeah, it's fully poseable and whatnot.
Special thanks to Smug Bastard for providing me with files and previews.

I have no plans to update or adapt this port for anything, what you see is what you get. Thanks for understanding.

Red Mena...
Suited Demoman
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
Give Demoman a bit of class with this suit.

- Tie is paintable using Doc_ock_rokc's marvellous colour script["]
- Full set of helper bones etc
- Class

Summer Adventure Teams
Created by Rantis
These models have full articulation and a bodygroup to hide the brown stand.

Use them with:
Just stick that in the game/usermod/scripts/sfm/animset folder.

Sunset Island
Created by killohurtz
Originally a contest entry, now recompiled for use in SFM.

Super Mario - Babies Of Nintendo (SFM Version)
Ah yes, the fine babies of Nintendo. What started out with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, led to them, and others, appearing in many other games. They include Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy and, since Mario Kart 8, Baby Rosalina.

Team Fortress Driving School
Created by M&M
This is XiNNEy31's Team Fortress themed Driving School map. I do not take any credit for this map. All I did was fix the HDR in the map.

Also XiNNEy31, if you want this workshop submission removed, then please post it here in the comments below please....
Team Fortress Enhanced Pickups
Created by Kalimando
All of the ammopacks and medkits in tf2 with detachable openings for bones, with a few extras.

There is a version of this mod available for garrysmod, look for COVEROP on the workshop.

If you use this in a video, please let me know so I can see it i...
Team Fortress 2: Female Spy
Created by Mr. Dude
Original Female Spy model by Chemical Alia.

This version for SFM primaraly fixes the transparency problem with AO, includes bodygroup options for her scarf and glasses, fixes her eyeposing and repositions her skeleton for less janky-ness (Note: Some level...
TF Wrestling Ring
Created by Jojje
Perfect for wrestling, boxing or any other ring-related activities.
Five skingroups, one red, one blue, one unmarked gray, one TF logo and one TF Performance Center.
If you wish to edit the gray apron to fit your scene with logos and whatnot, be my guest.
TF2 Campsite Map
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
A TF2 styled campsite map. Includes night and day version.


Manual download[]
TF2 Combine Harvester
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
A TF2 Emporium Vehicle Map Pack Competition entry.

- Rigged moving parts
- 4 skins
- Shiny

TF2 Female Scout
Created by Max
Enhanced version of AyesDyef's original TF2 playermodel mod. Now with HWM, lots of bodygroup options, as well as tons of other little fixes and improvements.

Due to technical issues in how studiomdl works, cosmetics that are weighted to the arm and leg...
The Chestburster - Because You've Waited Long Enough
Created by Pte Jack
70+ bones in this model (66 of them being the tail.) I've also added a normal map to bump it up a bit.

Has basic facial and jaw flexes and the tongue extudes with opening and closing jaws.

The model also has a basic slither sequence.

Credit for ...
TF2 Deathmatch Mercenary SFM
Created by Maxxy
So who is the deathmatch mercenary?

The deathmatch mercenary is part of a Facepunch project called "Team Fortress 2 Classic"
This mercenary is a new character in our new upcoming community gamemodes, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and so ...
The End of the Line Stuff
Created by GamingTaco
All models added into the End of the Line update, including the melee reskin we didn't ask for and a duck!

The Enhanced HWM Chell (by Maxxy)
Created by Maxxy
Brand new release, including Chell, the main character of Portal 2, with new HWM Flexes, and new bodygroups!
Enjoy using the models, make sure to leave a rate and share it to your friends!
Feel free to use the model for your Saxxy proje
The Enhanced Tank
Created by MrPutisher
The Enhanced Tank for Gmod and SFM.
DropBox -
Face Posing - simple HWM
Fixed L4D Animation
Wrinkle maps
High quality normal maps
flex_scale for SFM
Gmod - http://stea...
The Gentleman's Rolled Pleasure
Created by KamiXaqui
Just a pair of tf2-styled cigar models made and textured by me.
I am still learning to make models.

UPDATED 6/9/2014
Changed texture and mapping of the model to make it better-looking

The Lady Killer ( aka sept2014_lady_killer.mdl) - Materials Repaired
Created by Pte Jack
This is the material only. It will install to your Workshop folder and will not replace the original material unless you have given the workshop folder a higher priority than your TF folder in the Gameinfo.txt file.

If you're still having problems, see ...
The Pyro's Head
Created by Pte Jack
Fifth in the series.

The Pyro's head is pretty Plain Jane when it comes to making a HWM model; no phonemes, emotions or visemes. So, I got a little creathve and added a couple of flexes to it. You can now make it look like "it" is breaathing or actually ...
The Robot Spider Centaur (SFM Project)
Created by 8Yaron8
My New Robot made of smaller robots

The Soviet Striker (Bowling Ball)
Created by Rozzy
Bowling ball model for use in SFM. Made to fit Heavy's hands but can be used for any other class or character.

Come with 3 styles for each team:-

Team Logo

The Swirling Schemer
Created by Donvius
My first upload to the workshop. It's a special hat I made while making my "Headache" movie ( )

It can transform (with a fancy animation!) into a helicopter, similar to the one Inspector Gadget use. Best to be w...
The Track Tracer (optimized for Femsout)
Created by renderpunk
Brought to you by SedimentarySocks and Robot Agent with slight changes in mesh geometry.
Contains bodygroups to remove glasses and ear piercings.

Vote for this item on TF2 Workshop:

The Wilhelm Scream (OFFICIAL)
Created by DarkLord
This scream has been used in PLENTY of old and new movies, anyways, Enjoy!

Now, you might ask yourself 'Gee, how did TheBrendanK11 made this for SFM?'

I went to this video here: and i converted this to a MP...
UNDERTALE - Sans 2.0 Update
Created by gravemancer

Sans, everyone's favourite skeleton friend from indie rpg Undertale, now available for you to animate i...
Undertale: Mettaton Ex
Created by Space ❤ Angel
He's finally done, my first workshop item, a sexy robot. I know you are all pure and innocent little angels that will use this model responsibly. Anyways, I took a whole bunch of liberties in his design to make things a bit easier for me (ball-jointed legs...
Undertale: Toriel
Created by CGEyeGuy
Modeled my favorite character from Undertale! Toriel!
Sorry it took so long took me a while to figure out how to make characters for SFM.
I think I'll model Asriel as soon as I finish adding my Frisk model onto here. :D

Anyways hope everyone enjoys this!
Created by Christoffer395
Guaranteed no tentacle monsters inside any of them*! Can be used to keep things from going in, or out if you're making a gas chamber (see screenshots).

This map comes with 8 different simple vaults, with 4 sizes and 2 colors, and an alternative map with...
Voice Acting: The Bombinomicon (Now with class sounds!)
Created by NefariousDrH
BOMBINOMICON!!! Giving you more Bomb book sounds!
This next update is more of a "What if the Bombinomicon was a class" kind of thing. Enjoy, and expect more updates when this raspy ol' throat of mine clears up xD

And once again, I will be available if any...
War Update Demoman Poses [READ DESC]
Created by Bootiful Duk
Sometimes the models will disappear after applying the animation to them. This comment I left a while back should help:

"Follow this exactly as it shows you:

The model will fly out of the shot somewhere, yo...
Wheelchair Pack
Created by Rokay
A simple wheelchair i made some time ago.
5 different sizes

Created by Rantis
A bright white void that is immune to lighting

Support me on

Xenobread (SFM Session)
Created by 8Yaron8
Alien created from bread !

sessions\alienbread.dmx - Bread Models Imported From Team Fortress 2

You must have a mutant bread -
[SFM] Hatty Hattington + Gem
Created by [N-cognito]

I love Battleblock theater, and decided to give it's main character, Hatty Hattington, a new life in the 3D world.
This is my first model that is made completely from scratch, so hopefully everyone enjoys it.

Hatty has multiple ...
[UNDERTALE] Gaster Blaster
Created by Evangelos
*you feel like you're going to have a bad time.

Gmod version:

The Gaster Blaster from Undertale.

Undertale is owned by Toby Fox.

*Bone rig is offset and not correct...
This is a slightly futuristic modern house that I would idealy like to live in, This includes a food replicator upstairs, sonic showers, a little office next to the bedroom and (hopefully) a reflective mirror! Doors not included (in other words you will ne...
skin / bodygroups animation setup
Created by 8Yaron8
Create a several controllers bounds to the skin number and the bodygroup selector of a gamemodel. So you can change them over time.

1. copy '' to [sfm folder path]\game\platform\scripts\sfm\animset\
2. apply it same w...
The free man
Created by Day-o
Here is a beard for the sniper, its also in the team fortress 2 workshop.

Kill la Kill - Matoi Ryuko
Created by the minivilization
Remember that one time that one thing happened in that one anime? Now you can recreate that.

This is not my model. I'm just reuploading it after it was removed from the workshop. If there are any errors, tell me and I'll try to fix them to the best of m...
Puppet Fortress
Created by Astute
These guys began as simple poseable props, with the intention of being used for a few teaser shots associated with the Puppet Medic set. I was planning on having a few shots of the Medic hand-painting these guys in some kind of workshop setting. Of course,...
TF2 Mechs Mega Ultra Ultimate Pack of Destruction
Created by Donvius
People asked so here it is. All the mechas I made for the Wrench in the Gears video - including the big 4 leg tank thing, the small flying medic heads and fan favourite sniper mech. I even thrown in some bonus: the inside cockpit of the Deadnaut and a very...
Laptop [ROTTR]
Created by MARK2580
Laptop model...
0 - off
1-6 - windows desktop
7 - green screen
8-10 - blue screen
11 - rt_camera


"Born to Play."

now with cd


Version for Gmod :


If you use this model in a video or a pi...
Poseable Syringe
Created by ai_chicken
Paintable liquid with material override. 2 flexes (fill, empty) for liquid. Can be taken apart.

To make parts shinier, add "$lightwarptexture" "models/player/pyro/pyro_lightwarp" to appropriate .vmt files, and adjust $phongboost value

Gradient triangle pack

- 81 gradient variants for gradient triangle model.
- Adjustable frame bodygroup for triangle.
- 3 movable bones for triangle model.
- Almost full textures compatibility with
Various Misc TF2 Promo Props
Created by Dilly
These are just custom tf2 props made for the use in the promotional artwork me and daesdemona have done for QuestionablyInsane's latest sets. Might not be the most useful stuff you seen, but there's always one use.

The items are basically:
-A book wit...
TF2 Mvm infantry tank
Created by Albin1997536
I replaced the bomb carrier with a cannon c:
I've also rigged the lights so they can be animated.
The cannon can move verticaly. Tracks are not attached. It works like the defult tank so you'll have to attach them yourself in SFM.

Works with all MVM ...
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