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Awesome SpyGlass!
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Awesome SpyGlass!


Like a regular SpyGlass, except Awesomer!

- Shows name, level, gender, age, if max level and team
- Completely hands free (can be used with a weapon)
- Shows the dinos more relevant stats and level points (wild and tamed)
- Tells you if a dino can be tamed, how and what with
- Ignores the dino you are riding
- Same crafting cost etc as vanilla SpyGlass
- Zoom with RMB, or RMB+Shift while riding or using a weapon
- A whole bunch of customization options in the settings (ALT+S) (See pics)

- Works on Players

- Works on Supply Crates
- Shows crates required level, health and contents

- Several options can be enabled/disabled globally via admin settings in game (See pics) or in INI

EngramEntry_AwesomeSpyglass PrimalItem_AwesomeSpyGlass


You can now add custom info to your dinos and it'll display in the UI!
Just add a custom tag to your dino that starts with
All following text will show in the UI.

INI Options

These wont be tested and will only take effect if \ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SaveGames\AwesomeSpyGlassServerSettings.sav does not exist. The save file gets automatically created if one does not exist and uses the INI settings to create it, else uses default of everything enabled. After that you must use in game settings or delete the save file again to reload new INI options. In game settings override INI.

Disable GPS

Disable Outline

Disable Player Trageting

Disable Crate Trageting

Enjoy :)

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< >
CM Gabriel Angelos 4 minutes ago 
@vesuvius the gps doesnt work on the server im playing on atm either and the owner have tried the ini didnt work either
so @Chris when can we expect a fix too a mess you made on the mod that aparently isnt fixable by admin/owner on all servers that run your mod
Vesuvius 19 hours ago 
and what exactly is in your gui
Vesuvius 19 hours ago 
@jared did you delete the file shootergame/saved/SaveGames/AwesomeSpyglassServerSettings.sav before rebootin?
jared61981 Sep 21 @ 10:30am 
The mod isn't working for me either and I have set up the ini and checked the save file on my server what ever was done on the last update for the mod broke the GPS and that was one of the best things about the mod :steamfacepalm:
TomatoThePotatoe Sep 20 @ 1:16pm 
Okay the mod wont work for me. What should I do?
SkilledAF Sep 19 @ 11:38am 
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fatgit Sep 15 @ 6:05am 
Player targeting doesn't disable the glass on tamed Dino's, just players
EleckTronicK313 Sep 15 @ 12:55am 
GPS is no longer displayed why not?
Vesuvius Sep 14 @ 2:34am 
@odorayaki ... RMB= right mouse button
odorayaki Sep 14 @ 12:27am 
"Zoom with RMB, or RMB+Shift while riding or using a weapon" what meaning RMB??? can someone tell me thanks :D