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Exile Architect
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Exile Architect

Building block set for scaffolding or bridges, and mason lines to help layout foundations. Mason lines behaves like fence foundations, but can also snap at angles.

There's a 1 point feat in the building category.

Known issues:

*Short mason lines can snap at 60 degree angles for drawing triangles. But due to how sockets work, they'll also snap at 30 degree angles, so be aware.

*Fences and walls can stack on mason lines. They have rather low health though, so it's probably not a good idea to use them as foundations on anything defensive.

Mod compatibility notes:

Item IDs 1775001 - 1775009
Recipe IDs 1775101 - 1775109
Feat ID 1775100
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Aug 20 @ 1:22am
Servers running this Mod...
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Ravnir 8 hours ago 
as much as i like this mod, i do feel like it needs some fences as no other fences would look good on it and maybe a fence door? could you please add that?
ĐΔʁҜ ⋨ѻטⱠ Oct 10 @ 7:07pm 
I'm thinking if it will be a drawing pen or something near, the line can disappear after a while maybe
illspirit  [author] Oct 10 @ 6:59pm 
@ĐΔʁҜ ⋨ѻטⱠ An tool for interior lines would be nice. Figuring out how to make it not remove things placed on it might be tricky though.

@Nullcoda Hmm. At first I was thinking maybe the hunger sytem couldn't "find" some thralls if they were sperated from food source via walkways or something. But looking through the new blueprints, it doesn't seem like this would even matter. And if all of them won't eat, this can't be it anyway..

I'm thinking that maybe the code that checks for item distributors is hitting a walkway object on servers somehow and locking up the hunger system. Not quite sure why this would happen just yet, but maybe it will help if I update mod. Hopefully I'll have it by tomorrow. In the meantime it's probably best to turn off hunger if you haven't already.

I just hope the "actors to ignore" array isn't hardcoded in the c++ parent somewhere lol.
Nullcoda Oct 10 @ 5:26pm 
@illspirit - all thralls are refusing to eat while their food values continue to tick down below 100. In single player any thrall under 100 eats at least one food item in his direct inventory within 15 seconds. In multiplayer, they never eat. We've got about 77 thralls of all 4 placible types exhibiting this behavior and so far it is every single one.
balbor.valis Oct 10 @ 12:15pm 
It appears to be High Stack And Low Encumbrance mod, can anyone recomend a replacement?
ĐΔʁҜ ⋨ѻטⱠ Oct 10 @ 9:25am 
@illspirit, Hello first I will say thanks for the brilliant mod. Mason lines r a brilliant tool, love it:steamhappy: I've a suggestion: We need a tool, a marker tool for inside use. Thinking on a pen or something we can use to draw a red line vertical/horisontal on the floor or wall or whatever, or a red line item we can pick up after use. Ex: I will place a row of cupboard and need a line to follow. It would be nice to have that kind of tool too :)
balbor.valis Oct 10 @ 9:21am 
ID is 80948
illspirit  [author] Oct 10 @ 9:03am 
@Nullcoda Are all the thralls refusing to eat? Or only some of them?

@balbor.valis Jhebbal Sag altar is working for me. Maybe another mod you have installed has a conflicting item id (80948 is the t1 altar)?
balbor.valis Oct 10 @ 5:48am 
I'm trying to track down a problem i'm assuming is cause by one of the mods I used, when i try to craft or as admin summon the T1 jhebbal sag religious building (called Bower of jhebbal sag) it creates an item called xx_Alter_of_Jhebbal_sag which just looks like a sack in the inventory and I can't do anything with (no option to 'use' or place when in hotbar. Anyone else experienced this.