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The Dream Soilder
my dream soilder collecton
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Dictator's Dress Code
Created by Evil_Knevil
Yes I used the Dictator movie as a reference, but NO it's not a tribute to the movie.

The strings are jiggleboned.

Part of the Dictator Pack.

Other items in the pack:

- Soldier's Sash (misc)
Soldier's Sash
Created by Evil_Knevil
Yes I used the Dictator movie as a reference, but NO it's not a tribute to the movie.

Part of the Dictator Pack.

Other items in the pack:

- Dictator's Dress Code (misc)
- Supressors Beard (misc...
Supressors Beard
Created by Evil_Knevil
Yes I used the Dictator movie as a reference, but NO it's not a tribute to the movie.

Part of the Dictator Pack.

Other items in the pack:

- Dictator's Dress Code (misc)
- Soldier's Sash ...
The Trench Sweeper
Created by JPRAS
The Trench Sweeper: Shotgun for the Soldier.

Comes with LOD 0 + LOD 1 + LOD 2.

Suggested stats:

[+] 15% faster move speed while crouching
[+] 10% damage bonus
[-] -33% clip size...
The Flap Jacket
Created by Bapaul
Every war veteran needs a good coat to keep his cold heart warm.

Model by Bapaul
Texture by Blaholtzen
Vertex normals and other thingies by Sexy Robot

Comes with full paintability and all that pretty stuff...
Sulfate Star Spangler
Make constellations out of your enemies! Bright, sparkly, short-lived constellations.

Suggested Stats:

+25% firing speed
Shells arc
-50% damage to buildings
Impacted enemies cannot hear Spy decloaks
Impacted buildings act more slowly

Risky Razors
Created by Ertz™
"Item made as a possible Dead Island Riptide promo"

All class melee weapon (except spy and engineer)

Update: - changed the position of the razor guard
- managed to let the blade spin
- impro...
Prismatic Pastry: An Unusual Hat effect
Created by thirteen
Unusual Hat FX based on a popular internet meme. I don't expect Valve would publish this ever for all the obvious reasons. It was more a fun test to see if I could do it.

You might take a look at my Super Smart FX if you like this one. That one could act...
Created by liveSUN
+50% damage vs Buildings
+15% explosion radius
-25% clip size
-15% projectile speed

My all work
Created by Quantum36

The Shoguns Decapitator
Created by B. A. Baraka
A Katana I made before the Shogun 2 stuff came out....
General's Attire
Created by Zoey

512x256 diffuse DXT5
512x256 normal DXT5
Paintability ( gold trim, not the buttons or belt )
LODs 0-1-2
Team colours
blah blah blah...

So yeah, a nice little opened jacket misc item for Soldier, inspired by military uniforms of the past and a few...
The Kanopy Killer
Created by Sparkwire
This shotgun is intended to be a part of the my airforce pack, in addition to the russian chopper pilot hat, and the leviathan minigun. Although its part of a pack, feel free to make it available for the soldier, pyro, engineer, and of course heavy....
The Fortress Smasher (UPDATED - final version)
Created by Prof. Neelpos.j2
Per request of some, I've converted my Tectonic Knights Helm into a Castle Crashers helmet ahead of the titles release on Steam, I'll be sending the submission to The Behemoth for consideration, as there HAVE been promo items in the past added after the ti...
Vigor and Vitality (Paint)
Created by Unreal
Just another team colored paint set, with a different Red/Blu. I have added a comparison image between this paint and "Team Spirit" (As some people got confused by them).

[Please Note: I didn't extract these colors off of or base them from anything. And...
Dam Destroyer
That's not how you use a torpedo

this is the longest workshop item backstory I've made yet, I even made a quick backstory of its name *facepalm
as for the textures, the original doesn't really have the team logos, I just ad...
The Combustor
Created by Ertz™
Part of the "Grounded Combatant" set.

MOD download[]...
The Atom Launcher
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Don't bring this to the war room.


Mod download

Download the posters here

Join my steam group...
Dandy Yankee
Created by Svdl
Keep it up.
Scarf, collar, cuffs....
The Rocket Mann
Created by boomsta
Just a mod I made but posting it here. Who knows maybe in the future it could be added as another cross promotion. ;O Tbh it is pretty bad as I made it in a day, but thought I might as well upload it.

If you liked this, check out my other SMNC item, th...
The Dead Frame II
Created by nano393
"Win a Saxxy? Yeah yeah, but, How about a fantastic recruitment movie to show everyone how REAL men beat REAL hippies? How about that private?"

2 LODs...
Private Maggot Muncher
Created by Rozzy
The third Eagle of the month!

He likes war and maggots to go.

Two styles:-

'Armour Up'

Features morphs to allow him to talk along with Soldier's gibbering....
Frost bandit v2(old)
Created by KALACH
paintable, 4 lods, teamcolor.
Write + if you want styles.
The Churchwarden
Created by Evil_Knevil
The best pipeweed in all of Mann's Land.

Smoke particles video:
The Cold Shoulder
An item to celebrate the release of TF2 for Linux, show your dedication to the open-source platform with your very own shoulder-mounted Tux penguin. Could be released as a promotional item alongside the Linux TF2 release.

Includes 3 LODs:
LOD0 - 1730 t...