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WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
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Jun 4, 2018 @ 10:41am
Sep 21 @ 11:01am
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WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles

MOD ID 1402835318
ID's in the 8586000 range

A gameplay mutator for Conan Exiles. Contains new item additions such as weapons, armor and placeables. Rebalances aspects of the game through stat perk changes and damage calculations.

Now supports Isle of Siptah!
  • Dungeon bosses will randomly drop various quest items from the Exiled Lands such as Star of the Champion and Shining Trapezohedron
  • You can now craft the Altar of the Chaosmouth from your inventory. Cost to craft is 1 Eldrium bar
  • The craftable Chaosmouth altar will allow you to transmute the required items into Keystones
  • The Skelos High Priest thrall will spawn from high level Surge's like any other T4 thrall - still a rare spawn
  • Relic Weapon and Relic Armor Artifacts can be constructed at Leyline Altars

General Balance changes

Bronzed Physique
  • Damage reduction increased to 20%
Iron-hard Muscles
  • Armor bonus increased from 15 to 50
Blood-mad Beserker
  • Rage duration increased from 5sec to 15sec
Palisade tick damage increased from 2% to 10%
Legendary Tinkerer added to Feats
Collision removed from large carpets
Elevators are twice as fast

New Legendary weapons and armor added to Skelos Collector vendor
  • This feat becomes available at level 60. Use a Keystone to contract a Skelos Collector. Trades rare Mutator gear for quest items such as Tear of Two Races and Star of the Champion.

New Skelos High Priest thrall will now spawn
  • A Ghostly Serpentman now spawns in the exiled lands
  • Spawns alongside Votaries Skelos Devotees in the Volcano, Set Archpriests in Sepermeru, Forgotten Tribe Priests in the Burial Mounds and Lemurians Priests in the Pagoda of Boundless Lust.

New "Relic" tier of items added as well as 8 new cultural armors!

New game mechanic introduced for Relic repairs
  • Relic weapon durability increased to 800 across the board
  • Relic items are now tier 6 and can no longer be repaired with Legendary kits
  • Skelos Collector now grants two new recipes, Relic Armor Artifact and Relic Weapon Artifact
  • These new artifacts are crafted at the Volcanic Forge and will repair Relic items

Equipment, Item and Placeables list in dicussions.

Full Player God Transmogs
  • (Admin spawn only. Works best with Fashionist mod. Transmogs are not lootable on death.)
New placeable items
Building Pieces
Interactable stations

Some assets contained in the mod are unlisted and WIP. If you're an admin and happen to see items with white icons or unfinished textures, please do not use them as they are buggy! Refer to the Items & Placeables list in discussion for everything that is available for proper use!

All assets are property of Funcom and its license holders. Everything included is free of charge.

If you enjoy this content and want to support the creator, considering donating:

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Balthazar Sep 21 @ 11:25am 
missing icons ...
Warrior J  [author] Sep 21 @ 10:38am 
Mod update deploying within the hour to address missing icons and stat adjustments.
Warrior J  [author] Sep 20 @ 1:29pm 
Update deploying to the mod within the hour. Patch notes will be on our private discord.
Sytar -00- Sep 13 @ 9:57am 
Was looking at adding this mod, but I see there are changes to the Attribute perks, as well as drops. Will this have any effect on the Siptah changes that were made in the latest patch?
methoz84 Sep 11 @ 2:30am 
Please update
Melekaiah Aug 28 @ 7:05am 
warrior. it does load up tested with multiple other mods. however it may be that it just needs to be recooked with the latest patch, they moved around some resources. so some warnings about restricted resrouces and mastermaterials.
Warrior J  [author] Aug 20 @ 11:39am 
@Aetius72 thanks for the kind words :)

I'm receiving conflicting reports about issues post patch. Some people have no issues running the mod others do. I've done testing and the game boots up properly for me with no issues as far as I can tell. If this mod is causing crashes for you its likely that there's a new mod conflict post patch. It would help to join my discord server (at the top of my description page) so we can trouble shoot who the culprit might be. Thanks.
Aetius72 Aug 20 @ 10:32am 
Hi, I don't know anything about an update (or not) but some times ago, I had a problem with Warrior Mutator and the creator was very kind and attentive, very dedicated to his mod. So, I guess that, if the mod isn't abandoned, he is doing his best to update it as fast as he can and that that there will be an update in a few days (or, perhaps, hours). I don't know when, but I'm rather confident.
Ostwind49 Aug 20 @ 9:50am 
Bitte um ein update danke sehr
洋寶寶 Aug 20 @ 6:57am 
Will the author update?