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[DrK] Spiders to Scorpions
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Jun 3, 2018 @ 6:14am
Sep 22 @ 5:22am
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[DrK] Spiders to Scorpions

* Description :
This mod replaces all spiders in the game with Scorpions, trying to preserve the spiders original attack patterns and timing ( poison launcher, web launcher, essentially ).
I also tried my best to preserve the color variants for increased diversity, especially since there are only two scorpion meshes : regular scorpion, and boss scorpion. As you may guess, only the boss spider now uses the boss scorpion model.

* F.A.Q :

- Is this Siptah ready ?
Yes, as a matter of fact it should be. Right now, though, the big nasty Spider of Leng isn't modified. Not only is it a bit more complicated than just "swap" the model, I also decided people would be missing on some nightmare fuel if that one was changed !

- So why scorpions?
Well, they are close enough to spiders ( being of the same family and stuff ) and scorpions were approved by our resident arachnophobic player.

- How would you spot a "transformed" spider ?
Colors, mostly. Standard scorpions are generally brownish. While I kept that color, I also added a lot of color variants matching, more or less, the asset name ( like, Spider Widow Blue will be... Mostly blue. ). They also never quite use their sting in melee, or burrow. The more dangerous spiders, Widows, still attack with poison and web throw. And, well, scorpions don't usually dwell in the same places as spiders, so there is also that.

- Why another spider replacement mod ( snakes ) ?
I believe ophidophobia is probably the second major phobia, and as it happens, I ALSO have one in my team. I had to make something else !

- Why that file size ?
In order to achieve the colored variants, I had to export and then reimport the existing textures, even if I made no modifications to them. Maybe a SDK limitation? I don't fully know yet. At the very least, to save some space, I resized them to 2K ( from 4k). I think there should be close to no difference in quality. It's not like we can take a good look at them critters anyway.

* Features :
- All spiders, including spider pets, are now scorpions. The mesh and animations were changed directly at the source. Demonic Spider untouched, though.
- Spiders original attack patterns kept as close as possible to the original.
- Loot tables kept intact. Scorpion yields you gossamer? It was a spider. Don't want to upset the ressources balance in the game.
- Various colors to try and match the original intended designs, within the limitations of the existing scorpion textures.

* To Do :
Changing the structure of the mod caused some variations in the models to be lost. All "big" spiders are now converted to only one "Big" scorpion variant, texture included. I have some more digging to do.
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Jun 4, 2019 @ 2:28pm
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Lajevda Oct 29 @ 8:26pm 
wolrajh  [author] Oct 29 @ 1:26pm 
I suppose it should be, yes ! I'll check whenever I have some spare time on my hands.
Lajevda Oct 28 @ 11:43pm 
Hello is this mod compatible with update 2.1?
Rachel Oct 26 @ 4:19am 
When you're able to mod the big boy, I'll be extremely thankful as I love Conan Exiles but can't handle spiders. Thank you for this mod though :)
wolrajh  [author] Sep 22 @ 2:39pm 
Always happy to be helping Albedo !
Shaydreth Sep 22 @ 12:04pm 
That seemed to do it! Thank you so much! <3 All the love from me :steamhappy:
wolrajh  [author] Sep 22 @ 5:23am 
Should be fixed now, spiders should be scorpions with the correct set of textures even in life ^^'
wolrajh  [author] Sep 22 @ 4:30am 
now that is weird! I'll investiguate.
AlieInBeanland Sep 21 @ 2:47pm 
Having the same issue as @Shaydreth. On a server, the mod isn't working.
Shaydreth Sep 21 @ 2:21pm 
I love you and this mod, Single player wise it seems to be working. However, on a server, they all are still spiders until you kill them, in whitch they then turn into scorpions.
I have changed load order and done my best to figure out if it is on my end or not...
Any ideas yourself @wolrajh