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AWPer Hand "Lite Fix" (+Dynamic Lens!)
Created by T[]RK
WARNING: You MUST HAVE AWPer Hand[]. This is not a skin for default Sniper Rifle.

ATTENTION: Both versions: 1.5 and 1.6 may be used SEPARETELY. It's not upgrade from lower, to higher ve...
The Defender
Created by Aigik
Old but reliable, this sidearm packs quite a punch, and will make your enemy think twice before sappin' your sentry....
Ol' Charlotte
Created by Colteh
Australian engineering at it's finest.


~added more woodgrain, updated specular map
~added more personality to the rifle,extra details
~redid the 2 lods...
Soviet Suppression
Created by Ruskeydoo
Models and Textures - Ruskeydoo
Sounds - Smiley Dan

Inspired by the M249 Para which was released in 1984. A little bit later than the main aesthetic of TF2 but not by too much. Yes it is an American gun, but the stock minigun's main inspiration (the M1...
Point Man's Carbine
Created by Ertz™
Unscoped sniper rifle.

- too many triangles (6141)
- modelled after the mauser98k

sorry for the straps in the second screenshot, they aren't jiggleboned.
update_v1: -jiggleboned now