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How to set up Revive
By Tricks-or-Treats
This Guide shows you how to install Revive into SteamVR. Which allows your Oculus Library Games on your HTC Vive or SteamVR Headset.
Revive was created by LibreVR to play Rift games exclusive to Oculus Home on the HTC Vive.

Vive Controller mapping in Revive
How does Revive work?
Revive grabs function calls on their way to the Vive headset and detours them to the Rift. When you're in your Vive looking at the SteamVR dashboard, you'll notice a Revive button near the bottom. If you click on it, you can bring up your games in the Oculus Home library.

Download and install the Oculus app
Before doing anything else, you need to download and install the Oculus app. There is an important process to follow so that you don't get stuck in a setup loop that requires you to actually have a Rift available — if you have an Oculus Rift, you don't have to worry as much.

1. Navigate to the Oculus app download page.

2. Click Download Oculus Software

3. Click Save File

4. Click Run

5. Click Let's Go

6. Click Agree

7. Click I Understand

8. Click Next

9. Click Install Now. The required files will now be downloaded

10. Click Next

11. Click Rift

12. Click Next

13. Click Next

14. Click Skip Setup

15. Click Skip Setup
Download a game in the Oculus app
Now that you have the Oculus app installed and set up properly, you need a game or two in your Oculus library.

1. Launch the Oculus app from your Start menu, desktop, or taskbar

2. Click a game you want to purchase and download

3. Click the blue button with a price tag on it

4. Click Add a credit or debit card or click Add your PayPal account. In my case I will add a credit.

5. Type in your information.

6. Click Save

7. Type your PIN

8. Click Purchase

9. Click Install. Your game will begin downloading

10. Click Library when the download is complete

11. Click Finish Install

12. Click Install to complete the installation process

Ensure you go to your library and complete the final two steps once the game has downloaded — if you don't, the game won't work with Revive.
How to set up Revive
Now that you have a game in the Oculus app that you want to play on Vive, it's time to download and set up Revive.

1. Navigate to the Revive installer page on GitHub.

2. Click ReviveInstaller.exe

3. Click Save

4. Click I Agree

5. Click Next

6. Click Install

7. Click Close

8. Launch SteamVR from the Start menu, desktop, or taskbar. Revive will launch automatically alongside it.

9. Put on your Vive head-mounted display

10. Click the system button on the Vive controller. It is located just beneath the trackpad

11. Click Revive

12. Click an Oculus game you want to play on Vive

The Rift game will open and you can use your Vive to play.
Enable Revive button in Vive dashboard
If you can't see the Revive button below your Vive dashboard when you're wearing your Vive, take off the headset and follow these steps on your PC.

1. Click the dropdown arrow next to SteamVR

2. Click Settings

3. Click Applications
4. Click Revive Dashboard so that a checkmark appears
Inject Revive into a standalone game
Some games that you haven't downloaded through the Oculus app or through Steam, like the VR-compatible ARK: Survival Evolved, can still be used with Revive.

1. Right-click the Revive tray icon in the bottom-right corner of your taskbar

2. Click Inject

3. Click a standalone game. In this case, I don't have any installed. Remember, this is only for VR games that were downloaded outside of Steam and the Oculus app.

4. Click Open
Patch games downloaded through Steam
Steam has a few games that are only available for Oculus Rift. If you want to play one of these games on your Vive after downloading, follow these steps.

1. Right-click the Revive tray icon in the bottom-right corner of your taskbar

2. Click Patch

3. Click a Steam game you want to play on Vive. In this case, I don't have any installed. Remember, this is only for Oculus-exclusive games downloaded through Steam

4. Click Open
Restart the Oculus Runtime service
When you download a new game through the Oculus app and attempt to launch it through Revive, you might see an error pop up that says Entitlement check failed. In this case, you must restart the Oculus Runtime service.

1. Right-click the Start button

2. Click Search

3. Type services

4. Click Services

5. Right-click Oculus VR Runtime Service

6. Click Restart

Oculus Compatibility list
The LibreVR GitHub page contains a long compatibility list of Oculus games that is updated quite frequently. When attempting to get an Oculus Rift game working on your Vive, remember that Revive is a work in progress and won't always provide a flawless result.

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THE ONE TRUE MORTY Dec 27, 2020 @ 7:28pm 
Can anyone help? I am using Medium by Adobe and how to I SAVE??? How can I access home??? WMR
ANGEL_DUST † Dec 5, 2020 @ 9:35pm 
After quitting steam vr it stays running and I have to restart steam, is this normal or is something wrong?
Tricks-or-Treats  [author] Nov 13, 2020 @ 6:23pm 
Updated :horns:
Mio Rin Nov 13, 2020 @ 6:13pm 
Link to Revive needs updating. Current version is 2.1.1.
Instead of linking to a specific version, it might be better to link to the releases page:
It has the latest release at the top.
Pha_Q_2 Jun 3, 2020 @ 7:55am 
@sdvenom, you are the man! I thought I was following the correct process but must not have been. It's working now when I just launch it from the revive dashboard and not within steam (or obviously oculus starter). Thanks!
sdvenom May 23, 2020 @ 5:55am 
Pha_Q_2 - this requirers message appears when you trying to start game from Oculus Starter. When you using Dashboard of Revive all things starts fine. But I have a problem that game is crushing after start (probably when controllers used)
Pha_Q_2 May 22, 2020 @ 10:15am 
It appears this no longer works. The latest download of Oculus Home REQUIRES you to setup a Oculus device before it will launch a game. As Ichigo said, it throws a message stating you have a pending hardware issue (which is the setup).
Ichigo Kurosaki (tybw) Apr 21, 2020 @ 1:48am 
I have tried to do this with minecraft vr (in the oculus store), but it says: You have a pending hardware issue that is preventing you from entering VR. Please check that your headset and senser are connected
DrewMan70 Apr 19, 2020 @ 6:42pm 
If you want to install to a different drive, run the setup.exe from CMD or Run and specify the drive with a parameter. For example, to install to F, run "..\downloads\OculusSetup.exe /drive=F"
Hevy Apr 12, 2020 @ 6:11pm 
Asgards wrath is the only reason I have to do this :(