Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

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Pallegina, Herald of Hylea (Valkyrie) - POTD Build Guide
By Lost Sinner
★ Paladin / Fighter (Crusader) - Build Guide for Pallegina

★ Main role: Striker, Tanker
★ Sub role: Support Auras

✎ Team comp: can team up with any party, build powerplay when you have the proper gear/equipments for her.

✖ Artwork by: Penett Penett
★ Showcase Video
✎ Leveling Progression
♦ Leveling:
  • Level 2: Disciplined Barrage
  • Level 3: Deep Faith
  • Level 4: Fighter Stances & Zealous Aura
  • Level 5: Confident Aim
  • Level 6: Two-Handed Style
    ✖ Two Weapon Style: if you prefer Dual-Wielding.

  • Level 7: Disciplined Strikes & Eternal Devotion
    ✖ Shared Flames: if you have more than one weapon-strikers beside Pallegina in the party.

  • Level 8: Inspiring Triumph
  • Level 9: Retribution
  • Level 10: Vigorous Defenses & Exalted Focus
    ✖ Exalted Charge: if you have more than one Paladin in party

  • Level 11: Weapon Specialization
  • Level 12: Charge
  • Level 13: Armored Grace & Uncanny Luck
  • Level 14: Mob Stance
  • Level 15: Superior Deflection

  • Level 16: Penetrating Strike & Virtuous Triumph
  • Level 17: Divine Purpose
  • Level 18: Scion of Flame
  • Level 19: Improved Critical & Tough
  • Level 20: Stoic Steel


♦ Civil skills:
  • Active: Alchemy
  • Passive: Survival

♦ Weapon Proficiency:
  • Greatsword - Arquebus - 2H Weapons
✎ Equipment / Gear
✦ Gear:
  • Avian Godlike (Head): Resistance to Intellect and Perception afflictions

  • Pregconition (Neck): +25% Crit Damage dealt, -75% Crit Damage taken.
    Baubles of the Fin: can be used as replacement if wanted, +1 Constitution, +1 Intellect, +5% Damage Aura

  • Reckless Brigandine (Heavy Armor): +5% Action Speed in melee, increases with targets Engaged, +1 enemies Engaged. +5% Melee weapon damage, increases as wearer loses Health (Max +20% Damage), increases armor rating as wearer lose Health (Max +2 Armor Rating)
    ✖ Devil of Caroc Breastplate: can be used as replacement if available.

  • Ring of Minor Protection: +5 Fortitude, +5 Will, +5 Reflex

  • Chameleon's Touch Ring: Paladin (+1 Might), Fighter (+1 Might)

  • Boosts of Stone: +1 Dexterity, +1 Resolve, Resistance to Might afflictions.

  • The Maker's Own Power (Belt): +1 Might, +1 Crush Armor Rating.

  • Boltcatchers (Gloves): 20% chance to reflect Electricity attacks, 20% deal Shock Damage on target when scoring melee Crit.

  • Cloak of Greater Protection (Cape): +10 Fortitude, +10 Will, +10 Reflex


✦ Weapon:
  • Main Weapon Set: for Two-Handed playstyle

    • Whispers of Endless Paths (Greatsword): Attack in a Cone, +1 Penetration, +15% Damage as Crush, -2% Recovery time on Hit (stacks 10 times), Grants Run Through.

  • Main Weapon Set: for Two-Weapon playstyle

    • Beza's Toothed Blade (Sabre): -2 Armor Rating on Critical Hit for 10s.

    • Mohora Tanga (Spear): 5 Raw bleed damage per 3s on Critical Hit, Grants Mince-To (+30% Action Speed) / +1 Penetration +5% Melee Damage (Both increases with Survival Skill, goes up to +3 Pen & 10% Damage at 16 Survival)

  • Second Weapon Set:

    • Dragon's Dorwy (Arquebus): mainly used for the action speed buff. Grants Blazing Fury (+45% Action Speed, -X self Burn Damage per 3s)


✦ Alchemy:
  • Coral Snuff: +X Deflection, +X Reflex, +% Action Speed
  • Potion of Deftness: +X Accuracy, +% Action Speed
  • Potion of Relentless: +% Action Speed, +% Melee Damage, -X Deflection
  • Potion of Spirit Shield: +X Armor Rating, +Concentration.
✎ Abilities Preview
♦ As a Paladin/Fighter :
  • Pallegina strikes can be really accurate with a good crits conversion that allow her to hit and crits most of the times. Giving her good striking force to take down multiple enemies, with both cleaving stance and attack cone of the Endless Paths Greatsword.

  • She is a naturally good at tanking from this combination, with high base defense stats and even more coming from abilities of both trees while also capable of aiding her allies with supportive auras.

✦ Weapon Abilities:
  • Whisper of Endless Paths: It attacks in a cone, and those attacks are primary strikes so they all have a chance to proc extra Shock Damage on scoring crits (from Gloves). This is also true to her cleaving attacks from Mob Stance. Allowing Pallegina to be a reliable striker in the front-line.

  • Greatsword Modal: -10 Accuracy, +30% Damage with Greatswords. Keep this up at all times as your strikes are still accurate even with the penalty. If needed, use recommended consumables to make sure you connect more hits/crits or have a Priest buffs you.
    ✖ Spear Modal: -15% Stride, +1 enemies Engaged

  • Blazing Fury (from Dragon's Dorwy): it's a global buff, so it stays on until it duration ran out even when you change weapons. +45% Action Speed, deals X self Burn Damage for X duration. It helps as Pallegina using Greatsword and Heavy Armor in this build.

  • Dragon's Dorwy: is recommended to start with Eternal Devotion as the Arquebus itself also has an upgrade of +30% Burn Damage, so it it add up damage nicely giving you a good initial ranged strike. Because firearm use Reload Time, so it has no Recovery then when the combat start, you can buff up Blazing Fury and swing out your sword.

  • Run Through (from Endless Greatsword): deals strong single target damage, Slash or Pierce to target, knocking them Prone, applying strong Raw damage tick per 3s afterward for awhile. You can use it to proc a Mob Stance for a strong cleaving.
    ✖ Mince-to (from Mohora Tanga): a Pull attack that deal average damage, apply Dazed then boost your Action Speed by 30%.

✦ Abilities:
  • Vigorous Defense: +20 to all Defenses, help Pallegina tank against serious threats.

  • Inspiring Triumph: +12 to all Defenses (allies only) whenever Pallegina kills an enemy.

  • Stoic Steel: +1 Armor Rating whenever you stop moving, after 6s it will increase up to +2 Armor Rating max.

  • Disciplined Strike: really good accuracy buff (+5 PER, +50% of Grazes converted to Hits, +25% of Hits converted to Crits)

  • Exalted Focus: +5 Accuracy, +5% Hits to Crits conversion.
    ✖ Exalted Charge: +25% Stride, +12 Defense when Disengaging, 10% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes

  • Sworn Enemy: +20% damage boost for you and your allies to Marked target. You can mark multiple enemies at once.

  • Mob Stance: triggers an aoe cleaving attack on kill, dealing damage to a nearby enemy. When upgraded, -5% recovery time per engaged targets.

  • Eternal Devotion: a full attack with +20% Damage as Burn, +10 Bonus Accuracy and +10% Damage Dealt as Burn for awhile after being used. When you took Virtuous Triumph, the character will also regain resources on kills.
    ✖ Shared Flames: give allies +20% Damage as Burn, a much better pick if you have more than 2 weapon-strikers in your team than keeping the Flame of just +10% for yourself.

  • Penetrating Strike: a full attack with 20% bonus damage and +4 bonus pen, allow you to pen the hardest armor.

  • Charge: a gap-closer that does stunned everyone on your travel path. Fancy skill, useful to focus down serious threats at the backline and interupt anyone who stand between Pallegina and her target.

✦ AI Behavior Script:
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Quickpawmaud Jun 19, 2018 @ 8:50am 
i already gave the greatsword to my pc is there a weapon and shield option as i need a tank anyway