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Event Move Speed
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Event Move Speed

This script ("Event Move Speed") allows you to set additional parameters for the animation and movement of events on the map.

In order to change the speed of moving the character (events), you must add a comment string like <speed: NN> where NN is a floating-point number. The value 0 is the standard speed of movement (taking into event's settings).

If you set the number to less than zero, the speed will decrease. To pick up it is possible experimentally, for example -1.5 or even -3.5 gives completely very slow moving of body. If you increase the value (suddenly, who needs it), the character will "fly".

The second parameter is the frame rate. To change it, you also need to specify a command in the comments as <nextframe: NN> where NN is the number that will be added to change the next frame. By default, it is 1, but if, for example, you set the value to 0.1, it will be very slow. And if you specify a number greater than 1, then the opposite is very fast.

Also a fresh version is always available on github 2 https://github.com/murlab/rpg-maker-vx-ace-scripts/tree/master/Event%20Move%20Speed