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Kaedrin's Mod Manager v1.8.6
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May 31, 2018 @ 11:31pm
Apr 21 @ 3:53pm
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Kaedrin's Mod Manager v1.8.6

I've released the v1.8.6 update for the Warhammer 2 mod manager which can be downloaded here:

A copy can also be found in your \steamapps\workshop\content\594570\1399787504 folder due to subscribing to this workshop item. DO NOT ENABLE THIS MOD FOR THE GAME!

1) Download from:
2) Unzip the folder in your Documents directory OR your Desktop. ANYWHERE except the game directories/anything related to Steam.
3) Create a shortcut to Warhammer2MM.exe and put it on your Desktop
4) If you need to set the shortcut to admin mode, right click the shortcut, go to properties, click Advanced, and turn on "Run as Administrator"

Changes and Bug Fixes:

v1.8.6 is a minor update to show out of date mods for the new "The Prophet and the Warlock" patch while I'm wrapping up the v1.9 update. I'll do a major cleanup of the readme and add a lot more FAQ/instructions soon.
1. Out of date mods are now flagged correctly for the 17th of April, 2019 except for mods which are not on steam (local mods will stay white as I have no way to know if they are updated or not)
2. Removed the capability to handle moving around game installs as this was leading the DLC missing issue for some users. Will revisit this again in v1.9. For now, you can use the "Option - Detect Game Installations" to update pathing or manually delete the GameData.xml from the "Kaedrin Mod Manager" folder in your Roaming Application Data (%appdata% in File Explorer).
3. File loading has been rewritten to handle the DLC missing for some users with more changes.

v1.8.2 is a minor update to show out of date mods for the new Vampire Coast patch while I'm still working on the new features for v1.9. One of them that is currently available as a Beta is the Merge Mods capability with the following features:
1. All mods that you have checked will be merged together.
2. The mod you right click to choose the option for will be the one that is chosen for creating a new file with _merge appended at the end. For example, right clicking on "test.pack" will merge all the checked mods in the grid into a single pack named "test_merge.pack"
3. Picking the same pack again for the option will currently overwrite the file without warning.
4. Conflicts are NOT HANDLED AT THIS TIME! Merge modules with conflicts at your own risk of crashing. You have been warned.

Steam Information is now pulled! (Title and Author, though Author needs to be scrolled to the right to see)

* v1.8.1 fixes the issue with not being able to recognize Steam being started for new users
* Right Click option to open a subscribed module's Steam page via Web Browser has been added
* Right Click option to open a subscribed module's Steam page via Steam client has been added
* Upon refresh, a backup is now done
* 0.0 sized pack files found in Content now deleted and a message informs the user of which one
* 0.0 sized pack files are removed from the data folder
* Date column fixed to be a consistent format that is sort friendly
* Date column is now cultural friendly (including sort capability)
* Revert to Vanilla File Menu option renamed to Reset Program Settings
* Fixed Rename Bug
* Upon specifying a location for backups, a backup is now immediately done
* Upon enabling the option to do backups (and a location is already set), a backup is now immediately done
* Out of date mods are colored orange
* Recently changed mods are now colored light blue (instead of yellow)
* Removed Revert to Vanilla button
* Added bypass CA Launcher option
* Error message added for when steam isn't available when KMM is started
* Link to Total War Mod Troubleshooting Guide added
* Priority Change tooltip updated with new text

Known Issue - Napoleon will not work at this time as it doesn't not support the new Content folder scheme and I need to set the manager up to support it strictly from Data.

WARNING If you see the CA launcher download any files, once it is finished downloading you need to click the refresh button in the KMM in order for the KMM to move those new and/ or updated mods to the data folder.The refresh button will scan the content folder again and display any newly subscribed mods in the list as usual.

Upcoming v2.0 Release

I'm working out Steam integration and a ground up new GUI and have an initial feature set documented on that page if folks want to look it over.

Quick recap of how to use v1.8.6:

1) Disable all mods using the CA Launcher

2) Enable the mods you want using my mod manager

3) Click the Launch button and enjoy.

Make sure you click the Revert to Vanilla in order to go back to using the CA mod launcher(because my mod manager needs to delete key files it uses in order to allow the CA launcher to resume working correctly).

You can leave my mod manager up and running while you play and while you use the CA mod manager in order to download update mod files. The refresh button will reload the GUI and pick up any new(or deleted) mods.

The profiles will allow you to switch between multiple sets of mod files quickly and easily in case you prefer to have a set of creature files only enable when playing a certain race, etc.


If you do happen to encounter any bugs, let me know here or email me at kaedrin.nwn2 Thanks and have fun!

Quick Information for how to "Reset" the manager in case it can't find your game, such as when you move the game using steam (between hard drives).

1. In File Explorer, type %appdata%
2. Go to the "Kaedrin Mod Manager" folder
3. Delete the "GameData.xml" file

Start the manager and it will detect the paths. You can also have the manager do this from the GUI by using the Options - Detect Game Installations option

Revert to Vanilla has been renamed to "Reset Program Settings" under the File Menu but it will not remove the mods from your Data folder (it only resets your manager settings). Only the "Clean Data" option under the File menu will do that.
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Forlorn Jul 11 @ 4:32pm 
Yep, that's step 4 up above. It's an important step
henk Jul 11 @ 10:17am 
So I fixed my Kaedrin by giving Exe admin rights, and make it start as admin constantly.
stofffe92 Jul 10 @ 6:31pm 
Soo validating the came cache doesn't work, I've tried reinstalling Kaedrin's Mod Manager(didn't help; it's my go to launcher otherwise), reinstalled the game(didn't help), restarted the computer for an update(didn't help either), I even tried unsubscribing from all mods and running the game via the default launcher(and surprise, surprise, that didn't help either).

Nothing works damnit! This MUST be CA's fault then! I guess I'll just have to give this game a rest for a couple of days or weeks or a few months or so. I don't know what to do.
stofffe92 Jul 10 @ 5:10pm 
Reinstalling the game did not help. I don't understand what is wrong with this mod manager. What went wrong?
[Fleisch] Henry A. Jul 10 @ 1:54pm 
7 hours ago i was able to play Rome 2 with no issues and few mods. Now i can't start the mod mnagaer. It does literally nothing. What can i do?
P.S. Delete it and download again does not work.
Notoko Jul 10 @ 11:59am 
Bad mod(s) or Profile Limit?

Is there a limit to the number of profiles? I just created a new profile (10th) and when I try to launch Warhammer 2, the game fails to load through the Mod Manger, Warhammer 2 will launch by itself and through the Mod Manager when using other profiles.

stofffe92 Jul 9 @ 10:54pm 
I already tried removing the Kaedrin's Mod Manager map folder and then redownloading it again. Nothing changed. I am clueless on what to do.

Even when trying to launch the vanilla game nothing happens. I guess all that remains is to reinstall the game itself to see if that helps(I doubt it). I really do hope it is an update issue or something.
stofffe92 Jul 9 @ 10:17pm 
The mod manager was working flawlessly when I played a few days ago until today when I subscribed to and applied the varied monsters mod in the mod manager. After that the game didn't want to launch through Kaedrin's. It loaded for a while(the blue wheel was spinning), then it finished loading as if it were trying to launch the game but then the game just shut down. No window even popped up. It was just the mod manager's window that got highlighted on the outlines and dehighlighted when the game shut down.

I unsubscribed to the varied monsters mod and tried running the mod manager as administrator. That only caused it to load forever. So I don't know if I should reinstall the mod manager if that will even help.
henk Jul 9 @ 9:38am 
is it possible to make an option to just POINT towards it, instead of auto-detection so I can manually add correct steam folders instead of this error
henk Jul 9 @ 9:36am 
I can't get it to work for any reason.

It keeps saying 'Steam must be running' but it is running :S