The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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Loadout Runs
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Loadout Runs

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This mod adds challenges to the game called "Loadout Runs" in which you must defeat a boss with a pre-set list of items that you design.

You can set any number of different loadouts, each with their own name, items and character, by editing the save1.dat file in the documents/mygames/afterbirth mods/loadoutchallenge folder.
(if there's no save file run the game and the mod should create a blank one)

Any item pedestals that spawn throughout the run aside from polaroid, negative and keypieces (and boss items/devil items/shop items/treasure room items if you enable them, more on that later) will be replaced with a random pickup, so you'll have to complete the run with the items you start with.

Simply start a challenge based on what boss you're aiming for, open the console (by pressing ~) and enter "loadout LOADOUTNAME" and it will restart the challenge as the specified character with the set items.

You can also use "randomloadout X" to start a run with a random character and a random set of X items, including modded items. (plus the standard character starting items like dead bird)

If you use the Isaac Party app ( ) to generate random loadouts you can load those in too, just open the console, paste in the provided code and press enter to start a run where you have all the items you collected in the app.

Save data is formatted like so: (no spaces in loadout name)

The % line is whether or not items dropped by bosses, devil deal items, treasure room items and shop items are allowed (use S for shop, B for boss, D for devil/angel and T for treasure, can use multiple letters eg 'BD' or use A to enable all of them), though you can just remove that line entirely and it will assume all are false.

Player IDs are:
0 = isaac, 1 = magdalene, 2 = cain, 3 = judas, 4 = ???, 5 = eve, 6 = samson, 7 = azazel, 8 = lazarus, 9 = eden, 10 = the lost, 11 = lazarus(risen), 12 = dark judas, 13 = lilith, 14 = keeper, 15 = apollyon, 16 = the forgotten and 17 = the soul

You can set a loadout to use a modded character by using numbers above 17, however the IDs of modded characters is different depending on what mods you have so it might take a bit of trial and error.

To find the ID numbers of items/trinkets you can go to the Isaac wiki or just open the console and type giveitem ITEMNAME to see its ID, if you don't want any trinket for the loadout just skip that line.

If you are doing a party run or random run you can change the item restrictions by opening the console and entering the command "itemsallowed X" where X is the allowed types.
e.g. "itemsallowed all" , "itemsallowed boss" , "itemsallowed shop+treasure" , "itemsallowed boss+devil" , etc
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have added a console command for that
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press ~
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