Riddled Corpses

Riddled Corpses

Riddled Corpses Ex (PS4, PSVITA, PSTV, XB1) Arcade Winner Trophy & Platinum Trophy (Stage 1-6)
"* Attempt Arcade Mode after unlocking Erika (Required Cloe. Liery, Fael at lvl 20)

* Erika 2x Gold, Magnetism & 2x Life (6 lives start) can easily gain the gold needed to purchase special items between stages.

Arcade Mode= no continues. You level up picking up Moving Box. If you lost a life, you go down a level. A level up moving box immediately appears.

Max Lvl of 25 ( The extra 5 levels account for the MK1000 power up)

Easy Grinding Platinum, took me around 11 hours to obtain. Enjoyed every single second of it even though there was only 6 levels in total.

Twin Stick shooting mechanics and shredding through Zombies never felt so good...

PSTV compatible. $11.99 USD launch price. That game will be out June 5th 2018.

Disclaimer: Received a Press Copy from Cowcat Games. Much appreciated.