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Bot Improvements - Combat
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May 26, 2018 @ 6:57pm
Jul 13, 2021 @ 9:56am
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Bot Improvements - Combat

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The Quality of Life Modpack - Official Realm
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A set of various tweaks that empower the fighting capabilities of bots in a fair manner.

Having been recently updated, the mod now features 8 modifications :

1 - Better Melee Choices: The bots will now favor normal attacks over charged much more, unless their target would not be damaged by normal attacks.

2 - Ping Elites: The bots will ping any elites that attack them, within the same limits of what a player could do. This will trigger appropriate voicelines and Witch-Hunt buffs.

3 - Healing Threshold: Gives an option to change when bots should want to heal themselves, between when hurt, when wounded, and when extra heals are available. There's two seperate options for bots with and without natural bond equipped, since the default behaviour for those two is already different.

4 - No Longer Chase Specials: Bots will no longer walk towards specials to melee them if the special is too far away. They may still shoot them at any range.

5 - Ignore line of fire: Bots will no longer look for cover against ratling gunners, unless the ratling gun is within a lethal range.

6 - Bots No Longer Focus Bosses: Bots will ignore bosses entirely unless attacked by them, or no other enemies are nearby.

7 - Improved Revive Logic: Makes bots more likely to attempt revives through danger, and makes some careers use their active ability to secure an attempt if needed.

8 - Improved Active Ability Usage: Changes the logic that several careers use to determine when to use their active ability. NOTE: This may cause some careers to use their active ability too sparingly on difficulties below legend.

Each of these features can be independantly toggled on and off in the mod options.
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Jan 26 @ 1:39pm
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Veliopag Kagliostro Jun 26 @ 10:47am 
2/2. I will add: sometimes bots will shoot at the Chaos Warriors. Sometimes point blank. But more often they miss.
Same problems with Bestigors. Bots generally don't like to stick in battle against the elite, as against a trash mob.
Basically, disabling the feature Better Melee Choices helps a little: one bot can fight a Chaos Warrior. But rarely. The other two will be ignored always.
Veliopag Kagliostro Jun 26 @ 10:45am 
1/2. I suffer a lot from the problem that the bots don't see and/or ignore the Chaos Warriors most of the time. As soon as one Chaos Warrior appears,the bots "lose the will" to fight against trash mobs and just try to stand on the sides of me.
Bots will only attack the Chaos Warrior if they accidentally collide with him in "base contact".
Combined with the fact that the Chaos Warrior attacks and moves unpredictably, one Warrior is a very difficult fight now.
Mantis Toboggan, M.D. Jun 9 @ 7:19pm 
@Zoli “shorter teleport distance would be better if FS allows it” That is already done by these (unsanctioned) mods: Sticky Bots and Different Bots .
Zoli Jun 8 @ 3:12am 
Thanks for the improvements.
If you ever consider more features, you might consider making the bots unable to take tomes by themselves. Obviously, the bot with heal share or with the lowest HP will pick up the tome and the others the healing items.
And shorter teleport distance would be better if FS allows it. The bots get stuck so many points on the maps, it would be easier to limit their distance to the player. 25-30% reduction would be enough.
And one more for zealot healing, there should be a 'never heal' option.
Ante May 30 @ 9:18pm 
Don't know if you ever check steam but I hope you're well. Your mods were great and it sucks that FS never let anything but this one get sanctioned.
Mantis Toboggan, M.D. May 2 @ 6:35am 
@Pagan I experience those issues too. No Longer Chase Specials doesn't work 100% of the time. They could still chase specials. The bots still work better with it than without the mod though. @GiantFriendCrab Yeah, the bots have a problem with eating overheads cause they will only block an attack if it's aimed at them. If it's aimed at another teammate, they will not block the attack even if it will hit them. And they're not good at dodging leeches either. This mod does not help with those things. Try the bots with Better Melee Choices disabled. In my experience bots, work better with that option disabled. You can keep Merc's and WHC's bot weapons, and replace bot IB's with Axe and Shield.
GiantFriendCrab Apr 30 @ 5:41pm 
@Mantis They're not staying close and seem to be running off on random adventures or getting stuck on random objects a lot more than usual. Also eating every possible elite overhead, completely ignoring leeches 90% of the time, occasionally just standing there and dying to trash. I've got Better Melee Choices enabled w/ the recommended bot setups ('Cataclysm full build - Modded') from Royale w/ Cheese's guide - Merc w/ Spear & Shield + Handgun, IB w/ Dual Hammers + Handgun, & WHC w/ Rapier + BoP.
Pagan Apr 30 @ 10:44am 
So some unusual behavior in the bots with 4-No Longer Chase Specials turned on. I've have Hook Rats and Leeches walk right up to the party, grab someone, and 100% kill them and the bots just watch and will not attack.

However the moment any other enemy enters/aggros onto the bots they will then attack the Special.
Mantis Toboggan, M.D. Apr 29 @ 8:09pm 
@GiantFriendCrab Works fine here. What bot behavior are you experiencing? Some bot weapons will make bots perform worse with the "Better Melee Choices" setting enabled, than with the setting disabled. I recommend disabling that setting, then check out one of the bot guides stating which weapons to use on bots.
GiantFriendCrab Apr 28 @ 5:28pm 
Did a recent update completely break this mod or something? The bots are worse than useless now.